“Wait for me,” he looks at her to see her nod. “Okay.” She answered with a soft voice. In the land of Enchansica, everything is full of magic and life. MagicMakers work their magic when a child comes to age and they are able to find their soulmate! Until the incident... Where a world is now dark and gloomy after the events of the MagicMakers turning against the people. Young May loses her parents in a tragic accident.......or so she thought. As she grows, she learns secrets that are both harmful and helpful. Along the way, she has to face the line between good and evil, but at what suspense?

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Chapter 1: PLEASE READ!!

Hello fellow readers!

I would like to say:

First, thank you for liking the concept of this book! I do appreciate the love!

But here are some things I would like to address!

I have taken the book under review because I will be writing my new novel "Wars and Roses" and I will take "Kingdom of Hearts" under editing. Please understand that, as an author, I do not feel that the book was going on the right path. Sorry for the inconvenience!



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