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Submit your story to the critique list if you want an honest feedback on your work. 

If you want a constructive critique or just an honest feedback on your book and writing skills, read the rules in the 1st chapter.

Note that my critiques can be pretty thorough (depending on my availability and mood of course), and they are far from overly generic and sugarcoated to the point of being unhelpful. This is not for authors who are merely fishing for compliments. As a content writer by profession, I have ample experience in non-fiction and technical writing, as well as proofreading and content editing.

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Chapter 1: RULES and FORM

To those who are interested, take note of the following:

✓I will only provide constructive criticism if I think your book needs it.

✓The promptness of my review depends on my availability (my day job can be demanding at times).

✓Brutally honest criticism would be more helpful in my opinion, and my reviews can get too finicky. The first chapters detail some of my critiques on a few WP books. Give them a quick read; they show my proofreading and critiquing style.

✓In return, check out my books. Up to you. Nonobligatory :)

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