Jiang Ying Yue who was always a free-spirited girl looking forward to life which shows her a beautiful world beyond her imagination... unexpectedly in her smooth life, two persons will come to a stage to ask who she really needs and to continue the rest of her life with her. Will she choose one among those two important people in her life..will she give second chance to her first love or be with another one with whom she saw the life with a different vision...

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Chapter 1: Character Names

Main Characters of TRIANGLE LOVE

Female Lead: Jiang Ying Yue

Male Lead 1: Mo Guang

ML1 Mom: Liling

Male Lead 2: Li Jie

ML2 Mom: Lan

ML2 Dad: Li Bojing

FL Supporting Male Lead: Dishi

FL Boy Bestie: Feng

FL Girl Bestie: Biyu

FL Mom: Chunhua

FL Dad: Jiang Huang

FL Sister: Jiang Al

FL Brother: Jiang Jing

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