Reborn: The Childe's Consort

Reborn: The Childe's Consort


Fantasy Romance



Silver tier Winner of WPC #141- Royal Romance
It was the year 1858. Heidi Magrita shivered against the cold, harsh wind. Around her feet is nothing but gore and death. Her eyes were blank and her heart numb. 

Bending her aching knees she looks down, unwilling to look away from the ugly sight of her dead child’s hollowed, bleeding eye sockets. Her eyes was flooded with tears as the earth was covered with blood. 

She was killed by her own husband, and was reborn. She travelled the lands of La San Niño to achieve the prowess she wanted to have and accomplish everything that was devoid in her past life, and that includes slimming the chances of her getting Lord Lucas De Lixure's attention to avoid the blood massacre to happen again. 

Green witches, Dark sorcerers, Black witches and Mortals have scattered the lands of La San Niño. Holy witches was annihilated to achieve the so-called peace that all the races have now experienced.

But what they did not know, that blood will cover the lands of La San Niño once again.
Everything is out of control and no one will be able to control the wisps of death.

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Status: c6 1 week ago
I may not be as promising as the other authors and yet I am here to express myself through my words of imagination. I am still a novice, I know nothing in terms of writing. I make mistakes in terms of grammar but writing is a process, the more you write the better you'll become. Anyways, let's all improve and do our best! 


Status: c1 5 days ago
Amazing! I recommend this to everyone! I absolutely adored the characters! Good job author, you are doing great, keep it up! I recommend grammar and checking it. Many authors struggle with this, good luck!


1 month ago

Chapter 1: La San Niño - The Beginning

La San Niño, the far western land of the Forgotten that was surrounded with a thick magical fog and deep blue ocean called Christhel Lianna.

La San Niño is the cursed land of the Celestials, where Todoperoso and Diosa's molded clay dolls was placed.

It was a land where Celestials' play fate occurs, a place where Celestials' pose as gods and goddesses to mortals and witches.

La San Niño is divided into four lands. La San Niño's official language is 'Del Castella. Del Castella is an old language used by mortals and especially the witches. This language is used for enchantments and casting spells.

La San Niño is divided into lands, where to the north lies La Sacrita, where the prestigious Majica Academia, an academy for humans and witches to learn and master the art of magic, summoning and many more that makes the upward students, as a certified Wizard of La Alpas. This sumptuous land was governed by the son of Lord Gilis and Lady Elise De Lixure, Lord Lucas De Lixure.

La Selencia of the South, where slave establishments lingered in the very bones of its beautiful façade. The number of slaves consumes three fourths of the land's population.

La Amore of the West, the deserted lands of La San Niño, its land still unknown and foreign to others even to its neighboring regions. Citizens from La Amore wears loose-fitting garments which are made of linen, cotton and wool with a hood and a veil to cover half of their faces to avoid the accumulation of dust to their faces, hence, also inhaling particles.

And lastly, the Land of La Piñas of the East, where diverse vegetation flourish even through the unending presence of the rain.

La Piñas is the land where all the raw products mostly come from, for the land is easy to be cultivated due to the unending rain. It was said that the rain in La Piñas was the excess water from the Celestials' realm fountain of ' Vida Abudancia '.

These four lands are subdivided into towns which are ruled by magistrates, they can be a human, a green witch or a white witch.

Dark and Black witches are not welcome inside the dominion of the magistrates, they are the outcasts of society because of their egoistic nature and anarchic view of the social order.

These witches utilize human parts and the organs of other creatures to create their twisted potions and malformed enchantments.

Their very presence in the land is a crime itself, and a crime with only one punishment. To be burned until their very flesh is reduced to ash.

The Great War of Holy witches and Dark Witches created the existence of magical beasts and demons in the land of La San Niño.

Magical beasts when killed help humans nurture their magical prowess while demons creates the corruption of one's being. Some lineages are still unknown as different mutation of genes occurs in every creature.