Snow white gets poisoned by her evil stepmother,and dies,her prince then kisses her to life. We all know this story. But what if Snow White was poisoned by the prince himself? why? Because she's carryng his child and his wedding is in a month. And he's engaged to someone else. What if snow white wakes up in the body of a spy,a sophisticated secluded but beautiful C-class model. ************ She stood across the room,she was drenched,water dripping from her dress,which hugged her body in all the right places. She was squeezing her dress and trying to dry her hair. Tiny drops of water penetrated through the old roof, and made a Drip—Drop sound. The room was cold,but it was getting warmer,as Zi Tao took off his shirt. He watched her,and he knew he was fed up and tired out from all the games. Boldly,he made his way towards her,taking her unaware,and pushing her against the wall. She was so transfixed,that she was left speechless. They were both tired of playing hide and seek. He played with the edges of her face,her cheeks felt hot. "Tell me something"he said kissing her neck. She wanted to push him away,but didn't want him to stop,she was so confused,but welcomed all the sensations. "Why,why do you keep on running you cannot escape me"he said,and kissed her shoulder. She moaned. "Am not"she said,and he took her palm and out it on his chest. "This heart beats for you now"he said rather whispered into her ear,then bit it. She trailed her fingers onhis bare chest,he looked into her eyes,and she didn't see lust,she saw love. "I Love you my Feng Mian"he said. *********** He woke up the next morning,she was still asleep,he decided not to wake her. "Thank you love"he said and kissed her Forehead,he put on his pants,and got on his phone. "Get me the most romantic setting,and the most expensive ring money can buy"he said into the phone. He came back inside,he had placed his suit on her, for the cold. Her belongings were all over the place,so he decided to help her with them. While putting things like her lipstick,phone into her purse,he saw an ID card. He was going to toss it into the purse, but something caught his eye,he held it firmly in disbelief. It was her,but..."Yu Yan"he said under his breath,and looked at his Feng Mian. "Who are you?"he asked himself, in disbelief and perplexion. A/N:I don't own this cover. Am doing a bit of improvement on the chapters you can check the ones you've read before. Do review and let me know your thoughts.

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here story begins

Chapter 1: Chapter one: I'll tell him today!

The Ray's of sunlight woke her, the apples of everyone's eyes, Zhi Ruo, young,rich and famous.

Her family is not only respected, but distinguished in society and highly reserved.

She was hardly exposed to others,except those on her same status and Caliber.

she was drowsy,last night was tiring,she was practicing for her dance today.

It was her Twenty first birthday,and as a tradition,her father organised a huge party,a ball rather. It was grand, classy and strictly invitational.

Zhi Ruo was already used to it,and put up with it to please her father.He was all she had left of her once beautiful family.Her mother passed along with her young baby brother when she was ten.

They were in a ghastly motor accident.

Ever since,her father had been overprotective of her and rarely let's her step out of the house.

Let alone get acquainted with others.

Two years after his wife's and son's passing,he remarried his secretary.

Reason being that he wanted to provide his daughter with a mother's care and touch.

she wasn't really the nice type,she hated Zhi Ruo,and made life unbearable for her.

She destroyed all the magazines Zhi Ruo, kept of models,knowing fully well that she had always wanted to become one someday.

She made Zhi Ruo miss her mother each passing day,Zhi Ruo was homeschooled,she took Piano classes,dance classes,and Martial arts lessons,she was taught how to handle a sword.

Her father insisted that she knew the basics of self defense.

Each day was worse than the last,her smile never faded because of her father and her childhood best friend Huang Zi Tao,the son of a family friend.

They met once in a year,at the her birthday ball.

They had grown quite fond of each other,despite their scarce meeting.

He was enrolled in a boarding school,but always got permission from the dorm master to attend her ball.

He made the ball special everyear,with their private dance in the garden.

Zhi Ruo looked forward to the dance this year,as he had graduated last year,and would be moving back into his family house,which wasn't too far away.

Zhi Ruo had fallen in love with her childhood best friend but was always hesitant to tell him.

She couldn't anticipate his reaction, she couldn't read what his thoughts would be like.

But today she knew she wouldn't lie anylonger,she had to tell him about it, because she was going to be engaged soon.

she overheard her stepmother tell her friends that she would soon get her married. Hence, Zhi Ruo knew she had to make a choice, to live with a stranger, she barely knew or marry the love of her life.

