Vathi a young girl who completed graduation met Shenoy at her training institute. She considers him as Vaathi meaning a respected teacher in the Tamil language, Indian regional language. They fell in love. To the twist, Shenoy's best friend (Vinay) proposes vathi, who is also the teacher of Vathi at her graduate college. Vathi informs everything to Shenoy. A sudden mysterious fiction happens in their love story. Join us to know about the mystery in this triangle love story. Karan hacked the laptop of Vathi. Karan is a common friend of Vinay and Shenoy. This is a triangle love story with psychological trauma, death mystery, missing cases, suspense thriller, transmigration, Friendly paranormal sequence, Black magic, supernatural powers. The female lead and other Characters will be in confusion. Because they cannot understand what happened in her life. Read to know how they solved it? This book is named Vathi met Vaathi, because a teacher is called Vaathiyaar in the Tamil language. Both Shenoy and Vinay are her teachers. She met both of them in her life in different situations. Both the men love her. The words Vathi and Vaathi are in rhyming. WSA 2021 themes covered in this Novel #firstlove #transmigration #superpowers Please, read the Auxiliary chapter too. The cover of the book is from a painting on Pinterest and an Amazon product with the unnamed painter. I'm trying to find the painter. All rights regarding painting are reserved for him/her. If you are interested in watching the AV teaser and trailer of the book. please check it out in my Instagram account @yellashanthi and youtube channel @shanthi yella follow on #vathimetvaathi for updates. My other book @webnovel is THE TIMES OF 1965

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here story begins

Chapter 1: Introduction


I'm Shanthi Yella, the Author of the Novel Vathi met Vaathi.

First of all, Thank you for reading.

This is an auxiliary chapter to give the character names, world places covered, character POV and any specific culture-based words and their meanings, word count, Novel achievements.

This zero chapter is meant for the above only.

First of all happy to share that Vathi met Vaathi was featured in the week 6 pilot read recommendation in WSA entry. Further, in the week 7 pilot read, the novel received promising work for WSA week 6.

I suggest you watch the teaser and trailer of the book on my Instagram account @yellashanthi or YouTube channel @shanthi yella. So, that you can get a preview.

Character names, description, and POV:

1. Hamsavathi Adah Devaraj aka Vathi- female lead. She is a young, strong, intelligent girl born to an Indian father and an Anglo-Indian mom at Ellamandhu. Her happy-going life gets in trouble and she will be in confusion. Further, with the help of Supporting characters, she solves all problems.

2. Shenoy Batra (Vaathi aka Teacher) - Male lead and Vathi's boyfriend, her boss and mentor at the Company where she got compulsory training after graduation. Born in the Rajasthan state of India, brought up in Bangalore state, India.

3. Karan - Shenoy and Vinay's friend, who is an ethical hacker at CBI, Government of India.

4. Vinay (Vaathi aka teacher) - Shenoy's friend and Vathi's teacher. Three of them are friends from their graduation.

5. Mrs. Karan Smrithi- Karan's wife.

6. Devaraj - Vathi's Father, who is a businessman at Ellamamdhu, Andhra Pradesh state of India.

7. Francesca Ruth Rawat- Vathi's mother, who is a homemaker. Born to an Indian Hindu father and an Italian Catholic Mother.

8. Samba Shetty- Vathi's uncle who is DGP Deputy General of Police, Bangalore.

9. Dr. Andrews - Psychiatrist and Professor at Cambridge medical School. He is from Denmark. He treats patients from all over the world, with his experience of 50+ years.

10. Dr. Arjuna Ahluwalia- Neuro specialist at Cambridge medical School. He is from India. Who is also a friend of Devaraj?

11. Dr. Kanika- Psychiatrist and Assistant of Dr. Andrews for Indian patients.

12. Dr. Ali abdal- Junior Doctor at Cambridge medical school in psychiatry, who is researching psychological disorders related to central nervous system problems. He is born in a Muslim family in Saudi Arabia and settled in the USA.

13. Anjana - Vathi's friend at Delhi University.

14. Crystal - Vathi's friend, Classmate, and housemate at Goa. Crystal is a girl born into a Portuguese family, whose family is settled in the Union territory Goa in Pre-independent time and undivided India.

15. Sufiya - Vathi's friend and housemate at Goa. Sufiya is from Bhopal City born in a Muslim family.

16. MR. Rawat- Francesca's Father who lives in London.

17. Watchman at Goa flat of Vathi.

18. Aarav- Investigative journalist at ZEG TV for the show, Debate with Aarav.

19. SP- Superintend of Police inquiring the dead preganent woman case.

20. Vanilla- Himalayan bear at the valley of flowers.

Other aspects covered in the book:

1. Psychological aspects

2. Strong female lead

3. Indian culture

4. Italian culture

5. UK culture

6. Education system

7. Family emotions

8. Friendship

9. Love life

10. Triangle love

11. Murder mystery

12. Death mystery

13. Black magic

14. Supernatural powers

15. Hacking and cyberpunk

16. Technology

17. Strong supporting roles

18. Intelligent Villian

19. Smart and Intellectual Male lead 1

20. Crime investigation

21. Food culture from various places

23. Various frequencies in the life of a female

lead- happy- confused- psychology- investigation- *****-*****-*****--+ to ending of book.

24. Transmigration


1. The story, characters, and names in the story are created for the Novel Vathi met Vaathi.

2.The cover of the Novel is from a painting available on Amazon and Pinterest from an unnamed painter. All credits and rights of Cover for him/her.

3.The pictures used in the trailer and teaser of the Novel are from various web sources. All credits and rights are reserved for those websites. The same pictures are posted as comments in the relevant chapter for the reference of Readers. Further, if you want with the background score and music. Check out the trailer and teaser.

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