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unfamiliar Cats





He was a king without a kingdom

Cursed to live in torment for hundred of years with men.

And to walk among the fallen gods.


" it makes no sense Amelia" I murmured looking back to where Lord Cadil laid oozing in the sunlight. "The curse should be intact but he isn't what he seems to be " .

"And how do you know that Aellia, you might have well had been staring at him the whole time we've been....

" I didn't" I cut in readily, discouraging the idea from forming in her head. .

Lord Cadil might be cursed but he wasn't weak.

"How would you know that" Amelia asked her eyes going from Lord Cadil to mine.

"I battled him" 

The quiet gasp Amelia withdrew was enough to remind me that I had lost my mind.

"He won".

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Good story and great writing style. Though if you be a bit more careful about the sentence structures and grammar, it will get better. Otherwise, good work!


Interesting premise. The writing style is fluid and decent and the command of English is good; however, there are typo's here and there: misplaced quotation marks, his-her pronoun switch, tense switch, capitalization, but overall fantastic. Keep up the good work Author. 


[{"type":1,"text":"Hey man! This is an honest review please take a reflection. I found your novel has a lot of potentials \"but\" careful with the writing quality and the structure of grammar. You can enhance it, whatever you want to do. Good luck! "},{"type":2,"text":"https://media.tenor.com/images/0e77d9fdd74559ebb98f1cce92689c58/tenor.gif","height":123,"width":220}]

Chapter 1: Chapter One: Relinquish

During the time of magic - which was often a cautionary tale for females in the kingdom of Serrenia - there had been chaos in the place where kings met. The tale which ofren went however the storytellers pleased to replay the event that had led to multiple deaths inside the palace never ceased to end with the banishment of Lord Serra the last king of our kingdom who a cursed was placed on by the witches before their exile.

The chaos that had befell the kingdom had caused the followers of Lord Serra to flee or die by the sword of the land; Lady Selandra.

"Move" a booming loud voice came from behind me and I twisted just before the enormous man who had spoke took a dive and crashed onto the mredt tree in front of me guarded by thorns so no one would accidentally hut hit but somehow though the man had managed to hit the tree right where the body of another man laid blood pooling around the tree, a stream of torment, his mouth opening a bit.

A scream tore out from somewhere and the market people scurried about, moving quickly and dragging behind their goods to avoid the arrival of the palace guards who would've been notified the moment a body hit the mredt tree and also the arrival of Lady Selandra.

With my bag strapped behind my back, I realized it had been three years. Three years since I'd dared myself to get out of my home, to go in search of something, to follow a path which led somewhere than the grey walls I'd grown behind and ending up in serrenia was a Ill fated chance.

The sound of a horn pierced the air, displacing my thoughts . I looked around the market which was now very empty, you could hear the sounds of heavy horsefalls from the distant.

"Find a place to hide girl" A lone figure yelled at me before running behind a hut which stood near the Carpenters shed.

Remaining frozen where I stood staring at the mredt tree, a memory stung the back of my mind, one id swear that wasn't mine.

" If Selandra sees her she will be dead" Aellia's father argued furiously with her mother " There will come a time darling but no, I refuse to see my daughter hanging from that stupid tree just because my foolish wife believes the words of a mere palace guard"

" She will be dead before Selandra gets to her if we keep hiding in this rotten place afraid of our own shadows" Mother had sobbed out, holding father by his collar strings. " Please Listen to me, I beg you".

Aellia's father hadn't listened because a few minutes after that he'd pushed her mother aside and walked away, never to be seen till this day.

"Aellia, Aellia" Someone whispered dragging me behind a wall as the guards started arriving at the tree.

Blinking rapidly to dull the tears stinging my eyes, I shuddered as a loud sob escaped my mouth and Amelia's hand clapped over to stiffle it.

The birds chipped loudly above us as I struggled to get free but amelia wasn't moving as she wrapped her arms around me and brought me to my knees. Three years gone by and I'd finally found him, it should be a memorable day except he was hanging from a tree. Her Teacher.

He had been more than a teacher, he'd been her friend, the only person that understood her enough to try to stop her when she'd wanted to kill her father.

"There going to see us if you keep struggling " Amelia murmured holding me tighter. " And this isn't the right place to cry"

Biting back reproachful words, Aellia calmed herself down in a few seconds, allowing reason to drive her for a while.

She had been here for a reason, following the instructions she'd gotten from the pig farmer and Devlin death should be mourned the right way

" Did you see the person" Amelia muttered looking side by side. It didn't matter that they were cowering beside a wall, They still needed to be careful.

"mmmmmrmdhsbasj" I mumbled looking down at the hand covering my mouth before looking up to Amelia . She was right, this wasn't the right place or time to cry. She needed to not get them caught.

Carefully removing her hand from my mouth, Amelia gave me a look that said if anything unwise happened, I was on my own.

"The dead person" I asked hoarsely wiping my wet cheek and moving an inch apart from Amelia. it didn't matter that Amelia had just put her life on the line to get her out of the palace guards sight, she had still done things that could never been forgiven, reproachful things.

"Not the dead person" Amelia corrected " I mean the face"

"The face" Aellia whispered back squinting her eyes to stare at Amelia more profoundly. She looked a little bit pale and unkempt but nevertheless still same. "You must have drank some of those herbs you make for the mad people"

Amelia scowled, raising her voice up a bit " Do not insult me Aellia, lest I remind you that a person is hanging from that tree due to the herbs that I make".

" That was Devlin" I let out slowly knowing that telling Amelia would be a mistake but still it was reliving to see the devastated look that dropped onto her face.

"I'm sorry" Amelia muttered, her eyes falling to her feet.

A chill wind swept the air and I looked up immediately as a powerful horse with gold crests walked past the wall we were cowering behind. The rider none other than lady Selandra

She had the band around her head which stopped her hair from covering her face and colourful drapes which represented the house of Serra.

"Violators, we have violators " A voice repeated from behind us and we both whipped our heads back to see a place guard standing behind us with a sword.


Amelia suddenly flew over the wall, getting directly in the path of Lady Selandra as I jumped above the guards head, scattering sand over his eyes.

"I didn't bargain for this" Amelia yelled as soon as we collided around the Carpenters shed and took off towards the sacred lands where palace guards wouldn't dare enter. The only liablesolution.

It was scary to Aellia that they'd both thought about heading in that direction.

The Riders pursued closely behind us as we crossed the bridge entering the sacred lands and I turned for a bit wondering why they hadn't halted.

A rider with black hair sat proudly on the horse, a frown marring her face.

"It's Lady Selandra" I gasped out turning to Amelia who also twisted before looking ahead running faster.

"Yes it is, but all I want to know is how were running faster than her horse"


"The God's don't take likely to horses riding above their heads" A person replied from behind Amelia. it was the lone figure from before.

"Who are you?' Aellia gasped out, coming short of breath.

"Later" he answered getting ahead of them as the horse feet's stopped and there was silence for a minute before human feet was a hair breath from us ..

"She's off her horse Amelia"

" I know.....

A sword appeared in my line of sight and I knew it would only take a minute before Selandra hit us.

"Go and don't you dare stop" I yelled at Amelia.

Halting, I quickly pulled out the rod I always carried around, strapped to my back

"Violator" A single word escaped Selandra lips before she struck out.


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