Starting her final year at the elite grayson county high school,katherine, topping every subject and meanwhile saving money for her college is intimidated by the rich kids of her elite school and has a secret crush on a guy which she probably shouldn't have. Nick a jock at grayson high, belongs to a different world -the rich one ,showing off his riches while everyone thinks of him as a player , he has a soft side , and he does a pretty good job at hiding it. While people judge him as a player , he is fighting his own battles that nobody knows of . Nate and katherine , will fate ever let these two worlds Collide? Or will they be clean bowled ? warnings- bullying, death, parental abuse

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here story begins

Chapter 1: chapter 1- A very bad liar ( Katherine)

"Kat wake up your going to be late for your first day of school " my grandmother shouted. I love my grandma by the way she is the best.

" it's fine just five more minutes and i will wake up i promise" I replied in a sleepy voice.

"You always say that , you don't want any bad impressions on your teachers , it is your last year dear, get up now "

She kept pestering me so i woke up, I really don't want any bad impressions. I am that nerd who always tops in the class no matter what subject it is , I am a straight A student with 100 % marks.

My hobbies? I enjoy reading novels and playing chess . Yeah yeah I know , it's boring but I like it and also I tutor when I am free , trying to save for my college. You see I study in this huge ass school but just because I got scholarship . I live on the other side of the town , you know the not so rich side, yup that one.

I do not have much friends because everyone in my school is a real rich bitch. I have only one friend in my neighborhood his name is clayton but I call him clay or lay to make fun of him, who BTW is also a high merit nerd. We go to same school.

I live with my grandmother. Mom and dad? I hate them so Don't even get me started on them so let's just leave it there for now. I don't have any brother or sisters but clay is like brother to me , but seeing how comfortable we are with each other people call us 'The nerd couple' which we totally are not . But we don't care ,we mostly just ignore the bullshit. I know clayton since I was one year old he is a year older than me. We do not have cars or bikes, so we travel with our bicycle. I like riding it when air whips my hair like I am rose from titanic from that seen with jack where they were seeing the ocean view together except I have no jack in my life . So that's that.

My Grandma made lunch for me and I had breakfast and already told clayton to meet me at 7 A.M sharp as we ride to school together.

I shower and blow dry my hair, put on a nice light pink top and mid thigh length white shorts that I bought from a flee market down the street.

I comb my red hair perfectly straight, and secure some of my hair at the back of my head with a hair clasp from falling over my face ,then I put on my cherry lip balm, cherry perfume that clayton gave me on my 17th birthday earlier this year. And I am ready for my first day of my final year of school. In case your wondering, I already packed my bag pack yesterday night, well there's a reason I am a nerd.

I kiss my grandmother goodbye and call clayton, he was already waiting for me so I just hop on my cycle and went straight to school together. That is when i notice a BMW and kristen and her friends and her gorgeous boyfriend, Nick , who I kind of had a crush on before but now I am over him, or not. I don't know.

His has blond hair and his eyes are blue like ocean ,so deep I can dive into it's richness and never find my way out , his voice is so thick that it makes his every word sweet and is like a melody to my ears, and he has dark pink colored full lips, I want to taste them. He is like a real life god. He is around six feat tall with a muscular body that too with chiseled abs. And he plays football ,of course he does .

Practically everyone has a crush on him , like everyone and rumors are kristen and nick are together only because there families are close ,so they grew up with each other and are together since they were ten or twelve but I hear stories of him sleeping around at parties over weekends and so does kristen , then what's the point of their relationship ? I don't get it .

Although they are all assholes including nick himself, they treat me and clayton like we are full of shit and guess what I still had a thing for him even after knowing how rude of a person he is or maybe I still do. I m wired like that.

"Who you eyeing kat ?"clay's question brought me back to reality, and I realized I have been staring Nick this whole time , except he is standing alone and smiling at me , wait what this is the first time he ever smile to me nicely, and it was so beautiful, I warned myself to turn away or the smile I am holding back will slip and he can see that , kat turn away right this second . That's when I turned to clay and said "nobody"

With a smirk on his face he said "I know you are looking at nick , get over your crush he is an asshole."

I hit him on his head lightly and say "I may not have any dating experience but I am not silly like other girls who fall for him , I don't like him anymore , lets go to class or we'll be late for biology." he scrunched up his nose and his lips fall into a fine line and he slowly started to shake his head clayton does this when he did not agree with something.

showing a fist I said " stop it or face my punch , now come on let's go."

With that we left for our classes I hear clay say " you are a very bad liar" I make a funny face at him and we continued our way to class.

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