Miss Monarch Butterfly Wants to be on Top!

Miss Monarch Butterfly Wants to be on Top!

Littlepunnie | Fantasy Romance


A 19-year-old woman who was the youngest female monarch of one of the deeply rooted aristocratic families in China, the Feng family. Feng Zhiqing, was caught by the black-clothed assassins while running towards the deep forest of Tai Shan mountain to protect the half of the jade pendant that signifies her status as the monarch of the Feng family. Thus leads to her being mysteriously transmigrated way back a hundred thousand of years in Shang Empire, where cultivation is the base of power and strength, and where the barren lands were inhabited by demons and magical beasts. The female monarch Feng Zhiqing possessed the body of the weak and poverty striken of Feng family! With the help of a super-system, let's join Feng Zhiqing on her journey in a world full of cultivators, as she pulls white lotuses, fights against the other tyrannical geniuses of other kingdoms, and until she relinquishes and stands at the top of the world! CTTO: Pinterest Let's have a chat on discord: Littlepunnie#7338 To be Edited

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Chapter 1: A Must Read

Hello Readers! 

       I am Littlepunnie the author of this transmigration novel entitled ' Miss Monarch Butterfly Wants to be on Top! '. 

       This novel is a must-read for I will give you a taste of Eastern and Western 'feels' in this novel. Starting from the east, which involves 'qi cultivation', whilst from the west is the involvement of 'magic' and 'warlocks'. 

       As a fan of transmigration and vampire novels. From my muses, Ash Knight and Mu Danfeng, I concluded while plotting this novel that I will circumvent both my muses' world-building, which are the ' Ancient Chinese World Building' and ' 18th- century World Building '. 

       This novel was also influenced by the series, 'Hunter X Hunter',  'The Last Airbender, 'The Promised Neverland' and 'Flower Blossom in Battlefield', that inspired me to put conjurer, etc. the affinities of nature in my novel, the farm, and dressing up as a boy.

       In any way, I hope you will enjoy reading this novel of mine. All the scenes in every chapter are what-a-reader-wants-to-happen', for as I am also a reader with fantasies when reading web novels. 

        [ Edited: I take that back, I'm now day dreaming. ]

       Oh, and by the way, I would like to apologize if I have some lapses in grammar, spelling, typo errors and many more. 

Happy Reading!

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