Overlord Harem System

Overlord Harem System

Abysalyounglord | Fantasy


..... Mc is pervert and otaku. he got habit of secretly oggling mature milf beauties so in order to fullfill his fantasies he help out with their work and secretly takes advantage from it. Mc got into trouble by helping a beauty but in return beaten by thugs. Got into accident in crossing the road. Meeting the god. Getting the wishes......... Typical cliche scenario becoming isekai.. _ _ _ _ _ _ A/N:There might slow progress in regard to romance but there is harem tag so It has some snu snu moments but not in the starting. There are actions after certain chapters everyone pervert likes. So don't be disappoint about it I will get there eventually as I am also man of culture... _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ "I don't own anything except the Mc and some 'inserts' characters " "I'm very novice in writing so tips or helping hand are welcomed"

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here story begins

Chapter 1: 1.Cliche Isekai' ***

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Our Mc is your below average in society standards.

And also an Otaku who's fan of harem.He would get his hands on any novels,anime,fanfics which has a harem tag on it.

Mc has pervert tendencies where he would go any length to fullfill it as longs as it's under gentlemen code of coduct.Like helping milf in doing shoping by carrying their bags,helping hot mature mothers by playing with their kids,etc.

Today was also going to be same like searching for target to do usual but Fate-chan

has somthing else planned for him like milf about to get assaulted by thugs so acting like some typical hero in this cliche scenario,he goes to save her but got beaten up badly to which afterwards can't even stand properly.

As he was going home by crossing the road suddenly there was a truck coming from side ways in a shock he back away to other side not seeing where he was going and just below him was a little hole enough for him stuck so after his one leg got stuck and not being able to balance the body.He rolled over on road in a way that his head got smacked on the road then blood spills like fountain and because of blood loss his eyes became blurry then darkness surround it.


"Hello there,little one" I opened my eyes hearing someone's voice calling me so I thought I'm in hospital.

"Um.,, Hello who are you and where am I" I tried asking the voice and looked around to see what's going on but no luck as what I see is complete darkness. I thought 'this doesn't look like hospital and I don't have feeling of my body like I have paralysis or something'.

"No, You aren't in hospital or paralysed but you are dead and now you are just a soul who is verge of vanishing anytime due to coming into void." suddenly heard the voice from before making me dizzy because there's light in the front of me making me closed my eyes.

"What do you mean and please I getting sting from sparkling around you" then rub my eyes and half open them with palm of my hand still covering them.

"Sorry..sorry,I'm not used to having guest and mortal at that" slowly voice took the light back then surroundings light up then I see towards the sorce of voice and what I see behind the sparkling light make me freeze entirely,If I was alive then I would have died happily just seeing the figure inches away from me.

" I never thought I get to see this beautiful site making me feel my death was worth it"I thought out loud and unconsciously lot of fantasies came to my mind.

"I can see that from fantasies you having in your mind and what I said before that, it's true you have very little time left before you end up going to some random reincarnation.So I will give you a gift to survive from whichever world you end up reincarnating it will be tremendous help to you if you use it smartly.Also this gift is for keeping me entertained and in luck you to end up in front of me in this void so go enjoy your life and keep entertaining me wuufufufuf."said the great beauty to me and laugh like bell which made me melt literally before that she gesture with her hand towards my soul.

" Thank you beautyful goddess I will never forget you" I said by bowing gesture in mind so goddess before me can understand what I'm trying to express.

"Go on ,start your journey and there a surprise for you."I only heard the first part what goodness said to me before losing consciousness.


I'm not very good at describing someone's feature or figure so not to make already messy story to become more mess so I left it to reader's imaginations..

Thank you

I will be more motivated to write If support me .


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