Rebirth: Secret Marriage With Doting CEO

Rebirth: Secret Marriage With Doting CEO

_HA_RIN | Contemporary Romance


Do you believe in rebirth ?No but i do .Being betrayed by her best friend and her boyfriend she wanted to kill them .Being an heir of Tang company she had to give on her dreams becoming a writer and model .Her father died of his step mother's hand . Dear i am back to make your life hell . I don't own the picture .Crd to original owner.

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here story begins

Chapter 1: REBIRTH

"Husband look at her poor state but still she wants to kill us." " Baby she is fool to believe us we have done nothing she lead her own destruction by believing in us." " You are right Lin Yin i lead my own destruction by believing you bastards. I swear if this Tang Wei gets second chance then i will make your two lives hell." "Why you are playing with her. Her dear father has already left this beautiful earth finish this mess fast ." " Mom, what about the property ?" " Don't worry my dear daughter i have already settled all the things just make sure to clean this mess fast otherwise if her husband comes he will make us to go hell."

"Dear, best friend or should i call you sister? Tang Wei the moment i step at your house i swore to make your life hell and see your life is hell now .Let me tell you another secret i never was your sister the DNA report was fake your father never cheated with your mom .The boyfriend whom you gave all the properties was my boyfriend. How does it feel to get betrayed by your loved ones? Your husband is the who truly loved and cared for you if it wasn't for him then you would have long ago died in my hands who knew he would protect you from shadows. Bye bye dear sister."(Lights fire).

"Didn't i die with those bastards hand why am i my room? This looks like i am back. Tang Fu my dear fake sister i am back to make your life hell. Lu Chen i am sorry for all the past mistakes this time i will chase and love you no matter what . I will make their life hell ." Revenge will be sweet dear fake sister . But first of all i am hungry lets go eat something .

"Aunty Hu where are you i am hungry ?" " Oh miss you are you awake Uncle Sun have already made you lunch . Miss how are you feeling ?Miss i am your mother too although i may not have given birth to you if you have anything then you can talk with me ." " I know aunty Hu i am sorry for all the mistakes i have done .I am really sorry aunty Hu for not understanding your good intentions for me. Sob Sob "" Miss why are you crying it's really not your fault you are still young it's ok to make mistakes no one is perfect." Aunty i am sorry to disappoint you in past i swear would not make any mistakes like my previous life .This time i would not let them kill you .Aunty Hu was her mother's best friend after the sudden demise of her mother aunty Hu took care of her because of believing in her dear fake sister she was killed by them but this Tang Wei has been reborn.

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