Mythologies: A Devil Prince's Revenge

Mythologies: A Devil Prince's Revenge





About thousands of years ago, a war between angels and devils that lasted in millenniums. The devils we're losing the battle and territories were taken from them. But after years of battle, the angels finally decided to retreat; due to the devils finally being in peace, the Devil King and Queen decided to put their son for adoption on Earth in case of another attack were to happen. Now a couple of years later, the Prince has finally grown, and lived his life thinking he's a normal human, but it all changed when he tried to save a child from a
truck that lost its control. He died in the process and woke up in Hell, now he ventures to Hell, meeting people, knowing the truth of his past, and others, but those fun experiences he experienced will be destroyed when the angels attacked again.

The Prince who was angered from what had happened, is now in both the state in revenge and avenge. The Prince then experienced many things and many hardship, but he won't give up no matter what for the sake of his beloved people.

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Status: c3 9d
Notes by the Author
This is my very first time writing a story, and even writing in English is my first time too, so if you see any error and misspelling remember that I'll edit it right away if I reread it again. And as you all can see my story uses real-life religions, so if you're religious and been offended by my story, I'm truly sorry that I offended you.
And I hope you can understand that my story is just fictitious and are not real.

Writing is just my hobby and I'm still a student, so I can't really post new chapters daily.

About Myth: ADPR
1) Just like I said up above, this'll use real-life religions and mythologies, but most of the stories in the religions and mythologies that I used, would be change a lot, so don't expect that all of the Gods in the mythologies I used will be added.

2)The chapters will have tons of POV changes, mainly would me the main character Haruki and his enemies and friends, and I'm gonna us both first person for Haruki and third person for the others, but other times it will change.

3)Like in many mythologies, side stories which are cannon will be created in the future so that you'll know more about the world and the characters more.

Spoiler 4)Not only mythologies are gonna be added, but also famous stories and real-life people in the past are gonna be added too, so there's gonna be a chance that some of the heroes in your country are gonna be here.

Also you can comment about what you like and don't like about my story, don't worry I take suggestions and criticisms.


Status: c2 13d
Starting of the story was really interesting which makes one read more and more. The leads character is very well designed. I'll surely read this book till last. Great Author👍👍👍


Status: c3 4d
The story in one word is just A.M.A.Z.I.N.G !!!! The storyline goes in a flow and there are always cliffhanger in the end which will make you attached to your seats. 

The world description is perfect so goes with the characters and yeah a little bit of humor in between is just like a chef kiss.

Thou there were some errors but still the story was so good that I wasn't able to stop myself from giving a five star rating.

Keep up the Good work Author!!

Chapter 1: About The World and Updates


(NEWS: As of right now, I've been updating every chapters, currently I'm now at Chapters 60. So later chapters before that might have some errors.)


Volume 1: Return of the Lost Prince of Hell

Prologue - Chapter 11

Volume 2: The Hell's Snake Is Within Them.

Chapter 12 - Chapter 55

Volume 3: Japan's Godly Requiem

Chapter 56 -

*NOTE* I'll update this if new information are added in the story.

*NOTE* Mythologies: A Devil Prince's Revenge will use real life religions, such as Christianity, Islam, Judaism, Hinduism, Buddhism, and many more. So things such as characters, stories, and history would be use in my story, and some of it would be changed. So remember that this story is just pure fiction, and are NOT REAL.


(Spoiler Zone)

CHARACTERS (Only revealed in chapters)

HARUKI HOTARU - Is the main character of the story, he is a son of Jarren and Xuntea; the current rulers of Hell. Haruki was born and raise on the original space.

Haruki has black hair, blue eyes, and looks exactly like a normal human being. He is an ambivert that loves the otaku culture.

Due to the death of his adoptive parents, Haruki was depressed and lived as a neet as his entire life with the support of his family friends.

Haruki is outgoing, friendly, shy to girls, and has an average intelligence. He is also very hard-working and is really quick to learn new things. And due to his unluckiness Haruki hates the concept of luck.