"You can do this! You just have to tell him ... he'll accept,he has to...right?"she stared blankly at the mirror, not knowing what to think.

A knock was heard,it was a maid,she had arrived with her evening gown. This made, Zhi Ruo even more giddy and nervous.

The morning went by fast, no piano classes, no dance class and no sword practice. Just her and herself wondering how to confess her true feelings.

The house was busy, everyone was scattered, by everyone she meant the helps, and the decorators, the party would have to make headlines.

Her father would not be back until later,so she had the entire day to herself.

she had half a mind to spend it watching TV,but she decided to use her time and read the letters she and Huang Zi Tao sent each other over the years.

She had began this culture between them.

She had asked the family driver to deliver the letter to him,and he agreed to help the young miss.

she needed proof that she had won his heart, and he wouldn't refuse her.

She read through them again and again and again, trying to decipher the meaning of every pet name he called her.

She laughed at his jokes,and realized that she had always loved him. Right from their first meeting.

The door slowly creeked open,she quickly tossed the letters under the bed,only her stepmother would come in without knocking at this time of the day.

"Good morning mistress"she shrieked,Qing Shan came in,her scent filled the air immediately.

"Come!"she commanded.

Zhi Ruo was perplexed, her step mother never asked her to accompany her anywhere.

She got up from her bed,hoping that no one especially her stepmother would find the letters.

she led her to a room, and sat her down in front of a mirror. She grabbed a brush and started to brush Zhi Ruo's Silky hair.

"Zhi Ruo"she said.

"Yes mistress"Qing Shan had emphasised on the need to be addressed by that title.

Which she ensured Zhi Ruo strictly adhered to.

"What is the principle thing to this family's name?"she asked and brushed the hair more.

"Respect, dignity and obedience"she said uncertain as to why the sudden question.

"Now, you will do what you're told to do right?"she asked with a twisted smile.

"Yes Mistress"she said.

"Now, tonight, a very important guest will arrive at the ball tonight. You must walk over to him and smile. He will then stretch out his hand to you,and you will accept. You both will dance at the middle of the room,and if he asks you anything,you will reply with a yes,and a nod. You understand?"

Zhi Ruo wanted to protest,but let it be,she had no choice but to follow her stepmother's desires.

That was how she had been living her life for years anyway.

"Yes Mistress"she sadly said,and stared at the mirror,wanting to cry.

"Very good,do an exceptional work and you will get rewarded"she said,dropped the brush on the dressing room table and left the room.

Her heels clacking against the floor,making a rhythm.

She killed the rhythm and looked over her shoulder.

"Zhi Ruo"she called.

"Yes mistress"she said,and swiftly wiped a test drop under her eye.

"Keep our discussion from your father"she said,her smiling looking much more devious than before.

"Yes mistress"she said,and let out a sigh,"as usual"she muttered to herself.

The day was almost ruined,but Zhi Ruo knew that she would confess her feelings to Huang Zi Tao,and he would take her away,far away from this place,that was her dream.

Aside Zi Tao,there was only one other person she ever talked to,Ru Shi.

They were never friends,Ru Shi was an A-class model,and the daughter of a rich business man.

Her family was richer than Ru shi's but in terms of Fame,Ru Shi was well known all over the country.

She and Ru Shi hated each other,and always kept their distance. She always put up with her meaningless bragging,and her soul desire to be the center of attention.

Zhi Ruo couldn't compete with Ru Shi,Ru Shi had legs for days and fair skin.

Her perfect round face and huge eyes were no shocker.

No wonder she was killing it in the modelling industry. Heard she might take up an acting career!

Despite all that,Zhi Ruo psyched herself to say her feelings, regardless of the circumstances surrounding her.


It was night time already!

"Zhi Ruo! Get your ass down there and woman up!"she said, shouting at herself in front of the mirror,trying to pep talk herself into confessing.

Her father Zhi Wu came in.

"Zhi Ruo,happy birthday"he said and embraced her.

"Thank you father"she said,and welcomed the warmth of the old man's hug.

"I've got a gift for you"he said.

"You give me one every year father"she said in her caring melodious voice.

"You keep ageing every year"he sharply cut in.

"I think I'll surprise YOU with a gift this time..."she said.

