Twins Bond

Twins Bond


Magical Realism



Never feeling complete.... 

A boy, Sasuke who only had his mother, loses her but not before she revealed the truth to him. He had a sister somewhere in that city and she was not his real mother... 

A girl, Davida who had everything, mother father and twin elder siblings... Still she felt incomplete.. 

There was always something missing... But what could that be. 

As fate would have it, they met, hands accidentally touching... A feeling that could not be explained... 

By and by they got to know each other and a love never meant to be as it was, became... 

Soon the truth was found...

Cover page not mine, all credit goes to the original owner. 

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Chapter 1: The Revelation

In a hospital room, lady is seen on a bed with drips connected to her body and a boy, more of a teenager, sits on a chair close to her bed.

"Mum please don't go, don't leave me here. You're all I've got" the young boy begged his mother.

"You are not alone son, the Reverend Father would look after you when I'm gone" the lady said with a frail voice.

"No, no, no mum. I want you. I have always felt incomplete even while you were with me, but you always tried your best to make me feel complete no matter what. Now if you are go, I would not be able to feel complete again" he said as tears flows freely from his eyes.

"No my son, that is not true. I know there would surely be someone who can make you feel complete whenever you are around her" she said as she lifts her free hand to wipe his tears away with the back of her palm.

"Huh?... What do you mean by that mum?" He asked his mother rather confused.

"I said that" she coughs, halting her speech, then continues, "what I am trying to say is that you have a sister somewhere in this city. That was why we moved here, I hoped I could find her so you would not have to be lonely, you would have someone. But fate had something else in store, destiny wanted you to find her" she explained calmly.

"Where is she mum? Why didn't you tell me this all these years" he asked his mum shouting a bit.

"I am sorry son. Do not hate me, I wanted to tell you, but I was scared you of making you hope and nothing comes from it in case I couldn't find her. I didn't want you to feel bad, I hoped to find her first before telling you about her. I am sorry, I did it because I love you"she said as tears rolled down her cheeks.

"I do not hate you mum, I only wished you had told me earlier. You knew how I always felt incomplete like something was missing".

"I am so sorry Sasuke. Dear please do not be angry with your mum. I love you dearly".

"It's okay mum, I love you so much, I could never hate you no matter what. Please do you have any idea where or how I can find her. Any leads at all please... " he knelt down beside her bed and held her hands in between his palms.

"I would tell you all I know son. But first I have another truth to reveal to you" she said as she kisses the back of his palm.

"Okay mum, go on please".

"Son, everything I've done I did because I love you. This would be shocking for you Sasuke, but I have to tell you. I am not your real mother my son".

"What? Mum don't say things like that. You are my mum, you've always been and always would be my mum".

She smiles as tears flow freely from her eyes.


At the Ishida residence, a girl sits in front of the television and watches a program when an elderly lady in her early fifties walks on.

"Mum welcome. Good afternoon".

"Haven't i warned you about watching... " they both talk in unison as Sakiko joined her, "films, they are supposed to be watched later for one hour after your dinner".

"Mum i know. I'm feeling it again, like something is missing" she sighs.

"Sakiko..." Her mother shook her head and left the living room.

Sakiko gets up feeling bored all of a sudden, wanting to change the TV station, she picks the remote control from the glass table in the center of the living room and saw a photo album at the down compartment of the table. She picks it up and drops the remote control.

"Its been ages since I last saw you. What are you doing here?" she asked no one in particular as she flips open the cover and scan the photos she saw. Then she stops suddenly, her gaze fixed on a picture...