"We have gathered here today for the execution of the former princess, Aeinshia Rutz, for the crimes of misleading the authorities, the attempted to murder of princess Lily Carmondy, and the murder of the almighty former emperor of the empire," the royal announcer yelled from the middle of the execution grounds. Aeinshia Rutz, the once apple of everyone's eye was now the unimaginable traitor of the kingdom, who killed the Emperor, her own uncle who treated her greater than anyone in this world. 'I didn't do anything wrong. I'm not guilty for the Emperor', Were the last words Aeinshia spoke before she was charged of horrendous crime one can ever commit towards their kingdom. ...... "No. Absolutely not. My princess Aeinshia would never do that", the crown Prince of the kingdom growled towards his most dedicated guard and friend. "Your highness, the evidences are all clear and the princess didn't give out her words", the guard replied. Even he believed princess Aeinshia would never commit such a grave mistake but, all the evidences are pointing at her. There's no way she could escape the trap she fell in. "Why are you doing this my love? How am I going to survive without you? Even though you had no will to live, atleast you should have thought about me . I loved you for my entire life. I am the future king yet, I cannot save my own love. I am useless. But, I will definitely prove your innocence no matter what it takes." Prince Evan thought before leaving off the execution grounds. ...... "Is this how my life is going to end? Where did it go wrong? Where did I loose control of my own life? Was I too selfish to wish for love from my prince?" These were the questions going on in her head . Both of them longed for each other. But years of misunderstandings lead them to not to discover their love for each other. 'Can't i get a second chance?' was the last thought she had before the crowd roared when head of the traitor was beheaded. So, the chance was given. The cycle was reversed, time was turned around, a chance came and the princess was reborn. Will the Reborn Princess can change her ill-fate or this rewinded cycle will be far more worse due to the tangles of love and thirst for power?

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here story begins

Chapter 1: Introduction-to give basic knowledge about the characters and the storyline.

Main Characters:

Aeinshia Rutz: The female protagonist. The only daughter of the duke Andrew Rutz. Love interest is Evan Seazle. Named as the flower of the empire, she did excel herself in terms of beauty. Having many shields protecting her, she grew up becoming a very naive and proud girl, who trusts others easily and being generous in nature did nothing good, but got taken advantage by others. All in all, she is a kind and humble little sweet girl who turns into little evil in nature on accord with few unexpected incidents in her life, for which she eventually, had to pay a high price.

Aeinshia: '' From the start to end, I only wished you to reciprocate my love, but in this journey to pursue you, I lost myself. I lost my loved one's, I lost my pride, I lost my self-esteem. If I knew earlier, if only I knew that's what it takes to love you, I would rather choose not to love you. Why does love come with a price like this? I wish I would get a second chance to redo everything. "

Evan Seazle: Male protagonist. Highly intellegen, skileed in sword fighting and is announced to be the next Emperor of the Seazle empire. Being an Empress' son, he had an advantage to be the next crown prince. Aeinshia's love interest. Loves Aeinshia moee than anyone in this world. Extremely close with his mother(deceased) and his best friend, Peter. Not good in social interacting and expressing his emotions openly, closing himself from others, which proved to be a big disadvantage in pursuing his love.

Evan: " I am sorry for my incompetency. I should have protected you no matter what. I should have opened up to you. If I get a second chance, I promise to cherish and love you, my love. "

Alexander Seazle: Emperor of Seazle empire and Aeinshia's maternal Uncle, who is a strongest support building block to Aeinshia and cherished her from her start. He is one among those many great rulers of the Empire, who proposed many schemes for welfare of his citizens. His interest lies in solving puzzles. A very generous and optimistic ruler, yet tyrant when things get out of the hands. He is a strict ruler and never indulges other's mistakes and carelessness while ruling.

Alexander: "Youth is such a beautiful thing. Don't waste your time in unknown doubts. Just follow your heart. Love while you have them with you"

Beatrice Seazle(deceased in the story): Sister of Alexander, spouse ofAndrew Rutz, mother of Aeinshia and Felix Rutz. For her entire life,she strived for the betterment of commoner's lives and contributed alot to the empire. 

Andrew Rutz: The Commander of Red Dragon knights and is one among the three great Generals of Seazle Empire,who sworn loyalty to the emperor. Father of Aeinshia and Felix Rutz. He is from a duke family,who later got married into the imperial family. Beatrice Rutz is the love of his life and after her death he chose to remain single forever.

