Duality or Destiny?

Duality or Destiny?

Bunny_Jinnie | Fantasy


Kim Dae Ju, a famous idol whom is in the highest peak of his career, suddenly have an accident that greatly changed his life. After he opened his eyes, he realized that he has to lead a very normal life... in a strangers body! Shocked and scared of the sudden mystery of his body swapping with a person he never met nor saw before; the great determination of unraveling the mystery fueled him to stay in his unwanted host. Will he able to retrieve his life back? Or will he be trapped forever because of the love he feels for host's beautiful wife. Though he knew that they were not destined to be together. Suddenly he discovered a fully new things about the body. It was actually a dead body. What will he do for get his body back? What will happen to the girl whom he loved? And what will happen to the body?

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Chapter 1: The confession

His eyes were searching for someone like crazy. He remembered everything. He remembered how he met her, how he loved her. He was almost running in the middle of the street. He has no idea where he can find her. He just looked for her in every place where she could be. It was quite dark. It was raining a while ago. The road was still wet for the rain. He has no other way to find her. He kept running without getting tired.

"Stop it now! We searched for her everywhere." said his friend.

"No. She can't go far. I know she is here. Somewhere close. I can feel it. My heart is telling me. I just can't see her." he said.

"Then let's take a break. I am tired." said his friend.

"Then, you can go home now. I have to find her. I have to tell her. I messed up with her life and I have to fix it." he said. They were walking on the bridge. But their speed was not as fast as before. But his eyes were searching for her in every corner. He was looking his back. Suddenly his friend pokes him and told to look in front. He looked in front and saw a girl far from them. She was trying to climbed on the railing. It was seen that she wants to finish her all sadness by killing herself. He could not recognize the girl by first look. They slowly walked forward so that she could not notice them. When he came a little closer he recognized her. It was that girl whom he was searched for. Until then the girl climbed up on the railing. He couldn't stay anymore. He ran to her and shouted by her name.

"Lina! Come down! I remembered you! I know you! I-I please come down. Don't do this! Please!" shouted he. His friend was also running after him. He saw the girl before. She came to his friend earlier. And she was crying by saying that he ruined her life. Her messing hair was like flying in the air. She looks at his friend who was screaming by her name. He was almost crying.

"Please don't do it! Please come down! For my sake!" he shouted again. He ran closer to her. This time the girl opened her mouth, "Who are you to stop me? What am I to you? Just leave me alone!" the girl was crying heavily.

"You...you are my...." saying this he stopped.

"See? You can't answer this question. Go and live your own life happily. And leave me alone." said that girl.

"I can't leave you till the end. Because I love you! I love you!" he said.

"Hmmh! How easy that word, isn't it?" chuckled the girl.

"Please forgive me! I swear I will protect you no matter how. Please just don't leave me like this. I beg you!" said he.

"How? There's no way! This is my destiny. I have to put my foot in hell. You are free just like I am going to be free." her voice was very calm, disappoint which was finding a path for peace. He reached near the girl.

"Take it easy! Try to hold my hand and come down," he said. His friend stands beside him and wanted to help her.

"You will stay with me. I promise! I will do anything for you. I just need your hands. Listen to me! Grab my hand. Please! I love you. I mean it. Trust me." saying this he gives his hand toward the girl.


Hello! Dear readers! As it is my second work, I put a lot of thoughts into it.....

Though I am not fluent in English, I just want to share my thoughts with you. ...

So, please don't judge me much though I know that there are so many many many many many many many mistakes, just enjoy it!

I am very very thankful to you who are supporting me and will always support me! Thank you very much! Happy reading!😊😊💜💜


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