The Mommy Protecting Devils Flare Up:Tyrant Prince's Wife Is A Nymph

The Mommy Protecting Devils Flare Up:Tyrant Prince's Wife Is A Nymph


Fantasy Romance



Do you believe in incarnations ??? 

Have you ever wondered what lies in the depths of the Bermuda Triangle??? 

Would believe if said that your college crush was actually the Almighty herself??? 

Hardly, isn't it ???

But you're one those who do believe, than join me in my very first novel as I (Under_TheBlueMoon) take you through a dangerous but, heart warming journey of two die-hard lovers who found love in their quest for revenge. 


A curse....

A boon.... 

A magical necklace....

And a pack of dare devils....

Brought Lia and Zhuang Gohan face-to-face with each other once again.But, if you think this was the start of their unrequited love story than your gravely mistaking. 

Because Zhuang Gohan was out for Lia's blood!!

Bestowed upon him the title ' Tyrant Prince ' by the business world, he was a real life prince whose name earned him more than just fear.

Like every male protagonist, his life was also complex and enwreathed in conspiracies, betrayal and heart break until he met the Nymph of Infinity. His whole world shattered into pieces at that every moment and his own life became an absolute lie.

As for Lia, oblivious about Zhuang Gohan and his motives she was on a quest to find her memories and her origins. 

Born in the secret community of the Guardian Virgins she was meant to be another scarficial goat for the heaven above. Everything was set to stone for her yet, at the nick of the moment her mother's scarifice became her greatest boon, changing the course of her fate forever. 

Unlike many female protagonist, whose story begins with miseries caused by evil step sisters, evil step mothers, uncaring father, trashy husband, or because they were illegitimate Lia had none of that. Yet, what she had for her miseries was something those protagonists could never imagine.

So what exactly were Lia's miseries???

Why did her mother had to scarifie herself in order to protect her daughter??? 

Who were the Guardian Virgins and what was their purpose??? 

Why was Zhuang Gohan out for Lia's blood?? 

Who was the Nymph of Infinity????

The answers to these questions and many more lie in pages of this story. 

Hop on to enjoy a cliche story full of magic spells, face slapping gods and goddesses, super humans, mischief with and over dose of cuteness. 


This is my very first story and English is not exactly my first language. So those with extraordinary grammar please bare with it. 
Also, while writing this story I'm side by side editing it as well so I request all my readers to kindly be patient. 

And please please please, if you like my theme and this story please add it to your library and leave a power stone votes. 

It helps a lot!! 

Lastly, please don't hesitate to leave a comment and review on your thoughts about the story. I would love to hear them. 

Thank you.. Hope you enjoy...



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Status: c14 1 week ago
This story worth a try and I truly recommend this novel because of its tempting and mysterious story which ask its reader to fantasize new things.

Well its just the beginning of the story and it is already thrilling me, the story is so mysterious. The author is so good at imaging whole new future as well. The concept of air-hospital (I don't know the exact word for it) was really amazing, and i hope the story goes on like this in near future as well.
Now about the story.
How should i say, it was really very confusing at the starting chapters, but later as u catchup with the story u will start getting what's going ,although its still confusing as their are a lot of mysteries but as I have said it's still the beginning of the story so be patient. 

The discription about characters is very detailed, and easy to imagine as well. Story background is also good . 


Status: c7 2 months ago
Hello everyone and welcome to my very first novel. Firstly, I would like to thank all of you for supporting this story. This is my first time writing a story on such a platform and English is not exactly my first language so thank you for baring with me.  

Now,  let me tell you a little about this story. This story isisn't exactly like your everyday fantasy novel.  This story has lot of super natural elements that needs a lot of explanation. Therefore,  this is a slow burning novel.  If you have the patience then hop on and not then come back after a few more chapters.  But this author gguarantee's you that this is a story you would regret reading.


Status: c1 4 months ago
Hi dears ...Just found this story and added it to my library immediately. Though its a fair new story the flow and concept is totally different to what webnovel commomly has to offer. I have know idea as to what the author had instored of the readers but i have to admit that the thought is totally out of the world. The leads are fairly well, specially the male lead as he realizes his mistake. The super powered twins have made their intros and can't wait to see what they are upto. But juding from the tittle i bet they will give the ml a real hard time. 

