Fated to Wed the Villain???

Fated to Wed the Villain???

WinterQween | Contemporary Romance


"Marry me." "Do you know who you are speaking to little lady?" "Do you accept or not?" *** Mei Lin tried her best to become the perfect daughter but when it came time to be free, she was thrown away and murdered. Filled with revenge and a desire to live the Gods awarded her a second chance at life. In order to survive she makes a dangerous decision and proposes a marraige contract to infamous CEO - Li Qiang. A romantic comedy filled with twists and turns featuring a villain-like husband and a scorned wife. *All rights over cover belong to the original artist

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Chapter 1: Last Words

Quick and rushed steps echoed throughout the hallway as a frail body ran through them. Her breaths were shaky as her eyes darted around trying to find a way to escape. Heading towards the front door she reached towards the handle but before she could touch it hands gripped her hair pulling her back.

Rough hands grabbed her hair and threw her away from the door against the wall.

"Did you think you could escape?" A sinister voice spoke out as she looked into the cold eyes of her brother. A man she had once thought to be precious family was now a stranger. Holding in the pain she slowly raised herself off the floor while still keeping him within her sight. She tried to lift her body off the floor but two sets of hands held her back against the floor. Attempting to fight against them she struggled and twisted her body but to no avail. The goons were stronger than her.

Hearing shoes clack against the floor, she turned her head to see her brother walk closer to her. Stopping by her head he lifted his shoe and slammed them onto her hand. Digging his heel into her hand he twisted it with force till he heard a snap beneath his feet. Feeling pain she let out a small noise of pain before holding it in. Biting her lip she held in her screams of pain as she felt her hand soak in blood. She was determined not to give him the satisfaction of her hearing her be in pain. Blood dripped from her mouth from how hard she tried to hold in the pain.

"Oh you won't scream? That's fine, you can scream in the after life. Kill her and make sure no one finds out, this will remain an accidental fire." Smirking he stepped away and headed towards the front door. Hearing his words she felt her heart beat quickly against her chest. Part of her was still trying to come to turns how everything had turned out this way but she could do nothing but accept the truth. This was who she assumed was her brother but he had shown her that she was nothing but a tool for him. Were her parents a part of this too? Is that why no one else was here?

Though it seemed she would never get an answer to that. Controlling the pain she managed to force out one word. Her voice sounded guttaral as the force from the goons constricted her airway. "W....why?"

Hearing her words, he stopped in his steps and turned around to walk back towards her. Dropping down to his knees he stared her right in the eyes with a smile as he responded. "Oh sister ... did you not realize it yet? Why? Do I even need a reason to kill you? You were just a tool raised to be a sacrifice. Now do me a favour and DIE." Getting back up he kicked her in the stomach before laughing and finally exiting the building.

Feeling a burst of pain in her stomach she was pushed towards the wall once again as she felt the air leave her. She couldn't breathe as she felt the hands holding her suddenly let go. Before she could even get up she was grabbed by her hair and pulled towards the banister. Using a rope they tied her towards the poles before stepping away. They lifted a jug before tilting it above her coating her in a smelly liquid. The instant they poured it on her she could tell it was oil.

After thoroughly dousing her they went around the house throwing oil on the floor and rooms. Once it was empty they exited the building before she saw the fire start. Pulling against the rope aggressively she tried to break away but could not undo the rope. Her body was littered in injuries and her hand kept bleeding leaving her strength weak. The fire grew larger and it slowly made its way inside the house. The walls went up in flames and smoke filled the air as she continued to struggle. Tears streamed down her face as she begged to be released. Her words fell on deaf ears as there was no one to hear her pleas. Quickly looking around she tried to see anything that could be of use. Seeing a small vase a couple steps from her she reached towards it. Barely grasping to the edge she slammed it weakly against the stairs to break it. Using a shard she rubbed it against the rope trying to cut through it. Going as fast as she could she got half way through before using her hand to pull through it.

Her wrist was covered in rope mark as she seperated the last piece tying her. The air was completely filled with heavy smoke making it hard for her to see any farther. Getting up from her spot she crawled towards the door but saw more oil seep through under it. A new fire was lit as it went straight towards her. She could not move away before the fire caught onto her. Frantically tapping her clothes she tried to stop the fire but it continued to cover her. The heat of the fire burned her as she felt extruciating pain. Falling to the floor she succumbed to the fire as her entire body became encompassed in flames. Staring at the door she held in her pain as her eyes burned with vengence.

"I swear if I am given another life, I will not rest till I destroy them. If there is such a thing as God, please give me another chance....just one to change my fate....please...." As she spoke those words her sight faded to black.

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