Araragi Hideki is an ordinary high school boy and he attends a prestigious high school called Ahogane High School. But his normal life all changed when he was asked by the popular girl called Ayano Katachi, to be their school idol manager. With that, Araragi Hideki enters the world of Idol Managing.

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Chapter 1: The Invitation

What comes to your mind when Idols was mentioned? Maybe fame or money, or maybe cute girls that are dancing at the floor. As for me, I don't care.

My life is already a trainwreck since my father died. He died in a car accident when I'm still a grade schooler. I can't do anything back then, I'm just a weak child.

That's why my mother tried her best to raise me alone. She would take 3 part time jobs a day, just for us to live on. My mother helped many people when she was still young, but when we are the one who was in need, no one helped us at all! Unfair, right?

Who the hell said that if you've done good things, it will come back to you? Speaking from experience, It didn't happened at all! I want to help my mother as much as possible, I don't have any time for your Idol Managing.

"So please, just stop already! I already refused you!"

"But all of the boys I know already refused me! You're the only hope left!"

If you says something like the only hope, trust me. It doesn't mean anything. It's just a word that carries a random meaning. For example, she says that she's my only hope but in truth, that's just because of the system called process of elimination.

"I still refuse! I don't have any time for that nonsense!"

The girl who is speaking to me right now is a popular girl by the way. She's the class muse, Ayano Katachi. I don't want to get involve with her at all, because everywhere she goes, there's always a flock of people. Today is no exemption.

This girl is now bowing with her head and clapping her hands like an idiot. Unfortunately, I'm not an easy guy, who will fall for tricks like that. I, Araragi Hideki, is tougher than that!

"But, Araragi..."

"No, My answer is still no! Ask someone else."

After that answer, I slowly turned around from her. I noticed that the crowd is shooting their cold gazes to me, maybe because I rejected this girl who've gone to such length just to invite me? I don't care.

In the first place, are you going to fulfill any wishes, as long as It came from a girl and in addition to that, she even bowed her head to you? What if she said "Please die"? Of course, you'll refuse.

It's the same logic as that. Since joining her Idol group and being the manager will need a lot of time, I don't want to get involved in this nonsense. I prefer to have a part time job than to join that.

"So close, I heard that Idols have a lot of money, and just a ticket will cost so much. If a manager joined us, of course, he will have a share to our money. As a special offer, any boy who will join us will get the 50% of the money."

I was petrified by her declaration. I even stopped walking when I heard those words. 50%!? For real!? I slowly turned around to Ayano Katachi and saw her grinning face. What the hell?! Could it be... could it be... she knows my family situation!?


In this school, no one would be really interested in money. Why is that? Because all of them here, are rich kids. This is a prestigious school where rich people come, Ahogane High School. They offer great education and guarantees that the facilities are top notch.

Why am I here despite being poor, you ask? Simply, because of the thing called scholarship. I studied really hard when I'm still in middle school, that's why I ended up here.

That's why... I can easily tell... that this offer of hers, was for me! This is annoying! I can't really tell if she's belittling my family or just really wants me to join her!

Why does she wants me to join anyway? She could've just asked again to the boys that she asked earlier. I doubt that she already asked all of the boys in school!

This is really annoying! I walked towards her and said in a really mild voice:

"Just let me think about it!"



What the hell is up with that girl? I just released a sigh in front of this dilemma. Still, 50% is a really high percentage. If their performance sold at least 100 tickets and each ticket costs 500 yen, then converting it to money will be 50000 yen, and 50% will come to me so... 25000 yen?

What the hell? Even part time jobs only have 10000 yen a week salary! And the most good thing about this, is the fact that this is not a fixed price. It could go up or down depending to the girls performance.

It means that I have to help them get a wider audience! In the off chance that they've gotten popular then that means... mountains of money will be at my feet!

Oops! I'm thinking about this too much that I forgotten that I'm in the middle of a lesson. Lessons first, Education can secure money. But regardless, I've made my decision. I'm going to be the manager of this Idol group that I don't even know.


Author's Note: It's still the beginning so you can't really tell if It's good or not so I won't hassle you for stones and reviews(for now) Okay, see you tomorrow!

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