He is also very selfless and thinks of others safety before his, and due to his belief of equality, Haruki is not afraid to punch a girl, a child, or an elder. (But he wouldn't punch them if he knows or friends with them.)

[Devils - Millie Hotaru, Akemi Leviathan, Lucas Asmodeus, Sora Belphegor, Shota Beelzebub, Ruri Astaroth, Chizuru Belial, Talya Purah, Luna, Dawn Dracula, Ryou Behemoth, Zephyrus Ziz, Phenex, Ifrit, Faust, Lilith, Hans, Vladamir Dracula, Gusion, Mammon, Satanael, Milicas Lucifer, Azazel, Baphomet.]

ARCHANGEL ZADKIEL - He would be the main character that I would mostly change POV's to on the angel sides.

He is loyal to Yahweh, hard-working, he cares for his family, and loves the idea of peace.

He and the other angels are afraid of both Raphael and Jophiel if they are angry.

He has white charming eyes, a charming face, and black hair.

He represents the Virtue of Loyalty and Freedom.

[Angels - Michael, Gabriel, Raphael, Uriel, Jophiel, Azrael, Barachiel, Cassiel, Camael]

ZEUS - The main antagonist of the story, he is the Greek God of Thunder and one of the first Gods that discovered humanity.

He is heartless, careless, impatient, and has tons of pride for being a God.

[Gods - Odin, Yahweh, Tian Gong, Amun-Ra, Ahura Mazda, Amaterasu, Susanoo, Tsukuyomi, Bishamonten, Dagda, Lugh, Morrighan.]


Earth has about thousands of alternate spaces on it, those spaces are where many Mythological figures are living in. These spaces were created each of the Mythological Gods for them to live in.

Earth/Original Space - This is the place where humans are living. The Gods used the original space as their land for things such as wars and experimentation.

Hell - A place where demons, fallen angels, vampires, and undeads are living in. Hell consists of 9 floor, and each floors has it's unique landscape. (Currently the 8th and 7th floor were shown.)

Hebrew Heaven - The place where Yahweh and the angels lives in.

Mt. Olympus - A place where the Greek Gods live.

Chinese Heaven - A Place where the Chinese Gods live.



Mana are the first ever thing that was ever created in the world. Mana is use for many things, like powering up the Earth and it's spaces to not collapse.

Mana is also the smallest thing on the world, far smaller than the quarks. This is also used to create many lifeform on Earth, even the Gods are made out if it. It is also use as a source if energy for life, they absorb mana to keep on living like they breathe in air.



The soul consist of 10,000 demi-souls to form, the demi-souls each had there own work to their host/body. Some if this souls are:

Skill Soul - The soul that gives you the ability to use skills that you can use in battle and your daily life.

Guidance Soul - The most powerful demi-soul, the Guidance Soul wil guide it's Master/Person, to whatever it is, whether it may be impossible or not, it'll found a way.



Skills are the main power system the novel. The real cause of the creation of the skills are not yet revealed. But Gods do use the skills as their source powers to. Skills are powered up by mana, and if there's no more mana, using a skill is impossible.

Some skills are easily obtained just by luck, but some certain skills needs to have some requirements to obtain.

For example, if the character wants a skill to be resistant to fire, he needs to keep on training near very hot flames to the point that his skin is badly burned. And some like Poison Resistance, which you need to get poisoned many times and survive to actually get.

There are also some skills that can only be used by one person, this skills are only unique to that certain person and that person can choose someone to inherit the skill that is unique to him.



Famous Mythologies such as Greek and Norse Mythologies are here, and some religions too.

Even if the stories on how Earth is created is different from many mythology and religion, the world was still created by a God/Gods at the end.

Some stories would be changed too, like Ragnarok for example. In the real Ragnarok, many Gods were killed, but Ragnarok happened in my story, so why are some of the Norse Gods alive? That's because I changed them, I made my own version of Ragnarok and some other stories, and I made sure to only change a tiny bit and not most of the stories.



Heroes are historical or fantasy humans found in our real world. They are humans that can use Skills and are worthy to be mentioned by the Gods.