Fate; Unlasting

Fate; Unlasting





Time is of the essence

Magic runs supreme in this brutal fantasy world, and not all is straight forward. Follow the characters who are the heroes of their own story as they strive to fulfill their destiny... only, not all can.

The fate of the six races are altered drastically in the aftermath of the great war that left many clans decimated, and the balance of power has now shifted to the humans. 

Underground schemes threaten to unveil a great evil, one the world won’t be able to take.

You can only save so much in time!
You can only control so much power!!
You can only be so smart!!!

The past and present will have to collaborate to ensure there will be a future at whatever cost necessary.

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Status: c1 3mth
[{"type":1,"text":"wonderful read! the scenes are vividly described with details. some minor edits with run-on sentences. the paragraphs could be broken down to two as per my preference but all in all a great read! makes you wonder why the baby's really important 🤔"},{"type":2,"text":"https://media.tenor.com/images/930775b89553c555b0da557128ed1034/tenor.gif","height":173,"width":220}]


Status: c1 1mth
Exciting stuff. Good attention to detail with the scene setting.
I've always had a soft spot for gritty fantasy settings, haha. I'll add this to my library for now, hope to see more. 


Status: c1 1mth
I loved the way author explained and described everything. It's like seeing it on the screen or TV. Highly recommended and added to my library. Wait for another thorough review when I'm finished reading it. Good work author :)

Chapter 1: ***info***

So what is Fate; Unlasting all about? Fantasy - Yep

Action - Yep

Magic - Yep

World building - Yep

Time travelling and looping - Yep

Adventure - Yep

Romance happens here and there and there'll be quite the amount of central romances to follow for fans but do know that the story's central plots has very little to do with romance, but romance fans will still be satisfied with what they get.

The rest I'll leave to you all to find out.


So, basically there'll be three main timelines - the past, present and future.

In the past, we'll have the near-past and the far-past, the present is the present, while the future will be what it wants to be.

The Prologue arc mostly takes place in the near-past, 500 years from the present in the time when the six races of earth were at war. That's right, old earth originally had six races, but for the purpose of curiosity and in order to avoid spoilers at this time of writing (after 10 Seconds To New Year arc), I'll stop there.

The lead(s) of the story will be left for readers to deduce.

For the first hundred chapters, alot of intros will be happening so you'll need to be patient with the story to flesh itself out and bring your favourite characters to the fore lol.

Some people might be curious about ranking systems. It exists here, but do know that that this isn't a system novel.

Any other suggestions will be passed on later.