Do you know how we've all made mistakes? Some worse than others. Imperfection is key, journey through the ends of the Earth, and not a single perfect soul shall be found. We are different, look past the mistakes and there you'll find beauty. Ever met someone confusing, complicated, and ridiculously annoying? , Say hi to Jeremy. And then there's Natasha, nice, loving, and simple with buried pasts she's afraid to face. He's a professional model and she's an amateur. He's rude and exhausting while she's gentle and calm. He's dealing with heartbreak and she's a single mom. Thanks to the agency their lives they have to suck it up and deal with each other. They are both forced to share a house, not the best thing ever but that begins the journey to a life of perfect imperfection. Who cares perfection is overrated anyway... (Unedited)

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Chapter 1: Prologue chapter 1


" Dad? " I cried out as he increased his pace. The cold breeze of the night met my skin as I shivered. The full moon beamed as the stars glistened illuminatingly. I ran after him still crying out, but he walked ahead faster. He didn't look as though he was walking at all, dragging his feet slowly but here I was, chasing after him trying to catch my breath as I stopped for few seconds. Wait, where did he go? ....

...Tears welled up in my eyes as I couldn't see him anywhere. This was my only chance to see him again, but now I can't even find him.

' Turn right ' A faint whisper instructed. Not minding who it was I obediently complied and I took few steps forward. I saw a corner I hadn't noticed previously. I ran as fast as my feet could take me hoping he hadn't left. A door slammed shut and a bang came afterward. There it was, the door I didn't know I wanted to see. Placing my hand on the knob, I turned it slowly and pushed back slightly. I furrowed my brows as I walked in and closed the door behind me. I retreated after noticing the dark state of the room.

" DAD?" I cried out again talking to someone it no one in particular.

" Why yell when I'm so close?" Almost as faint as the whisper I heard the first time. I wasn't taken aback, I seemed to be prepared. He was really here, my father, he came back. I was overwhelmed with all sorts of emotions.

" You came back, even when everyone said you wouldn't, you came back to talk to me " I wiped away the tears that rolled down my face with my sleeves.

" There's no need to cry. I'm here now. Why did you follow me ? "he asked me. How can he ask me that, isn't it obvious?

" I wanted to talk to you Dad. Why did you have to leave me all alone? " The question I wanted an answer to more than anything.

" Hmmm, talk to me. I didn't leave you alone, you have people around you there to help you," he responded.

" Those people are not you, nobody can be like you. " These people are not my father, they are just other people.

" That doesn't mean they can't do the things I would do for you. Look, kid, everyone you love can't remain in your life forever. At some point, you'll never see them again. That doesn't mean you'll stop living, you'll meet new people along the way" So, it's how life works?

" Does that mean other people will replace you? " I don't mind other people doing his job but I won't allow anyone replace my dad.

" No. There's no need to replace me. I'll always be with you, hold on to the memories" The times he held me, comforted me, wiped my tears, scolded me, watched me, and most importantly ' LOVED ME '. I still had an unanswered question. Everyone told me he was gone but why is he here now?

" Ok, but why did you come back. Is it possible to come back after you've left? " I asked perplexed

" You brought me back, your tears and thoughts," he told me blatantly. His hand rested on my shoulder and patted my head afterward.

" It's time for me to leave," he whispered softly for the last time.

" Goodbye Dad, I'll miss you " There were no tears, my eyes were dry. That was my cue to leave. Surprisingly I could easily find my way to the door despite the darkness. I walked through it, back into the streets.

Of course, I was still hurt that I'll never see him again but I felt different. I accepted that he was gone, there's no coming back. Maybe I'll see him some other day, but I doubt my tears will be the reason he returns.


A loud knock on the door dragged me back into reality. The door was opened slightly and my aunt peeped through.

" Are you awake? " I opened my eyes

" Yes I'm awake, I'll come downstairs soon" Wait, it was a dream? My sleeves were wet so that should count. A dream or not, I was certain it was my dad.

A few minutes later, I walked downstairs. Everyone was staring at me, I smiled as my eyes caught the picture of Dad hanging on the wall.

Inhaling deeply, I faced the rigors of his funeral.

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