A wanderer who seemed to be traveling around kingdoms as regards to a mission, head to the Radiant Kingdom, taking a shortcut to the kingdom (the mystic forest) which is rumored to be a maze of death for any that enters. He wandered around the forest lost by the sensation he felt within it, after entering which made him believe the forest was not of this world as that of a level of familiarity, he took detours, with hope of finding the source of the sensation when he saw a lady who's innocent and radiant became a subject of interest. The lady seem to be quite familiar with the creatures and the forest, she had similar energy to the forest. He tried to gain sight of her, and hopefully get acquainted but to his surprise she ran away upon seeing him, the change of event led to him saving her from a group who wanted to abduct her, which in turn gave him a chance to get acquainted with her. Their meet marked, the beginning of the story which opened doorways to their past as she lead him to the Radiant kingdom where he began his mission, while exposing certain underground deals as that of the mystery of the forest, amongst other things. The story is packed with a mix of love and mystery.

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here story begins

Chapter 1: The stroll


Radiant Kingdom.

Year of the Wolves.

The Stroll.

It was a bright day, the light was all over the forest, making it bright with a glow, the stream was pure and clean, one can easily see his or her reflection easily, the air was cool and comforting, the animals relaxed and sane, there was no sense of hostility, the atmosphere was just vibrant and a lady in hoody clothing covered from head to toe with a bag of treats was petting the animals in the forest as if they were harmless, both the fierce and gentle animals alike, most of the animals seemed to be familiar with her and was friendly towards her from the gentle creatures to some of the fierce beast in the forest, it was as if they gathered around to welcome or grant her audience, she played with them, pet them and fed them one after the other with her treats, each leaving to their respective spot or sitting ground close to her after she fed them.

At the exit of the forest marking the boundary of the Wave kingdom to the Radiant kingdom a male wanderer, average height, black haired and light brown skinned with a back bag and simple style of dressing and attire was passing by when he sense a rather unique harmony in everything in the forest from the flow of water to the breeze which was just suiting to the skin, the shaking sound of the leafs on the tree, weeds around ground and the grasses as that of the sounds of the animals he heard around but didn't encounter any actual wild animals in the forest which he thought might be a bit hostile or fierce, he wondered why and how this was to be, because he has never sensed anything like this even amongst humans or the kingdoms he has been too and was coming from, which made it a bit hard to believe the sensation he was feeling, it was like a dream or he was in heaven.

As he walked further into the forest the sensation was heighten and was harder for him to ignore but easier to accept, with each step enhancing the purity, harmony and satisfaction he felt, he kept wandering into the forest hoping to find the cause of this heavenly Radiant and satisfaction as that of an exit, but along the line of him wandering off he became a bit lost and later thirsty and exhausted by the stroll and detours he took, he decided to find a stream to drink from and fill his water sack since he had no water in it, he searched for one by climbing the tree for a better view of the area fortunately he found one not too far from his location, he jumped down relief to have found it, he headed to the stream and when he got there, he squatted to drink from the stream but he noticed most of the animals gathered few length from the other end of the stream he was about to drink from, he thought it was weird he didn't encounter any animals while wandering around the forest, now he thought this might be why, while he wondered why the animals would gather as such but thought it might probably be the birth of a wildcat cub or something special, although he found it a bit weird and disturbing at first but he sensed no hostility or bloodlust from them, due to that he chose to ignore it since there was no negative vibe emitted from the gathering, it was more of warmth, he thought it wise to not intrude, which made him lose interest in the abnormality of their gathering, believing the forest energy has similar effect on both animals and humans, it made him overwhelm by the comfort the forest was emitting and more curious of the cause. When he was done filling his water sack and done drinking from the stream, he stood up ready to leave and continue his search for an exit while hoping to find the cause of the sensation he felt when he heard a gentle and suiting lady chuckle which was pleasant to hear, he thought he was just hearing things, probably hallucinating; being away from ladies and not encountering one for a while has started making him hear things, he ignored what he heard and was about to continue his search for an exit to the other kingdom when he heard it again.

"Men! I must be losing it, I guess the forest doesn't just emit comfort… or maybe this is the side effect of wandering across kingdoms and not hanging around long enough to keep company" he whispered in disappointment to his circumstance thinking he was going insane.

"If I make it out of here… I must talk to a lady and maybe with some luck I might not end up losing it" he continued whispering to himself with hope of him finding someone that might save him.

"Malfred! C'mon stop… Haha…Be a good boy… Haha… have given out all the treat I have…" the hoody lady said while chuckling after her hand is being licked by the kitten of the wildcats.

Upon hearing that, he realized it was not in his head since his imagination didn't consist of a lady petting him like an animal, he was sure it was from around the forest which made him turned to confirm if there was one close by or the forest is just putting weird thoughts in his head, he walked closer trying to keep his distance but didn't see much of anything, other than someone's top hood which was covering the person's head then he kept walking forward crossing the stream to have a better look at the lady who chuckled while concealing his present but he was still unable to see her, and the fact of him seeing nothing other than her hood and shadow covered face didn't seat well with him but at the same time she was surrounded by animals; gentle and beast type animal alike, he knew getting closer might endanger him if they get upset or frighten by his sight, although his present his hidden but his physical form is still visible which means they can still see him which could claim his life, but he was just stunned by her voice, and wanted to hear her talk some more, he was somehow amazed by the gentleness and sincerity in her voice.

He climbed the trees around, jumping from one to another just to keep watch on her, hoping to see her face, the animal didn't notice his present neither did the lady, he watched and listened to her humming, while he rested on one of the tree not too far from her, his heart was whelm by each sound she made, he felt more relaxed, although he was not able to make out her face or the color of her hairs due to the crowd around her and that of the hood she was wearing, she seen to make no attempt to remove it, he laid on the branch just listening.

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