Remember 1997?

Remember 1997?


Contemporary Romance



Evy Katz is a 24 years old lady who witnessed the murder of her father 17 years ago, 
Growing up she had vowed to avenge her father but what happens when she falls in love with the son of her father's murderer

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Status: c2 1yr
Very Informative that I felt like I could see those that being written at the book. (Maybe depends on the reader? However for me it is real) 

The plot twist is a bit cliche` but I'm waiting for more improvement and new ideas in the book.

The thing I like that most about this book is the details for real, just like the body at the bloods of his own, that at the chapter two... 👻 

More updates.


Status: c2 1yr
A very original cover page! From the synopsis, I can see that you have a concept for your story. Have to admit it sounds interesting. I wonder how will you bear with the topic you chose for your story.
The two chapters and your synopsis need a proper edition.


I like your writing style a lot! The way you started the story really is interesting. Though if you work hard on it and be careful about some points of the story, it will get better!

Chapter 1: A memory from the past

Running footsteps

'Go now Alva'

'No papa,I'm scared'

'Don't be scared..ain't you papa's girl'

'Yes but...

'No buts leave now

Boom boom

Gunshots could be heard not quite far from where they were indicating that their pursueres were just a stones throw from them.

He had to hurry and save his daughter, even if he died, atleast he could die happy, knowing his daughter was safe.

'Now Alva run, don't look back, always remember that papa loves you okay'

he was frantically touching her hair like he was trying to outline her facial features.


A little girl cried out hugging her father tightly, it was as if she knew that would be the last hug from her father.

She was just seven but she knew they were in danger and she had to obey her father so she ran as fast as her tiny legs could carry her


She turned abruptly

'I love you..always'she said waving

Boom Boom

From where she was hiding she heard gunshots few minutes passed then she heard footsteps

She closed her eyes tight and held her breath, she knew they were the one, the reason she won't be able to see her papa again, she also knew she had to hide from them just like her papa told her.

'All clear'she heard a voice

'Where do you think she would have ran to' another voice said

'Doesn't matter, she wouldn't be alive by tomorrow any way, this forest is filled with wild animals'the first voice answered

'You're right, we better go back and clear up the mess we created'

'Yes no one must find out about what transpired here'

She heard footsteps again but this time they were retreating.





A woman in her mid forties could be seen trying to wake a lady who seemed to be having a nightmare up.


The lady woke up with a scream tears streaming down her face.

The woman pulled her into a hug

" shhh


She cooed

"Everything's fine now, it was just a nightmare, you're safe now"

Few minutes later the lady Evy calmed down

"Which one is it this time"

The woman asked

"Like I've had any other nightmare other than what happened that day"

Evy snorted, she stood up arms crossed as she stared out the floor to ceiling window overlooking the city

"Evy dear..

The woman placed her hand and Evy's shoulder

" You see it's okay if you keep having this nightmares..but you'll keep having them if you don't forget about what happened"

"Forget" Evy muttered

"Yes forget" the woman repeated

"But you were the one who always told me to never forget it that only then will I be able to get my revenge"

"Yea but maybe it's time for a change..

"If you don't let go of the past,you'll only be withholding yourself"

"If I can get my revenge against those monsters then so be it" Evy declared

"Then what about the nightmares"

"I'll keep taking the pills"

"But you took them yesterday night yet you had a nightmare"

"That's because...

She paused fighting back the tears that were threathening to fall

" Because it happened today"


"Breakfast is served ma'am Britt, ma'am Evy" the house keeper announced

"I'll leave you to clean up, your dad wants to have breakfast with you today" The woman whose name is Britt said caressing Evy's cheek

"OK mom" Evy smiled.

At the dining room

"Evy" Arvid Katz a multi-billionaire who happens to be Evy's father called

"Yes dad"

"You know everything about The Katz petroleum and also where our Iron ore lands are right?

" yes dad"

"Well I think it's time I introduce you to the Emerald Dragon"


Evy asked excitedly


Britt shouted in disbelief

" why?

"Sooner or later she has to go there...I want her to succeed me and it's only right if the members knew their future leader before hand...

"So stop giving me that kinda look" Arvid concluded

"Dad is right mom, and besides I heard The Elfresh's run a secret underground crime syndicate, joining the Emerald Dragon's would give me more access into the underground world"

"Are you sure you're ready for this?" Britt asked

"I've always been ready, I was just waiting for the right time and I think this is the right time"

"Good" Arvid said with a straight face.

The next day Arvid and Evy headed to the head quarters of the Emerald Dragon which is located in a place called Fort Greene

Emerald dragon is an underworld clan which has always been governed by the Katz family, some people call it the Katz clan.

The group has been the leading underworld clan for hundreds of years and no one dares to cross them, even the forces stare clear of them because most of their high members are in the government.

Even if they are not in government,  they hold proeminent places in the country and leading businesses all over the world.

So you can say it is a bloody group with Old money as their members.

And it just so happens that Evy would be the next leader of this powerful group,how great would that be right??

"Good morning boss" a guy who looked to be same age as Evy greeted

"Morning Iyan" Arvid responded

Iyan whispered in Arvid ears and he nodded

"Let's go there are matters to attend to" Arvid said to Evy and they strolled into what looked like a refrigerator, it was built with the strongest metals in the world.

"Hmmm...so much for an underground clan" Evy muttered, obviously it wasn't what she was expecting, everywhere was sparkling clean, and the place was very airy

At the entrance is a painting of an Emerald Dragon.

"This way"Iyan said leading them to a very dark corrider.

The strong stench of blood mixed with urine, poop and sweat wafted through Evy's nose making her wanna puke.

Arvid chuckled, he had heard what she said few minutes ago, so seeing her face now he couldn't help but laugh.

" if you can't take it Iyan would lead you back to the waiting area"Arvid said

"No need, I can take it" Evy snapped

Everywhere was so dark that she was finding it hard to walk for fear of tripping and falling on this disgusting place so she held onto the nearest person to her.

"We are here" Iyan announced and opened an iron door, the lights switched on

"Holy fuck" Evy screamed

She felt weak in the knees.

My first Novel hope I tried

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