Fall in Love to Fall out of Love

Fall in Love to Fall out of Love

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"Since the day that I've met you, I fell for you, Until we both fell in love. But suddenly you've change with no reason, I fall in love with you but you fall out of love"

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here story begins


"This is the moment of truth Pic, This is it. You're already a college student, Yay finally"~Pic

[Author's POV]

Pic is a freshman student at Champda University, He is a first year Engineer student. Nothing's bad happened not until he saw this cool handsome guy named Pete. Pete is a basketball player/the most handsome in their school.He is also the only son of a one of The Most Richest Man in Thailand, yes! he is the only son of Mr.Pawat Pisangttanprai.

Pic accidentally poured his iced coffee to Pete's shirt and guess what? Pete grabs him harshly and Pic got shocked

[Pic's POV]

"W-What are you doing?"Pic stuttered and Pete didn't answer him, he just looked at Pic's eyes.Pete stays silent while looking at Pic's face.

"PIIIIICCCCCCCCCCCCC!" A familiar voice was coming into Pic and Pete's direction.And that time Pete let go Pic.

"YAAAAHH PIC! aren't you going to the class huh?"

This is Sammy, Pic's highschool best friend, They go to the same school since highschool that's why they're so close like a siblings

"Uhhh, yes let's go?"Pic replied

As pic walks, he still can't forget what happened to them and pete earlier. "I didn't mean to poured him my coffee, why is he so mad at me?" pic asked himself

"Are you crazy pic? Why are you talking to yourself?" Sammy asked

"Uhm it's nothing, by the way do you know that man?" Pic asked "Who?, the one that with you earlier?" Sammy replied

"hmmm, yes" Pic replied while hesitating

"Why did you crush him?" sammy replied while teasing pic.

Pic remained silent in embarrassment "Why are you blushing huh?" she added while teasing Pic

"No,I-it's just hot, hurry up, we're going to be late" he replied while hurrying to walk.

[Pete's POV]

"Arrghh it's so annoying, Why did he poured his coffee in to my shirt, how can I go to school with this mess."Pete shouted while disgusted

While he was waiting for his friend, He decided to wear his P.E. uniform, So he went to the locker room, but he did not bring any clothes so he called his friend to bring him clothes.

"bro bring me a shirt, Just a white t shirt, because someone spilled coffee on my uniform"

[Pic's POV]

While in class, I looked out of the window and he saw Pete, it seems like he was waiting for someone and he's topless.

I immediately asked Sammy who that man was

"Ohhh, he is Pete, The most handsome basketball player here at the University, He is also the son of one of the richest persona in Thailand, why did you ask? Do you like him?" Sammy asked

"No! are you crazy? he's the one I spilled coffee in the hallway, I would have liked to apologize to him earlier, but suddenly you came"I replied

"Did you pour him your coffee?" sammy asked "I didn't mean to, it was an accident" I explained

"Be prepared for what will happen next, He is not an easy enemy" Sammy threatened Me

"And how did you find out huh?" I asked "of course before the school starts I was listening to gossip" replied Sammy

[Pete's POV]

(calls his friend)

"Bro where are yoy? I'm getting cold here outside, Huh? traffic?, All right all right, I'm just in the locker room"

(hangs up)

As he walks towards their locker room, Female students are shivering from their classrooms because of his body.

Some of them took a picture of it and others just stared at it.

[Pic's POV]

"Is he really that famous? He's not handsome, I'm even more handsome than him" I whispered to myself

"You're not handsome okay? You're just cute but you're not handsome, did you get it?" sammy also whispered

"I am your friend, you should support me, not that one" I advised

"I'm your friend so I'll be true to you okay" she replied

"It's up to you" I replied

[Sammy's POV]

"I'm sure he likes pete, But Pete is straight I just don't know about my friend, I don't know if he is straight or gay. But of course I will ship him to Pete, 'cause I AM A SHIPPER" I whispered to myself

(The ring bell)

[Pete's POV]

"Finally it's lunch time,If I can see you, You're dead" I whisper

"Come on, where are we? Cafeteria or canteen?" Mark asked

"Canteen." I replied

When I really see you, You are dead.

[Author's POV]

As he walked towards the canteen and in an unlikely event Pic approached Pete to apologize for what had happened earlier. Pete could not speak in front of Pic so he just handed over the food he bought for Pete. Before he left he asked for forgiveness again. But Pete just returned the food Pic had given him,

[Pete's POV]

"I do not accept food from strangers, later it may be poisonous" I told him

"It's safe to eat" he replied

"I said I don't want to eat that" I shouted at him and it was obvious on his face that he was scared

"I'm sorry" he replied and left

"And who said we're done?" I chased after him

"U-uhm, what do you want me to do?" he

stammered in response

"I want you to buy me 10 uniforms" I replied to him while smirking

"10?" he asked

"Yes 10, why?" I answered him

"I only spilled one uniform, why would I buy 10?he insists

"Choose, will you buy me 10 new uniforms or will I expel you from this school?" I threatened him.

"u-uh" as he frowned

"One~ ____ t-"

"yes i will buy you" he interrupts what I am saying

[Pics POV]

I left suddenly after I told him thatvi will buy him ten uniforms and went in Sammy's direction

"ARGH! Why am I not being careful" I scolded myself

"Pic what happened? Are you annoyed?" Sammy asked

"It's annoying because I only spilled one of his uniform with coffee, why would he let me buy 10" I said angrily to Sammy

"I told you Pete is not an easy enemy"she said

"I'm not fighting him, it was an accident" I told her

"Can you come with me to buy a uniform?" I begged Sammy

"Not me" she replied while turning his back on me

"Please" I insisted

"I will only be with you once" she replied

"Aw? why only one?" I asked

"I'm busy writing okay." She replied

"Bl fanfic? I asked her

She did not answer my question and suddenly left.

[Author's POV]

That day went by but Pic still remembering what happened, He searched for Pete's facebook account to ask if he could give only one uniform to Pete every week.

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