Dear author i sincerly appreciate the time you take in detailing the emotions of each and every character and how everuthing in the story has its own reasons for being their.... 

I wish you the best and hope that lots of people have a chance to read this awesome story.... Happy writing...

Chapter 1: An Excruciating Pain ....

"When clock strikes the darkest hour even magic abides the law of Karma....."

Half of an hour before the first midnight, the sky turned red as ominous black clouds clustered over the endless waters. The wind howled at the impending horror. The sea roared as a warning to not awaken that great power, let alone offend it. But alas, apocalypse was inevitable for none paid any heed to their word of advice . Mother Nature reached her bottomline and was waiting to unleashed her rage when desperate screams for help echoed on the surface of the international waters between Dubai and India.

Humans are foolish creatures who blame the Gods when they face nature's wrath not understanding that they themselves are somehow responsible for that.

On the eve of thirty first December, when the world celebrated the arrival of a new year and welcomed a new beginning completely oblivious that they were welcoming their very end.

Away from all the festivities a private yacht sailed cross the national borders completely unnoticed. Inside the yacht, a woman was screaming for her life. Her cries were silenced by the sickening sound of several hot iron rods repeatedly striking her thin frame.

Her entire body was covered with patches of blood, burns and bruises completely destroying her white jade-like skin. Her deep, mythical voilet eyes that contained the power to see the entire universe and through every fold of time was now dull and lifeless . Her beautiful blush pink lips, a smile from which melted even the cruelest hearts were burning red hot . Her mesmerising face that charmed not just humans but also the celestial kings and even the gods was now swollen and marred with hand prints. Her voice that was like a melody of a singing nightingale, capable of hypnotizing even the most restless souls was now hoarse and could barely make a sound, it was burning in the flames of acid. And for reasons unknown to her, an excruciating pain rose from her lower abdomen.

Holding her down were several men, each armed with a thick hot rod of iron which until a few seconds ago were used to strike her down.

" P-P-Please " she cried out hoarsely, pleadingly to have mercy on her and hoped that they'd release her. But in vain.

Instead they looked down on her with evil snarls and pure lust just waiting to defial her innocence .

When she saw that her plea was unheard by those around her she turned to the man on the deck who was enjoying a warm jacuzzi bath with a cocktail. Seeing his relaxed demeanour one would think he was out to have a quiet getaway while watching a romantic movie or something , unfortunately reality was anything but that.

"W-W-Why?? Why are you doing this to me? What have I done to you? "

The man glared at the woman. His dark, chilling eyes were filled with rage and hatred. He looked at her as if she had killed his entire family , when in reality she didn't even knew the man to begin with.

The man swirled his drink in his lean, slender fingers as he stared down at the pleading woman.

Truth to be told, when the man first learned about the woman he thought she was just another average woman with a pretty face. But, when he tried to gather information about her is when she turned to become a nuisance for him. The harder he tried to find out about her , the more mysterier she became for him. After much work did he finally pin her down and the rest went on to become an entire different story altogether.

When he finally got information about her whereabouts he personally went to tail her planning to use his regular method to punish her as he would to those who offeneded him or his family. But, when his sight landed on her, he was instantly swayed to do her bidding by her ethereal beauty and her mesmerising charms. He wondered why did she chose to offend him and his family when he could've made her his queen, given her a life of luxury and a prestigious tittle. Jealousy consumed his heart . Everytime he looked at her , he blew up in rage for she was not his and someone else's. Her innocent, youthful and timeless beauty paired with her mysterious aura , gentle demeanour and caring attitude had thrown all sense of reasoning out of his thinking process. Instead, his reasoning was replaced by a psychopathic obsession turning him into a sadistic killer psychopath. To him she had no right to live if she was not his and she had already given herself to another man. He felt cheated and disgusted. Thus, he opted for such a torturous method. To him it was only justified that she should pyshically feel the pain that he was enduring in his heart.

