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How does it feel for the world to end how does it feel to become immortal "can I go back?" "Why can't I die ?" Loneliness ,pain you'll suffer it all how will you deal with this let's find out

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here story begins

Chapter 1: The Beginning

Well the world has ended there are demons and all sorts of shit running around now the world is basically trashed .And there are two figures standing in the midst of some rubble one with a hood and the other a large humanoid with claws and fangs

"hey human bow before me "the larger figure said

"humph I only bow before the almighty God " the smaller figure says as he raised his hands "now be erased for your blasphemy"

as he waves his hands the other figure as well as everything else behind him gets evaporated.

"how weak"

"master you overdid it" a white winged figure descends from the sky and stands in front of the figure with the hood.

"did I ? " the figure says as he looks at the destruction

the winged figure puffs out her cheeks and glared at the hooded figure .

"alright I guess I went a little overboard " he admits as he takes of his hood and a black haired boy with pentagrams in his eyes and a cross on his forehead is shown

"sorry Michelle"

"don't apologise to me apologise to the landscape " she says as she turns her back to him.

the black haired boy just laughs a little before speaking

" it's really been 500 years since that incident huh? "

"yeah but you lived through it ."

"I've lost a lot of friends "

"true " .

"I guess I'm still happy since I still have you " he says as he starts to walk forward and places a hand on the girls shoulder.

"let's go Michelle"

"of course.....Jack"

like I said before the world has ended how did it get to this point let's go back a little to where it all started in other words the beginning.

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