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daphneanmarcia | Teen


Dazzle is a young teen girl with a beautiful face and a kind heart. She is such a angel and a loyal friend but not the peoples around her. Bullied by school mates, Harassed by her teachers, seeing all her friend being abused...Even after seeing all this, she couldn't do anything. Why? Because the city where she lived gives respect and rights only to men. If a woman talks backs or rebels, it is her end. End of her life and dignity. But not anymore. She has the power of karma by her side. Going through continuous assaults and facing deaths of her loved ones, made her a heartless bitch. "WOMAN'S AREN'T SUPPOSED TO UPSET A MEN? THEN WHY NOT KILL THEM INSTEAD?" Dazzle thought Read more to find Dazzle's journey from a weak angel to a deadly demoness. Will she be a psychopath who devours blood or just revenge?

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here story begins

Chapter 1: Auxiliary chapter (Important information)

Hi guys, this is Daphne.

I am really sorry for not writing for a while. As many know, covid's second wave is not a joke anymore. I am from India and India is being a total chaos because of covid.

Among this chaos, it was a bit hard for me to focus on writing and had to give it a break. I am back on my track now and I hope you are still with me.

And about my book, there has been quite a confusion recently while rearranging and updating. So I kindly ask you to read the updated chapter again, especially if you found the new chapter is just same as the previous one.

I apologise for the discomfort that I caused. Please, do accept my apology.

And if you want to share your suggestions, opinion, problem, please do comment it down below.

Please support my work and be with me. 

Also, in some of my chapter, I had joined two chapters, namingly "preview".

These are special gifts for readers. Instead of using coins to unlock two chapters, you just have to open one chapter as "preview" contains two chapters joined in them. Good luck. 

Thank you!

Pls do comment ur suggestions!

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