Villain to Hero

Villain to Hero

RJMidnight | LGBT+


Levvi went through life twice as both of the worlds were different from each other. And in both lives, he played the bad guy, the villain. In his original life, he was a Mafia boss that took over most of the other Mafia bosses' territories, only, for him to get killed out of nowhere. In his second life, he was a Villain, in a world where technology was advanced. He was the most feared person in the world. But, in the end, he was betrayed by the one he loved the most. So, the system decided to interfere. They were getting tired of the Levvi wasting his life away with his choices, and decided to give him one last chance, and reincarnated him into a world that is filled with heroes, villains, vigilantes, and magic. But this time things will be different because the system will force him to become a hero. Can Levvi become a hero, even though he used to the way of villainy, or will he mess up, causing the system to get rid of him for good? Follow the journey of Levvi as he tries to become the best hero he can be. *********** This is a BL/LGBT story, but it is not a focus point, except for the MC having a crush.

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Chapter 1: For the Third Time: Prologue

Levvi, mainly known as Spears, is the greatest villain in the City of Lyne. Well, he was known and feared across the world. But, Lyne was the biggest city in the world, and for that reason, Levvi stayed. He loved the way people bowed down to him, the way they were too scared to get on his unpleasant side.

But, even though Levvi loves the power that he has, it is boring. He already got rid of his enemies, killed more than enough people that he forgot the number, and no one dared to go against him anymore.

At least, back in his original life, people still tried to fight him until his last breath. But, then again, that world was different from the one he is in now.

Back then, in his original life, he was a Mafia leader, taking over other leaders' territory. The technology was never as advanced as this world was.

Everyone was fighting to make a living. Even Levvi, who started at the bottom, raising himself on the streets, had to fight a battle he didn't want to lose.

And when Levvi made his way to the top, being a weak child who only had his wits and a sneaky fighting style, he felt like he made it. But, even when he had everything, the years of being a Mafia boss was a never-ending battle.

Sighing and staring out the big window in his room, Levvi started to think about his death from his original life. Outside, the rain was coming down heavy. It was the same as the night he died. He remembered how he walked out of his house, deciding to take a stroll.

He, stupidly, did not notice how quiet everything was, even when the rain was coming down. Levvi ignored it and kept walking. He pulled out a cigarette and his lighter, covering his hand over his cigarette to light it so the rain wouldn't burn it out.

Once he flicked his lighter, a shot resonated through the rain, and Levvi fell to the ground. All Levvi could remember before his eyes closed and breath stopped, was his blood mixing with the rain and the sound of shoes walking towards his body.

Then, the next thing he knew, he was reincarnated into a world with advanced technology. There were holograms everywhere, advanced medicine, flying cars, weird weapons, and the list went on. But, what remained the same as his old world was the hierarchy.

The rich treated the poor worse than dogs because they couldn't afford the same type of things like them. The poor would die out each day by either a curable disease they couldn't afford to fix or by the rich taking them out.

Levvi, once again, grew up in poverty. And even though he had okay parents that didn't give him enough attention, it still hurt when the rich came to kill them. So, Levvi became the villain of the story. He killed most of the rich and others who tried to stand in his way.

Not once had Levvi regretted his decision and the things he did. He was grateful for being reincarnated in this world, because not only did he learn new technology, but he became a master of the spear. It was different from what he knew because he used to fight with his fist, sneak attacks, wit, and guns.

Looking across the room, he stared at the spear resting on his bed. He remembered when he was twelve and vowed to get revenge, Levvi saw a suspicious-looking man selling old weapons in the back alley. He made his way over, surveying the types of equipment, and when he saw the spear, he felt drawn to it.

The man smiled at him, showing off his missing teeth, and gave the weapon, for free, to Levvi. He told him that it would become an essential part of his life. And Levvi, who didn't have money in the first place, took the weapon and left the area.

He taught himself how to fight with a spear without getting a master. He spent five years of his life in underground fighting before making his way out to kill the ones who took his parents' life. And now, years have passed, and his revenge is over. There was no battle to fight anymore.

