My Heart Beats For You |bxb|

My Heart Beats For You |bxb|

Ysabel_xox | LGBT+


Cooper never had a normal life. He always needed more attention than normal people. Making a deal with his father was the best thing Cooper did. He went to new locations; he experienced new things, he even made new friends! Though there was one exception: his classmate Calvin. Calvin was a mystery to him. He’s always alone with his headphones and always has a knack at annoying him. With things that always come to brew trouble, they begin to realise that maybe the other is not so annoying after all.... And maybe they need each other! Watch as their hearts beat into one rhythm. Cooper: Just you wait, I will make you my friend! MUWAHAHAHA! Calvin: Yeah sure, do that. Cooper: Y- Why do I feel insulted? Calvin: ‘Cos that’s my intention Cooper: QAQ

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here story begins

Chapter 1: Dear Readers,

Welcome! I appreciate that you have the time to read my story. I just want you to know that before you read the story, most of the chapters are unedited. It will be edited, don't worry. Prologue to Chapter 7 are edited by me, meaning it will still have some grammatical errors. English is not my native language. Some chapters are edited by Yui Horie. She volunteered to do it and I thank her for that.

The first few chapters only have under 1k words. It's short but after that, all the chapters have 1k+ words. 

That's all I want to say. II will edit this if I want to add something.

I love chatty readers! It makes me happy to know that you're reading my story and commenting on it. So don't be shy! 

I'm sorry if this is so long. Happy reading everyone! (。'▽'。)♡

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