BORN RULER: The Heavens are just my subordinates

BORN RULER: The Heavens are just my subordinates





If the heavens do exist, then I'll make them my servants.
If they are the law makers, I'll will turn them upside down.
I'm am me, and If there is destiny, I'll make l become it's destination.
If there is creation, then I'll become the creator.

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This story is lit! I gotta say I'm impressed! With such unique take of the genre, this will fare well in the future! The author is talented and skilled with his craft! Kudos and Good luck! from Review swap.....


Status: c8 4mth
Fast paced and intriguing, the synopsis pulled me right in and I have no regrets.                         

Looking forward to more of your chapters~!!!



Awesome, the story is very unique and different. Vampire, magic, I really like it [img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend] good work, Author


A young girl was seen among the male hunters.She was dressed in a leather suit in her hands holding a bow with arrows at the back. She looked quite young around 14 or 15 skillful thou she seemed to be protected by the men around her, like she was someone from a wealthy family. Later a strange creature was seen heading towards where they were. Without noticing a voice was had from behind as if something was coming at a high speed. As she turned, she could see that a few of her men had been knocked out. As the animal was still heading in their direction.She jumped up as she twisted her body in the air like she had high martial arts and was better than the word skilled. She later landed on the ground with a bow in her left hand.

She then drew a arrow from her back looking for what had passed by at that high speed. But yet seemed like it was no where to be seen anywhere. She then blew a whistle indicating that she needed help. In a blink of an eye the creature had once again come out, good enough her hearing skills were quite good. She again jumped turned in mid air as he looked at the creature and shot it in the back but it continued and went back inside the forest as it got out of sight. A few seconds later, the creature came from behind and hit her in the back making her fall to the ground; there her arrows fell spreading on the ground. She once again took out her bow and got one of her arrows. It was now a one to one fight as she could see the animal in front of her.

She picked more three arrows placing them on the bow and shoot them to her best. The beast was so quick that it hit the first two arrows but one catched its shoulder.But that didn't stop it for it continued to charge forward and gave her a blow in her chest making her fly backward. As she was in air, a young man could be seen holding her by she waist and placed her down.She had lost most of her strength and looked weak looking forward to her death.

"Leave this to me." the young man spoke in a soft tone.

He was dressed in black leather pants that were tight with also a hood over his head. He then charged forward at speed as quick as a blink of an eye. He pulled out two daggers from the side of his pants running towards the creature.

" This is not not going to be an easy fight" he thought .

The creature also charged forward at a high speed throwing out a blow. The man now moved downwards cutting the calves of the creature. A loud scream was heard from the creature. The scream was so loud that it could travel a thousand miles of the forest making every single creature scared. Not giving it a bit of a chance he the turned and dashed forward out off its left arm followed by its right one. But minutes later,the arm were seen growing back,it then turned around and threw a punch at hit him in the chest making him fall backwards onto a tree.He then got up again and charged jumped from tree to tree until he had aimed for its arms again but his real aim was its head.

It threw its arms trying to grip him but it was a miss. Not letting go of the chance he climbed up to its shoulders and pinned his daggers down into its brain. Later the girl began to try gaining back her consciousness with a blur view,she could see the beast falling down and the stranger approaching her. She then got up and pulled out a dagger from behind putting it into the strangers neck. Behind him she could the creature down on the ground. Looking at the stranger's face, the was not a bit of sweat ; he looked liked he had not done any heavy work. But who was this guy who had brought such a large creature down on his own.

From a distance ,he could hear voices calling out a name.

"So your name is Mayla." the man said with a faint smile.

"How did you know?" She asked.

She was now loosening the grip and now the man took the chance and grabbed the dagger and now put it on her neck.

" It is dangerous for a beauty like you to hold such." He said.

He then got hold of her by the neck and pinned her to the nearest tree. He could hear voices coming nearer and nearer.

" Hope we meet again."he said with a deadly but beautiful smile

He the dashed off in a blink of an eye and left but some thing of his dropped. It was a tooth of a wolf that had been tied around his neck.


A few seconds later, a few men moved to where she was . Looking around, dead men were seen on the ground while on the other side, a beast was seen lying dead on the ground.

"My lady are you okay?"A man named Oeter asked.

Oeter was the most skilled and right hand man of the head of the Arrow family.

He was tall with short hair dark skilled with a golden silvery bow in his hand.

"Get me the first aid kit." He shouted.

"It's a Malf." One of the men shouted.

The men were astonished and everyone ran to look at the dead creature. A malf was one of the rarest but also deadliest creature on Planet Elbon. It was so strong that it could take out ten strong me at ago. As they began to inspect the wound on the Malf they could only find the wounds on the head. Aside it laid two of its hands that hand been cut off during the fight. Looking at the creature again,it had its two hands. Confusion had started to spread among the men trying to figure out what exactly had happened.