Bond with the Demon Prince

Bond with the Demon Prince


Fantasy Romance



For centuries the djins lived in the world alone before the creation of humans. But as time passed God created humans and djins become angry to share their world together with the humans. So they start to use the body of humans as a tool. God punished the djinns for disobeying him by taking their true form. But when they found about a gemstone that will grant them their true form and become more strong. They set to look for it.

For thousands of years, the djinns had disappeared. Trap by the Vitalians.
The Vitalians are keepers of the Powerful green gem. The Green Amethyst. Hide the gem where no being will ever found it. And trap the soul of the two Demons princes. 

It all started when Nyla. An orphan, living with her grandad. Nyla a name given to her by her parents who have a mysterious death in a car crash when she was five. Her grandad Yeye gave her another name Anya in order to keep her safe. Away from the Evil world. But he was killed mysteriously leaving Nyla all alone, exposed to the wild scary world full of heartless people of evil spirits.

Lost all her loved ones and everything she holds dear to her heart. The lonely girl living alone with her cat in an abandoned hunted house mistakenly opened the door to the demon tomb bringing them back to life. And in her love to save her cat, Mimi, bonds with the demon Prince. Zelzovot.

The trapped demons finally found a human and their way out. The two Demon princes were finally set free. And continue their quest to find the Green Amethyst and become the most powerful being alive. 

He was the heir to the crown. Zelzovot is a heartless Demon. Want nothing but Power and acquire his rightful crown. But Nyla, a lowlife human absorbs some of his supernatural powers from the gem. Making him weak for the quest. And standing in his way to earning his rightful crown. 

He set on a journey to unbound himself from her. And find the powerful Gemstone. To earn his rightful place on the throne.

But begin to have feelings for her. A human when her destiny can never be together. Together they fight the Demons that stand in their way.

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Status: c5 9mth
Okay I love the conversation between cat and FL . The cat is too cute .I really wanna cuddle it ..I came here seeing the horror genre .The chapters are good till now .I hope I get to read more horror and gore in the book . hehe ..Read this book I reccomend it .


Status: c6 8mth
[{"type":1,"text":"Great story!! I really love the FL, she is very relatable and has gone through a lot in life. The story starts a little slow, but it is definitely worth the read! before you realize it, things start getting more and more exciting and you can't put it down!\r\n\r\nKeep up the good work!"},{"type":2,"text":"https://media.tenor.com/images/3aa989237eee24addf9d0629a3960d70/tenor.gif","height":220,"width":220}]


Status: c16 8mth
The story was so immersive. Almost had me crying from the first chapter. The combination between dialogue description and pace is on point. Well done.

Chapter 1: Unexpected


The fat little black and white cat curled up on top of my lap, meowing. I stretched out my arms and a little yawn escaped my mouth, I can feel my neck all sore, my eyes opened slowly.

"Mimi, I know, I'm hungry too."

I mumbled with my half-opened, half-closed eyes, the cat hardly hearing what I'm saying in between yawns. Poor cat, the last time we ate was in the morning and now is—I glanced at my wristwatch, sitting upright with my eyes bulging at the sight.

What? five PM.

I can't believe I slept for five hours straight in a car? I can sleep for hours on my comfy bed, but this is a car for Lord's sake. Who'll sleep like that? What if the driver kidnapped me? Or sell me off to some body-part dealer? What if he kills me? I rolled my eyes at those, Anya you're stressing things out, who will want to do anything with such a lowlife like you? And I pushed away all the negative thoughts.

I rubbed my sore neck, and glanced through the window, the cloud was getting darker, I hugged Mimi, as a cold breeze blew on us. Aren't we there yet? It's dark already, about to rain. How far is this place? I wondered and turned my head to the middle-aged driver around his late 30s, who seemed not concerned, calm, and concentrating on where he was driving.

He looked at me through the gear mirror and noticed I'm awake, and had a questioning face.

"We're almost there; the next street and we're done. I was about to wake you up"

He answered my questioning face, motioning to the way with his hand. I nod my head thankfully. Grab the backpack that I used as a pillow while sleeping and picked my phone to confirm with the google maps on my phone. He's right we're almost there but I haven't seen many houses. Where is he taking me? Where on earth is this place? My eyes wandered amazed through the empty road, as I searched the bag for something to eat and my hand felt something.


I smiled and threw one in my mouth. Munching on it like it's my last, the pizza flavor melting in my mouth. My lifesaver. I forgot I threw it in my bag yesterday night while packing.

"You don't like Pringles, Mi Mi."

I rubbed her head comforting her but she only meowed more.

"Okay, okay, your choice."

My shoulder slump defeatedly, I threw one for her, she jumped off me and ate it. She hates eating Pringles, but she must be very hungry. I pitied her.

"Alright lemme get you something soft."

I put my hand back to search for something she could eat and found some chocolates. I squeeze the wrapping teasing her in surprise


The poor thing jumps on me, meowing, trying to grab it from me.

"Easy girl it's all yours."

I unwrap it and give it to her, smiling in relief.

"You must love her."

Came the brisk voice of the driver, turning his head at us, making me glance up at him with a smile on my face.


I let out a sigh.


I added, caressing her fluffy black and white fur. You're the only one I have now. I can't let you starve, can I? My eyes tear up at the thought of death.



I still can't get that he's dead, it's like I'll go home back and meet him there waiting for me with his delicious meal. But it's been a month and he's not back yet I have to accept it.

"So, you are back from college or you just moved here with your family?"

The driver's voice breaks my thoughts again, my family the words family ringing in my ear ... yes Mimi is my family, the only one I have left. A sad smile escaped my lips.

"Yes," I ... we just moved here."

