The Wrong Way (BL)

The Wrong Way (BL)

Weirdmindsandsouls | LGBT+


Popular boy goes missing and the school gay outcast and him have an unexpected encounter read more to find out about their story . " please hide me , i promise its only for a few days .. I can pay you." .. did he say pay ? I kinda need the money right now , with out hesitation I proceed to leave the parking area .

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here story begins

Chapter 1: Introduction


This content is pure fiction .

This content will contain many violent scenes and swear words , leave now if you will be triggered .

I am a new writer so bear with me .


Im writing this book because I see the lack of representation of the lgbtq+ community .I appreciate any support and look forward to positive comments. I appreciate constructive criticism where needed and I'm sure there will be errors. So bear with me until I correct them. Follow the social medias to look out for updates on new chapters .

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