so basic this is about a guy with no one,his family rejects him ,no friends apart from a girl he met by saving her this is his story and how his life will go from here

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here story begins

Chapter 1: No Equal

Hi guys my name's Rex a not so normal highschool student why not so normal well I'm stronger than most normal people ,not the normal kind so I'm often called a monster I guess the beginning my trouble was when I was little ? let's go back a little.

when I was younger my parents sent me to learn Martial arts as a self defense it went well until the bullying stared.like so

"hey trash hand over your money and lunch "(bully)

"yeah what he said"(lacky)

so there was this group of idiots I have no idea what I did to deserve this.

"hey you deaf?"(bully)

humph not gonna waste time just ignore and meditate as told


"hey I'm talking to you"(bully)

just let them be.

"ha maybe he's too scared to talk boss"(lackey)

"how so?"(bully)

"well from what I heard he's an only child and his parents don't even want him "(lackey)


"well you know their scientists right?"(lackey)

"go on"(bully)

"so obviously they use this fool for experiments he's nothing but a lab rat an unwanted monster"(lackey)

now this was the first time I'd been called a monster and he was basically slandering my parents so i did the norm got angry .


yeah I got kicked in the gut and am currently being kicked

"hey got anything to say lab rat?"(bully)

"piss of you annoying brats what did I ever do to you huh ?"

and so I was hit with staffs one of which found it's way to my head and knocked me out now this is the first time I'd been knocked out So I had no idea what happened after that apart from what I was told and deduced when I woke up but according to them this is how it happened.

"woah you knocked him out "(lackey)

"serves him right...let's go "(bully)

he begins to walk away when.


"what the?"(bully)

he was obviously surprised that I was up anyone would so he tried to hit me again.

"humph I'm still stronger I've trained here longer so why don't you sleep"

he swung at my head with the staff but I caught it and snapped it in two and then hit him in the gut and sent him flying right into the dojo wall .


I said with a scary yet bored expression so they attacked me all at once but i was stronger and they all lost eventually our sensei came back .

"w-what are you?"(sensei)


Before he knew it I was already running towards him he underestimated my strength and my punch apparently broke his arm and a few ribs

"what in the world...why are you so strong I'll have to take you seriously here.

after that we fought for a while and he managed to restrain me by literally fighting me until I could fight no more.

he called my parents and only my mum came in looking all worried and stuff since I didn't actually hear their conversation I can only speculate it went something like this.

"ms Kingston I'll be frank your son is too dangerous I can't teach him"

"what do you mean?"

"well he just took down all his fellow disciples I have no idea why since he won't talk but looking at him it looks like bullying it's probably in your best interest to keep him away from violence "

"he can't be that dangerous"

"ma'am please if I wasn't a trained professional I would have died restraining your son he broke my arm and some ribs a you can see "

"no way "

"please ma'am for both his and others sake-"

"I know "

well I guess that's probably how it went because I stopped Martial arts and my parents seemed to like me even less now so they avoided me as much as was possible and as expected another incident occurred at school and I ended up smashing my classmate through the table and wounding some of the teachers .

such only solidified my status as a monster I guess so basically people avoid me like the plauge but around the end middle school I saved a particular girl over and over from thugs ,cars , generally I felt this girl was careless.

And I wasn't following her either she just seemed to appear where I was well now she follows me basically everywhere you could say she's my only friend

Not really though she annoys the hell out of me almost everyday after all .

well now where in highschool I'm currently 183 cm, black hair ,olive toned skin brown eyes, a bit muscular , 16 years old while on the other hand Sarah which was the girls name is currently 153 cm ,red hair ,aqua colored eyes , a slim physique one might even say fragile, 16 years old

Though to me she's anything but fragile that girl is a tyrant to my life she forces me to walk her home take her to the mall only to end up carrying all her stuff not like it's heavy to me .

Apparently I got stronger as I grew older I could probably lift a car as I am now or at least severely damage it with a punch but who knows right? I may just be exaggerating .

But that don't help the monster situation I mean most of these people are my old classmates so as you expect and the new ones .

They shouldn't know but I accidentally punched a guy for stalking Sarah and he landed in the hospital for a few weeks so...

"hey Rex wake up you sleeping again?"(Sarah)

"Get off my back "(Rex)

"you definitely know that's not happening"(Sarah)


I say as I raise my face and put my hands there.

".... bothersome"(Rex)

"oh come on now don't say that i-"(Sarah)

see got taken away by her friends well I'll sleep a little them


so I'm currently talking to my friends who pulled me away and seem to be hurrying to get out of the room

" hey what's the rush"(Sarah)

they suddenly stop and look back like they were checking something.

"coasts clear"(jane)

"look why do you keep talking to that guy you know who he is right?"(debbie)

" A kind but misunderstood person?"(Sarah)

"No! a monster that's what he is you know how terrifying that guy is, come on tell us is he threatening you "(Jane)

"how could you guys say that you haven't even talked to him hmph"(Sarah)

I got angry and stormed off to where Rex was .

"hey time to go!"

"...hmm, huh, already?"(Rex)

"don't be lazy"(Sarah)

"yes ma'am"(Rex)

so we walk together till the end of school.


Rex's POV.

I went to school as usual and was waiting for Sarah's daily pestering but it never came she seems to have been missing for three days now what the hell?

so I visit her house and her parents try to wave me off with obvious lies like she went out with her friends so she's not home.

That's a lie because her friends are scared of me and know she basically won't go anywhere without me as such ...so I did the most logical but illegal thing I broke inti her room .

her room was well cute?

to be honest it's girler than I expected well what do I know this is my first in a girls room or any room when I go through her room I find a note that says .



Welll this isn't good well gotta go save her guess im gonna have to use that mask and cloak can't have them recognise me .

I went home and suited up which basically makes me look like" Terror Man" and set out at night and got to the address .

"Hang on Sarah I'm coming"

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