Glamorous Journey of the Female Protagonist

Glamorous Journey of the Female Protagonist


Fantasy Romance




"Set up all of these hundred items for tomorrow's auction."

"But Miss Li, why do you want to auction off so many things?"

"What kind of stupid question is that? Isn't it obvious? I need more money, so auction them all and help me get more money." The Lady said with a shrug.

"But Master, you are already a Billionaire. Why you need more money?" The Little Furball asked in confusion.

"When you have an entire army of sups, needy familiars and spirit beasts, thousands of disciples and most importantly FIVE SOULMATES AND A BOND MATE to feed and provide for, you will know the answer."

"But...b-but all your mates are rich too! They can easily provide for you and others." The furball tried to get through his master's firm decision.

"So? I want to be richer and provide for them. Do you have any problem?" 

"Of course not master!"


She, a 21st-century woman, was the leader of a Supernatural Clan and also one of the most important members of the Supernatural Council. Only at the age of 28, she was one of the most powerful mages in the world. 

But on a mission against rogue vampires, she died and woke up in the body of an orphan who had a body of trash. 

She realized that she transmigrated in an ancient world where people cultivated some sort of spiritual energy. In this world power meant everything. 
So, she decided to get powerful and due to some miracle, she was still able to use her magic. 

It's a journey of a female mage who shocked everyone with her talents and unseen & unheard powers. 

But just like every story, this one also had a fun part which came in the name of Five hot as hell male leads...!


This story is meant to be a Reverse Harem Transmigration romance. If you guys don't like such things then you can ignore this one. 

Happy reading!!


The credits for the book cover goes to its original owner. I just downloaded it from Pinterest and edited it...!!

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Status: c72 1 week ago
Overall the story is amazing! Such a gem! Better read it if you like harems ❤ The story plot is exciting and amazing handsome male leads, and yeah male leads for emphasize!!!!!! hahahaha 


Status: c93 1 week ago
This is a hidden gem. I've been following this story almost from the starting and trust me I have seen the author improving with time.
This is definitely not one of those face slapping novels nor you will find a male lead who will be on an otherworldly level. Rather you will see an overpowering female lead who knows how to mix magic, science, and cultivation together to create something new. No backstabbing family, no deceiving fiancee nor a revenge story but a journey of a girl who knows how to do business and is a perfect leader.
Rather than one male lead, we have five, but all five of them are unique and attention-grabbing in their own way.
This story is quite different but definitely interesting from the other transmigration novels on this site. I'll seriously recommend this book to anyone who's looking for something new in the eastern fantasy genre. Good work author!💖  


Status: c6 1 week ago
Such a hidden gem. I don’t even recall how I came across this but so far so good.I like the female lead. She is a mage that transmigrated into an orphan in an a new world. I like that she did not look back but moved on with her life to better herself in the new world. And of curse she came with a cheat which is my weakness. 

Chapter 1: Chapter One: The Transmigration

Winter's whole body was hurting. It felt like a truck had rolled over her. She was unable to move her limbs even a little as it hurt too much.

She tried to slowly open her eyes but she was unable to do so.

'What the fu*k!'

She cursed in her mind. How could she end up in such a situation?

She took a deep breath and decided to heal her body. She called on her healing power and soon felt a warm and soothing feeling taking over her entire body.

It was so good and relaxing. Just in a few seconds, her body felt brand new. She once again tried to open her eyes. This time a little bit slower than the last one.

The sunlight was too bright and it hurt her eyes. It took her a few minutes to focus. When she was finally able to see, she was shocked to find herself in the middle of a forest.

Well, at least it looked like a forest.

Tall trees in every direction. The ground was full of bushes and who knew what kind of plants and decay.

"How the hell did I get here?" She tried to remember what had actually happened and soon her head was full of the memories from the previous night, or you can say from her previous life.


She was from the 21st century. But she was not a human, rather she was a mage. Her world of supernaturals lived with humans in secrecy.

Very few humans knew about their existence. There were all kinds of supernaturals like vampires, shifters, mages, sirens, and angels.

And every clan of supernatural had their own leader and government, with the Supernatural Council as their head.

She was the head of the mage clan and also a member of the council. She had been on this position since her 21st birthday and it had been seven years.

The previous night, she was tracking a rogue vampire group with the leaders of the Vampire clan and the shifter clan but who knew that she would be betrayed by those two fuckers. They led her directly to her death and of course, she ends up losing her life.

Then how she's alive now? She looked at herself and was shocked to see a completely different body.

Her hands were too small. Her shoulder-length silver hair had become black and very long.

Her face felt small and round and she was very short. Her previous height of 5'5" had decreased to 4'10".

She probably was in the body of a thirteen or fourteen-year-old child but due to malnutrition, the body appeared too small and weak.

Moreover, she was wearing some weird clothes, like those in ancient Chinese dramas.

Again a collection of memories came rushing to her but this time they were not her memories.

Rather those memories belonged to a young girl whose name was Changchang. She was an orphan who lived with other orphaned children in a small orphanage in a town near the Capital City of the Han Empire.

This continent was called Qi Continent or mostly as the mainland. There were five empires - Song, Han, Jin, and Wang, with the Central Empire as the most powerful.

The people of this continent were cultivators who cultivated spiritual energy to become immortals.

But she was a trash. Her body was unable to cultivate and as she was an orphan so no one really cared about the reason or tried to find a way to cure her.

Although she was living in a small town she was still looked down upon by everyone. In this world, cultivation was the priority of every single living being, whether it was a child or an old man.

Even animals cultivated. A place where cultivation meant everything, someone like her who was trash, did not mean to even exist.

She came to the nearby forest with some of the other children of the orphanage to collect fruits and wood but when she was trying to pluck a fruit from a tree on a mountain, she slipped and fell down the mountain and of course, died.

This way when Winter died, her soul transmigrated into the body of this child.

Winter sighed and looked around herself once again. This was too much even for a magical being like her.

But she couldn't neglect the truth. It's better to accept it rather than spending her entire day thinking about the possibility of something like this happening to her.

She was only happy that her magical powers were still there. The only problem was that the body of this girl was so weak and malnourished, so she wouldn't be able to perform too much magic.

She suddenly remembered something and looked at the wrist of her left hand and beamed in happiness.

On her left wrist was a tattoo of double infinity. When she had become the head of the mage clan on her 21st birthday, she got this tattoo.

This tattoo contained the most ancient magic and its secrets. She personally had chosen the design of double infinity. As it was believed to imply the idea of perfection because it gave an endless amount of space and time to achieve perfection.

This symbol was also said to provide equilibrium to life, like its two sets of circles balancing each other.

Winter looked around for a while and was unable to find exactly where she was. Since the previous owner of the body was an orphan, there was no one looking for her.

The other children had probably considered her dead by now. Well, they were actually right, and it was obvious that no one actually cared if a trash like her died.

Keeping this in mind Winter thought that it was not important to return to the town. It's even better if she didn't return there as everyone would consider her dead.

This way she would be able to start a new life for herself. She was given a second chance, she was going to do everything in her power to live a happy and long life.

Her target was the capital city of the Han Empire. According to the knowledge of the previous owner of the body, It would take her nearly more than a day to reach there on foot.

But her priority right now was a hot bath and a table full of her favorite food. She also needed some comfortable clothes to wear and she had a perfect idea where she would get these things.