Peter: Evan's best-friend and his Aide. They both are childhood friends who left the empire to study together.He is the most trusted person of Evan and the Emperor. He has a very cool-easy going attitude almost everyday. However, once he starts working on things, he changes his personality in a split second, getting into serious work mode. Origins: Unknown.(revealed as story progresses)

Peter: " I don't know what it's feels like falling in love. But, I am sure it would be truly an amazing feeling to fall for someone. To be able to love someone."

Felix Rutz: Eldest brother of Aeinshia, who is a sis-con. Would kill or die for his sister. Since childhood, he followed his uncle's path and took after Alexander. He is a very far-sighted person and the prodigy of the century in the empire. He is well known for his intelligence, rather than for his sword-fighting skills, even though everyone in his family were top-notch knights. Rumors say that, he might become the next ambassador of the empire.

Felix: " Let's cheer for those people and give them courage to express their feelings. Wink~"

Lily Carmondy: Female antagonist. She is a princess of Carmondy empire, who came as a suitor for Evan. She started to plot against the imperial family, even before her presence was well known. Cruel and wild in nature, she never hesitated to kill someone. For her, killing someone is like killing an insect. Wearing the mask of an innocent, docile woman, she managed to fool everyone around her. To her, everyone was only a chess pawn to achieve what she wants.

Lily:" Love??What I am fighting for was not that Prince's love and affection. I dream higher than that... Haha, Dare to get on my way, I will show you what is hell on earth. "

Black swallow of death: Right-hand man of Lily, who obeys Lily without questioning. The one who proceeds every evil plan of Lily and bloodies the hands. Nickname is 'incarnation of devil'. Origin: Unknown. 

Storyline: Being born into a prestigious family, everyone thought she wasn't lacking anything. She got everything. Power, money, Status, beauty, talented, brother who is willing to do anything for her, the emperor as her strongest backing. 

However, she knows what she wants the most. Parental love. Since her mother died right after giving birth, she didn't get an opportunity to experience her mother's love. Her father, who lost his love didn't dare to open up his heart again and never got affectionate with his children afraid of heart breaking in the future.

He knows, Aeinshia isn't the one to blame for his loss, because Aeinshia herself is also in a pity situation and she needs a mother more than anyone else. But at the same time, he didn't want to acknowledge the truth of his wife's death and began to distance himself from his daughter. 

Since childhood, she devotedly started to pursue the prince. Being protected by strongest supporters, Aeinshia didn't know the existence of cruelty in this world. This is a world which runs by words rather than truths and faces. 

She was the Apple of the eye to many and was protected like a crystalline doll. However, the crystal will break once the hands slip. Just like that, without realizing ourselves we sometimes might get trapped into someone's scheme and backhand plots. 

This is the story of a princess who's eyes got blinded and didn't know the enemy was right beside her, talking to her, befriending her, betraying her and finally taking her life. 

She got trapped even before the enemy came into her life. She lost the battle even before she could fine the enemy. 

This is the journey of a princess who is kind, generous and in love with a prince, but after few series of incidents she changed. She was no more the kind princess. In her path to get her love, at the end she turned into an evil woman. 

However, before her death, she realized her mistakes and wanted to undo everything. She want to repent for her mistakes. Maybe God too pitied her being too naive. He finally bestowed a chance to her and there she was. Transforming into her younger self. 

Can she use this second chance to change the course of events that happened in her before life? 

Can she find the true villain and save her family from suffering? 

Can she protect herself? 

Can the prince make her heart flutter again? 

Can she get a happy ending? 

Is she capable of turning the wheel of ill-fate into the wheel of fortune? 

Can she attack those who attack her or will she remain as the same kind princess? 

To know that, we need to look forward for the princess Aeinshia's journey. 


1.This is a historical-fantasy-romantic-fictional book. 

2. There will be few cruel scenes inside the book. But the author did and will leave the warnings and if you feel uncomfortable, you are free to skip those chapters. This won't cause any problems in understanding further.

3. The first three chapters are to give brief setting on the events that took in the main characters past life. The situations will be clearly explained in the future as the story progresses.

4. The female protagonist is not reborn, but the time is rewinded. The current timeline in the story takes place 4-5 years prior from the past life. 

5. The situations repeat and would be explained clearly in reference with the past. Like, a comparison of past and present timelines. There would be a lot of changes in the situations in the present compared to the past.

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