Her father grew interested.

"And what is that?"he asked.

"You'll have to wait and see"she wanted to keep him in suspense and surprise him.

A little while later,a tensed Zhi Ruo came into the party, trying to sight Huang Zi Tao.

But it seemed to appear that he had not arrived yet.

"Gives me some time to rehearse my lines"she said under her breath,and walked into the party. All eyes were on her.

She had already mastered how to talk to everyone present,and behave.

She smiled and replied a short answer to anything she was asked.

All was going smoothly till Ru Shi came in,looking attention hungry.

Not forgetting her entourage of cameramen.

Her dress craved attention!

All eyes were suddenly on the country's most beautiful spinster.

All the cameras flashed at her.

Zhi Ruo wanted that attention,but knew she wouldn't be happy with it, and decided to let Ru Shi be Ru Shi.

—An hour later.—

"Where is he?"she thought to herself.

"Come"her stepmother said using a low tone,and she followed.

She introduced her to Jin Yong,the only heir of a corporate business man.

"This is the woman of the hour,Zhi Ruo"she said, and left them both alone.

"Am Jin Yong"he said.

He stretched out his hand to dance with her,she wanted to knock it out,or walk out,but had given her word.

She had never danced with anyone other than Huang Zi Tao before,and it made her upset.

She gave her his hand and he kissed it in front of everyone.

He led her to the middle of the room,and placed his arms around her waist.

She in turn placed both hands on his shoulders.

"Where is he?"she asked herself,not enjoying being in the company of another.

"What are your likes and dislikes?"he asked,piercing into her thoughts,as they moved to the slow song.

"Yes"she said swiftly and nodded.

She had found a way out of this mess.

"Mistress did say reply with a yes and a nod only... so who am I to disobey?"she thought,with a mischievous grin.

"Are you okay?"he asked.

"Yes"she said and nodded.

"Alright... What do you intend to do after marriage?"he asked, as he twirled her around.

"Yes"she said and nodded returning back to him. She could tell he thought she was a psycho.

All eyes were on them, Zhi Ruo didn't care, till a tap on her shoulder made her almost jump.

The touch was familiar, too familiar, she knew that he had arrived.

"You're here"she said,under her breath.

He pulled her to himself,his grip on her arm firm,Jin Yong was just as confused as everyone else.

He led her outside to the garden,not looking back at anyone's reaction.

Her mind was racing with thoughts, what would she say to him? Was he mad? Could it be jealousy? How would she start?

But all her questions made no sense as Huang Zi Tao let go of her, and cupped her face and kissed her passionately.

Her cheeks flushed, she had never been kissed before, she was hesitant, the kiss was slow and fleeting.

He withdrew and looked at her, Zhi Ruo was affected,her cheeks burned. She was trembling, that one touch wrecked her brain.

"Come with me"he said, she mindlessly followed, he led her to a room, far away from the party.

He locked the door from the inside.

"Huang...."he cut her off with another kiss.

"I love you"he said in-between kisses.

That melted her heart.

It was out of natural instinct that she responded to the kiss.

But she found a way to break free and faced him fully.

"I love you too"She said.

Without a second thought to it, she held until his neck and pulled him in for another kiss.

She had never done any of this before, was she even supposed to be doing this?

What would her father say?

She didn't care her body was on fire!

She liked the flames and was glad her love accepted her too.

"Mission one complete!"she thought while being caressed on the bed by her possessive lover.

Lover,she liked that word.

—Next Morning–

Last night was filled was passion, she didn't even stop to think of anything, she was content and safe in the arms of Huang Zi Tao her true love.

She was hurting,but his love confession washed away her pain,just like the rain.

Her phone made a sound, she slowly sat up on the bed, pushing her hair back, she was sore all-over.

Huang Zi Tao was fast asleep, "he must be tired from the trip, and last night",so she thought, blushing.

Maybe it was her father or her Step mum.

Her stomach tied a knot,she was being so naughty,that she disappeared from her own birthday.

It was an invite, she opened it, Huang Zi Tao was slowly walking up.

"He looks like a Panda while he sleeps"she said to herself half smiling.

"We proudly invite You to the Union between the much beloved Ru Shi..."she stopped and chuckled, everyone was in for a surprise today.

"And her groom Huang Zi Tao...."

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