Imperfectly perfect

Imperfectly perfect

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"What do you mean by love" the person asked. I simply smiled and said "Love is an unconditional commitment to an imperfect person.To love somebody isn't just a strong feeling. It is a decision, a judgement and a promise. ******* Adhira Cortello is a girl who faced many hardships and yet stood strong. She is a girl people would admire and yet feel jealous of her. She is a cardio surgeon, singer, model, motivational speaker, archer and CEO of Avni Group of Industries. She is crippled. A accident made her like this. She lost her mother. but when her mother said that she had brothers, she was quite shocked. So she started her search and found that she had five brothers.What will she do? The Cortello brothers love their sister with their life. But when she was kidnapped, they were devastated.And after five years of her kidnapping, a 40 years old person came and gave a girl who looked like their sister and told that it was their sister. The boys believed and raise the girl as their sister. What happens when they found out that , the girl was not their sister? What will adhira do when she found the information? And to add to this drama there is Adrian Ivanov, a striking handsome man with arrogance of a mountain. He oozes arrogance,strength and power. And not to mention his possessiveness. He is perfect example of masculanity . But then again everyone has a past. Isn't it? A/N PLEASE DONT COPY MY STORY. THE STORY PROGRESSES SLOWLY :)

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Chapter 1: Prolouge

"Mama" I croaked.

As i woke up the only thing that mattered to me was my mother. But the thing was that I was met with a very white ceiling mocking at me. The smell of antiseptic is very much that it makes my nose hurt.

The beeping of the heart rate monitor distracts for a minute because of it's loudness in the room. I finally understood with my half sanity that I am in a hospital.

I remember everything now. I remember how the car crashed into a tree. I remember that I somehow pushed my husband out of the car before the crash. But my mother and I was still in the car when it happened. I remember her calling an ambulance with very difficulty even though I know she hit her head pretty hard. The blood was flowing out her nose and ears. And then my eyes closed as darkness engulfed with it's arms but not before hearing the sirens of ambulance.

I closed my eyes hoping and praying God that she was ok. My eyes watered as all the negative thoughts crashed into me. The heart monitor beeped very loudly but before I could do anything the nurse came and was somehow shocked. She immediately called the doctor. A man came to me looking at me concerned. He looked like a fifty year old man. He has black hair with some slight white hair here and there. His skin is slightly wrinkled and he has a deep brown eyes.

I wanted to ask how my mother and my husband were. But the only thing that I managed was coughing and 'water' in between. The nurse who called the doctor, gave me some water which I gulped down in one go. As I finished the glass I gave it back to her and turned back to the doctor. The nurse gave me a medication which I took.

"Sir, how is my mother and my husband? Are they okay?." I asked him.

He didn't answer immediately but then said " Your husband is okay. He got away with some scratches and there is no problem. But coming to your mother she hit her head very badly that we have to do the surgery. But even though the operation is success we couldn't do anything. Her health is deteriorating. You were in medically induced coma for one week. "

I couldn't answer to that. My mama has been my strength. She has seen me collapse under the stress and pressure and also seen me when I was dancing and jumping in happiness. she is my best friend. My supporter. My protector. But how does she expect me to live without her. Because I am nothing without her. My anxiety kicked in. There was a lump in my throat. But I won't cry.

" Could you please take me to her?" I asked the doctor but it came out very silent that I don't think he even heard it. But he nodded at me. I tried to move my legs or anything but I couldn't do that. It hurts so much that I thought if it was in fire. But my heart hurts more. The nurse somehow understand I think because she brought a stretcher for me. They both helped me to get there. More like carried me.

The took me to a ICU. My mom was awake and she was sitting but she was looking so pale that I thought she was dead. That thought scared me to the core. She looked at me and smiled sadly. But I was crying. I managed to stop my cries until now but as soon as I saw her my self control had flowed out of the window. It hurts so much to see her like this. But she didn't say anything she just let me cry holding her hand. After what felt like hours my cries stopped. She then kissed my forehead and looked at me lovingly.

Her deep brown eyes were so filled in warmth and love. "My baby" she whispered. "You have to be strong baby. Remember that something does happen to me I will always be their in you heart. I will always be there with you. Be strong for me baby. Life gives you so many hurdles but you to pass those. Remember that."

"Mama, don't speak like that. please mama. Don't leave me." I begged her.

She shook her head and said " Baby, I know this will come as a shock to you but you have other family. You have your father and five older brothers. They love you so much but something happened which made me give divorce to your father. Please do meet them once. I know you are hurt that I didn't say this to you before but please understand baby. They are in italy. Your father name Lorenzo Cortello. And your real name is Adhira Cortello. I am so sorry for keeping this information from you baby. I am really sorry"

To say that I was shocked was an understatement. But I didn't say anything. And I forgave her because I know my mom won't do anything without a reason. I smiled at her showing and making her understand that I did forgave her. I will not forget this. It even hurts me but I forgave her.

"Love you Mama " I whispered to her.

And that is the last thing I said before the darkness engulfed me again as the medicine kicked in.

The next day my mother died. I cried for her. I let all my emotions out. And then I became strong for her . The other after that the doctor said that due to my accident I had a spinal cord injury which made my legs paralyzed. But still I remained strong.

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