Levvi drowned the drink in his hand and stood up, looking away from the rain that only brought back bad memories. He made his way to his bed, setting the wine glass on his nightstand, deciding that he was ready to take a nap. But before he could, the door opened, and someone walked in.

Levvi looked towards the intruder, getting ready to yell at them to get out, but he saw that it was Aeron. Levvi's face softened, and his heart started to beat at the sight of him.

Aeron had messy, short, black hair that Levvi would love to run his hands through. He had sharp features that seemed to bring out his bright brown eyes. And Levvi was in love with those brown eyes.

They reminded him of a stuffed animal that he couldn't have, back in his original life, because he couldn't afford it.

But the eyes were not the only thing pulling him in each time; it was also Aeron's face that reminded of his first love from his original life. Her name was Angel, and the name fit so well with her. Because each time she stepped out into the sun, her orange hair would shine bright and remind him of a halo.

Levvi wished that he could have been stronger back then because he couldn't help but see her dying in his hold, every time he thought of her. That is why when he first met Aeron, he couldn't help but protect him with every being he had left inside him.

Levvi knew he was a cruel man, but when it came to Aeron, Levvi wanted to be everything but cruel to him.

"I see you are lost in your thoughts once again, Spears," Aeron spoke, stopping in front of Levvi.

Levvi mentally shook his head and pushed his thoughts to the back of his mind, "I blame the rain, you know I cannot stand it."

Aeron chuckled as he looked at the bed, staring at Levvi's spear, "I do. I know you so well, Levvi."

Levvi's heart started to pound louder in his chest as his cheeks began to burn. He hoped that Aeron couldn't hear how loud his heart was beating.

"Aeron, do you need something? I know you are not the type to bust into a room without reason."

Although, Levvi didn't mind Aeron busting into his room. Shoot, he would love for Aeron to sleep in the same room as him, to be honest.

Aeron kept looking at the spear, reaching his hand out to touch the weapon. "Ah, I do not have a reason. I wanted to see you." Aeron answered, slowly tapping his fingers along the spear before he wrapped his hand around it.

Levvi was happy, not paying attention to the way Aeron kept playing with his weapon. The only thoughts going through his head was Aeron saying he wanted to see him. He kept repeating those words in his mind, not noticing that the atmosphere in the room started to shift. When it came to Aeron, his awareness turned into that of an infant.

"Really? You wanted to see me. Why?" Levvi tried to ask with a casual tone, trying to keep his happiness contained.

"Because," Aeron started, quickly picking the spear up and stabbing it into Levvi's stomach, "I wanted to kill you."

"What," Levvi confusedly started, coughing up blood as he gripped his spear, trying to stop Aeron from pushing it in any deeper.

"Aeron-n, w-why did-" Levvi tried to ask, falling to his knees as he started to cough up more blood.

Levvi didn't even have the strength to pull the spear out. And he was not talking about physical power but mental strength.

Aeron sneered at Levvi, "Why else, you idiot? For power."

Levvi's eyes started to drop close as he tried to speak words. But his mind felt too shattered to form anything. He couldn't believe that the person he loved and gave everything to would betray him like this. If Aeron wanted power, Levvi would have gladly left his position to him and disappeared from his life.

All Aeron had to do was ask, and Levvi would give it. And he knew that Aeron had an idea of how much power he had over Levvi, so Levvi couldn't wrap his mind over when everything started to go wrong.

Aeron bent down, moving his face close to Levvi, "You are disgusting and pathetic. Why would I ever love someone like you? I only stayed and dealt with your foolish affection because I wanted to kill you and take everything from you."

Aeron stood up laughing, and Levvi felt his heart shatter at Aeron's words. And to take the last nail on the coffin, Aeron picked up his foot and kicked the spear deeper into Levvi's body. "Goodbye, Spears."

Aeron walked out of the room as Levvi coughed out the last bit of blood he could before his eyes shut, and he fell over.

"Little one, it seems that playing the bad guy has only left you with pain. I will give you one last chance." A female voice spoke as she walked over to Levvi's dead body. She touched his head, causing his body to get engulfed in bright light.

"Welcome to the system, hero." She softly welcomed.

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