Nightmare of the Artificial Island

Nightmare of the Artificial Island

Shamira_Farhath | Sci-fi


In the year of 2042, the hometown of Atlise becomes incapable of holding living creatures. Human beings find it difficult to live, facing serious problems like struggles in breathing, good food, pure water and other essentials for survival. In 2045 ,with the help of the O'Brien's Company, people migrate to Artificial Island(ARI), created by them with advanced technology. People enjoy a cosy and comfortable life at ARI.The bonding and love between each and every human being becomes stronger. Inspite of moving to a safe place, problems arise by an unknown evil. In those time of struggle the world always needs a Hero And here comes the hero for ARI. Jason Maddox, born years later lives a happy life with his wonderful family, friends and surroundings. Jason too had a bad impact in life 'cause of the unknown evil. The mistake of the young lad causes nightmare on the streets of ARI. Can Jason save the world from the hands of evil?

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Chapter 1: Life at The Atlise

The hometown of Atlise is the desired destination to live, for the people all over the world. The view of Atlise was evergreen everywhere and had high buildings. They'd built Solar houses, that gets charged during the day and gives electric power throughout the week.They'd designed all the gadgets, theatres, parks and almost everything that works by solar power. The houses in the country were closest to each other and they'd left huge masses of land for their inventions. It was the country with a smallest population of only 2000 people in the world.

Every people in Atlise, had a habit of growing pleasant, sparkling plants. Sparkling plants were very special as they emit light at night. There were no street lights there, as the plants spread their light throughout the country.

The citizens of Atlise worked hard, four days a week and at the weekends no one stayed home. They enjoyed their weekends in the beaches, parks, theatres and some took part in the grand virtual reality tournaments.

After 2035, Atlise had a drastic growth in Technology and chemicals. At 2042, Atlise was the world's happiest and fastest growing country and the world called it the " Paradise Land".

Atlise had also gained attention, for having the world's top most company called O'Brien's. The triplets Christopher O'Brien, Samuel O'Brien and William O'Brien were the founders and CEO 's of the company.

Meanwhile, in the country lived two naughty, playful and lovely best friends named Clara and Emily. Clara was born in Atlise and Emily's parents came from Nigeria 20 years ago. Emily is a person with good sense of humour and they both lived next door.


"Clara ! Answer the call. Its been ringing for while. How could you sleep like a log? Wake up!", Clara's mom screamed at her angrily.

" Uhh...aaa... Hello ! who's there..?", Clara spoke in sleepy tone.

" Hello! Clara", a sweet voice replied.

" Who' s that? Is this a time to call someone..?", Clara asked her, as she was irritated.

" What? Is this how, we've been to each other..? We've been friends so far. How could you not recognise my voice?",Emily cried.

"Oh..buddy! I'm sorry! Come on tell me, what's the matter", Clara apologized after she recognised that was her friend.

"You've disappointed me, Clara!", said Emily angrily.

"I'm sorry! Emily. What's the matter..?", Cara tried to change the subject by diverting her.

"It's okay...let me tell you what happened. I've got a very important call from someone today. Guess who?", Emily said in a excited way.

"Mm..who? "Clara thought for a while and replied to her.

"Oh... the one who dumped you last week or the one this week", saying this Clara started laughing aloud and made fun of her.

"Clara! This is the last day I'm talking with you. I won't call you anymore. I'm hanging up", Emily got frustrated and she shouted at her.

"Come on, I'm kidding!. I can't laugh as I'm feeling sleepy. Please tell me?", Clara pleaded her, acting cute.

"Umm...okay, as you're pleading, I'll forgive you! You know what? I got a call to take part in the Miss Atlise competition", saying this Emily started dancing.

"What? Seriously. You're sense of humour has gone more worse today. Not funny at all", Clara didn't believe her saying.

"Listen..listen..they've noticed me on the streets and they couldn't belive their eyes, as they thought an angel had fallen from above OMG! It's driving me crazy!", Screamed Emily.

"Lord! It's a very bad timing to make bad jokes. I'm hanging up bye!".

"No no you can't hang up. I've a lot more to tell you", Emily pleaded her by jumping up and down.

Clara ends the call and goes to bed laughing, at the crazy and funny behaviour of her friend.

The moment she places her head on the pillow, a loud siren strikes suddenly. She freezes upon hearing the siren, as the siren strikes only at those time of emergency...

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