After a few seconds of observing the woman his lips curled up to an evil smirk.

" Xiao GoChang !! Can't you hear that my guest is complaining about the lack of entertainment. " he roared thrashing his cocktail glass.



The glass hit the woman on her forehead with quite some force. Blood immediately oozed out from the wound and it started sting as the cocktail contained heavy amount of citrus juices. But she could not be bothered by it at the moment because the unknown pain in her lower abdomen had escalated to an unbearable level. She felt like something huge was ripping apart her organs from within. She could no longer bear it as a result she curled up into ball much to the man's annoyance.

Meanwhile, at his words of complain another man emerged from the shadows carrying a heavy suitcase ever so silently.

He was a man with a tall , bulky figure and the most noticeable part of him was his fingers for they each containend a ring-like metal band which were glowing in the dark.

" Ah!! Xiao GoChang, its a shame that even with your presence my guests are complaining. Please.. Do something. My reputation is in line. "

The man named Xiao GoChang nodded without a word and turned to the woman on the floor with a murderous glint.

He approached her step-by-step, then suddenly stomped hard on her face while roughly yanking her by her hair and pulling out a good amount of it . His force was so much that it not only pulled out her ever so soft and silky hair that once put the most expensive silk threads to shame, but with it pulled out the flesh from her scalp on one side and on the other hand broke her cheek bone.


Her questioning words infuriated Xiao GoChang but he remained wordless. He grabbed the woman's swollen face digging metal claw that he wore on his fingertips. It immediately tore off her skin making holes on her angelic face.

Xiao GoChang dragged her to the edge of the sundeck by her face , pulled out some more of hair and started to repeatedly smash her face on the steel railing. It was so fast and forceful that she barely registered what happened until she was thrown back on the floor and she was groaning painfully. Blood rushed out from her mouth and several of her front teeth were broken.

Unfortunately, more was yet to come.

Xiao GoChang went on to remove the metal claws from his fingertips and opened his suitcase for a scaple and a bottle filled with some liquid.

"UHH!!! UHHH!! " the woman kept crying in a muffed tone as she could no longer bear the torture or the pain.

With the scaple in hand he ordered the thugs to hold down her hands and legs. The thugs exchanged excited glances but wordlessly followed. Two men focused on pinning her wrists with their spiked boots while the other two grabbed an ankle each and twisted them like a twigs then pinning them with their spiked boots.

"UHHHH!! AHHH!! "she screamed once again only to received a hard kick across her face almost breaking her jaws.

" HAHAHAHA !! Bravo Xiao GoChang!! Bravo!! You really know how to entertain my guests. " complemented the man from the jacuzzi. His face was not visible under the pitch blackness, what could be seen was just his silhouette.

Xiao GoChang didn't pay much attention to what the man in the jacuzzi said as he stabbed the scaple on the woman's left thigh and dragged it down towards her knees and then splashed the liquid on the wound.

It was fresh acid..

She screamed and screamed, begging for death . She prayed to the Gods to bring an end to her miseries. She could no longer stand it. She was willing to embrace death if it meant it would free her from this torture.

But Xiao GoChang didn't share the same thought nor did the man in the jacuzzi . Her screaming pissed him off further and further. So, he once again grabbed the woman's by her face and whispered to her ears.

" Miss Lia...You could've saved yourself from this, yet you chose to offend the Xing family. That is your crime. NONE WHO OFFENDS THE XING FAMILY HAS A PEACEFUL ENDING. "

Just as he finished his words...

Tonnngggg !!

Crack!! Crack!! Crack!!

Sound of several bones cracking together echoed and a pool of blood appeared on the floor of the yacht.

Xiao GoChang smashed Lia's head on the heavy steel railings with a force enough to break her skull into pieces.

This time she didn't scream.

Tears streamed through her puffed eyes ever so silently and black spots tinted her vision. She laid there like a lifeless puppet smeared in blood. In her mind, she managed to grasp Xiao GoChang's last sentence ' The Xing family. '

Blurry images crossed her eyes.

Rage consumed her heart and a kindle of revenge ingnited itself in her before everything finally came to an end or so she thought.