And open my mouth to say something but close it, what can I say to him? I'm all alone? An 18yr old, with a cat, will be living in the middle of nowhere, I glanced at the tall green trees that we're passing. Now this will be my home, only like me.

I looked at the picture of the soon-to-be home of mine, which I bought at an affordable price. God bless the owner a thousand times, he's just my prince in the Golden armor. I rolled my eyes at that, well he did save me by selling me the house, if not I'll be sleeping on the street for God knows when I'll find a roof to live in.

Some people are just born wicked, how can you chase out a little girl–that is still grieving out of a house. The world is a wicked place. Bad quote. Some people in the world are, shrugging, who says I can be Anne Frank? I'm okay being me.

"Just curious why you're traveling alone, are they yet to met you here or–"

The driver's voice interrupted my thoughts. Again. But he kept quiet, after realizing I'm not comfortable with the conversation.

I just nod my head while looking at my phone, this kind-hearted gentleman offered me a ride to my destination with this heavy luggage of mine, because I spend an hour searching for a ride in the scorching sun but he's the only one that helped out to take me here, but now he's really getting on my nerves. I don't want to think about it, there's much trauma in my life right now not to talk about the past —my parents.

I observed the picture of the house not to think of the past, the house is beautiful, a red brick two-story building with trees and flowers surrounding it, it's good for its price, best for its price. My answered prayer, I hate living in rent landlord and with people, disturbing my life but now that I found this one, I'll live in peace. I can't really believe it's mine now. My lips curve into a smile, feeling proud of myself.


The owner is really a lifesaver. I can live here with my husband when married, you know. I smiled sheepishly, rolling my eyes at the last part but I felt brave. I hope Ye ye will be proud of me.

Three bedrooms, three bathrooms, a kitchen, a library, a garden. I can plant all the herbs grandad planted. Yes, he'll be proud, but I wanted him to be here, with me. He's my backbone, my strength, I learned and was still learning everything from him. I just don't know how to cope with living without him.

The last few weeks have been a hell of a life. I don't know if I can continue like this. I blink back my tears, no … not in the car, not in public, not now that I'm about to start afresh. I blinked back my tears letting out a deep sigh and hugged Mimi tightly.

"23 F streets right?"

The driver called out, reading the home address from his phone.

"We're here"

He seems a bit concerned but confirms the location on his phone. I turned in the direction he was looking at. And my mouth dropped open.

"Uhmm please, is this the location on your google map? Because this is not my house"

I pointed at the old haunted house that's in front of me in disgust.

"Check your phone please, we're here Young lady, you have to get down. it's going to rain soon."

I checked on my phone and that's the same location, I checked again, the same location, I looked at the picture of the house, a different picture from the house in front of me.

"I think there must be another house further that look like this one-"

I handed over my phone to him to see for himself.

"Because this doesn't look like the house I just bought."

He observed the picture and the house, cringing his wrinkled eyes.

"Sorry, Missus but it's a two-story building the same as the one on your phone. Look, the gate, balcony, and trees are here. It's just that they added a filter to it ... wait lemme check the address on the house."

He handed me over the phone and stepped down from the car. Leaving me dazed.

It can't be.

It can't be.

It can't be

I repeat in my mind, shaking my head, my eyes tearing up, this can't be possible, blinking back my tears. No, the owner is a good guy, right? He just saved me from my troubles, not adding more to it. I let out a heavy sigh.

"Right Mi Mi?"

She meowed as a yes. He can't just cheat me like this. I know I bought it at an affordable price, NO, cheap price, but nobody will buy this house and live in it like this. And I don't have any money left to renovate a house and have nowhere to go, please God let it have a different address from my house.

"The address is the same Missus."

The driver finally broke down the little hope I had left and opened the door from outside.

"Kindly get down from the car, I have to get going, young lady."

He added now, his patience fading away, and went to bring out my luggage in the booth. I didn't move an inch, my mind was still thinking of what the driver said.

Is it the end of the world?

Why is everyone treating me badly? First I was sent out of our house now, the house I just bought.

Can I live here alone in the middle of nowhere? No offense Mimi but I need another human. Many thoughts came to my mind, my heart was numb, and I started to see everything double.

"Young lady."

"Young lady."

He called again, bringing me back from my thoughts.

"You really have to get out of my car, I'm sorry the owner cheated you. But there is nothing I can do. Call your parents, or do something else, they'll know what to do. I brought you to your destination, that's what I'm paid for -"

The driver keeps on chanting his so-called advice. He doesn't know he really isn't helping me right now. I climbed down, packed my bag, and picked up Mi Mi.

"Let's go girl."

I whispered in her ears, hugging her to my chest. Ignoring him, he entered his car and drove off saying something like.

"I hope your parents came soon-"

"What did you cared about."

I pout, stamping my legs as if he's here, I dropped down on the big box close to me and crossed my leg on top of it hugging Mimi.

"I'm not getting in there."

I only look at it twice. Twice. The sight only makes my heart cringe even more.



Cold breeze swirls, swaying sand, dry leaves, and dusting all over us. Good … just good even the wind says kiss my a**. I wiped off the dirt on me and felt drops of rainfall on me. One drop, two drops, ten drops, I sat there calmly counting the raindrops and smelling the sweet scent of water mixed sand.

I wore my hood that was hanging on my back and put Mimi inside my baggy hoodie. I don't have the strength to move my legs. Plus the cold rain eases my heavy heart. A while later a car came passing, slowed down a little then dashed off. Who is the freak that lived further into Nowhere? I guessed.

Struggling, none of you business girl, this was the third car I saw since I woke up from my sleep. Are there really few people living here?

How am I supposed to get out of here or buy something without a ride? I stamp my hand on my forehead, Dear God, I'm dead!