Deviant Dungeon

Deviant Dungeon

Darth_Xiane | Fantasy


Thomas, a womanizer and playboy is the very next contestant that the fates decree should be given a new body and life. After hitting on the goddess in charge of restoring him to life Thomas finds himself in an alternate reality where deviance, corruption and evil are the norm. In a world where fantasy meets virtual reality Thomas wanders around experiencing a life where morality is the dirty word. But is this all? Surely there must be more! Like any tale Thomas will have to survive and face a turning of existence while putting as many notches on his bed post as possible. About the new cover: I dont own the art, if the artist sees me using their work and wishes me to not do so I'll readily comply.

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Chapter 1: A Typical Start

We've all heard those tales, either truck-San turns a person into road kill, old man yama was scratching his ass and killed you by accident, the ditzy goddess chose a common neet to be her worlds champion. Regardless the vast multiverse has been using the klutzy, the brain dead and the socially awkward of our world to save theirs. Where has our own superior powers been? Why dont they give us these opportunities? Are they blind? Deaf? A cosmic neet?

Regardless, yet another hapless mortal found themselves hurtling through space wearing nothing but their screaming visage. The poor guy was tumbling head over heels in his astral form, flung through space enroute to his new life. How did he get in this position? Well Thomas wasn't a neet, he was rather bold, he had had alot of friends, a couple of girlfriends. All in all a popular figure... until girlfriend A found him mid coitus with girlfriend B and decided to do him one better than castration.

But no one really cares what happened after that right? So here he is, naked as the day he was born, flying through reincarnation tossed out of limbo by one rather miffed Goddess who took exception to him asking if she wanted a turn, there's a flash of light and Thomas staggered colliding with a rather solid surface, disoriented, suddenly no longer naked and apparently in a fight for his life. Great first day. Glancing around trying to make sense of everything a flood of memories from his host body swept in and made his head split.

Apparently he was now young Master Thomas Winderhun the Third, a rather eccentric noble who was forced to enter a dungeon as his coming of age. The brilliant young noble had done well until his group found themselves besieged by amazons in skimpy animal hide bikinis, the young lord though with his smaller head and tried to molest the creature instead of subduing it or killing it. The Amazon took exception and introduced the young master's skull to her club, one fatal concussion later and we have a new vessel for Thomas, lucky him.

Not so lucky is the Amazon continuing to bear down on him, intent to turning the lewd young man's head into jam. Blinking through the throbbing headache from not only the physical blow but also the memory dump he could only watch as the club came hurtling down. Inside he was raging at the unfairness of being killed as soon as he was reborn, but then the club stopped. From it's close proximity he could count the hairs scraped off his scalp still adhered to the menacing head. Sighing at his good luck a rather unamused voice came from around the group, "Alright ladies and gents, who can tell me exactly when you fucked up?"

A young woman off to the side had pulled off her simple helmet, freeing a rather half shaved half long rich mahogany hair cut. Her brown eyes glared his way as he peeked from around his 'killer's, "It was when Thomas couldn't keep his dick in his pants sir."

"Very good Ashley, young master Thomas, can you tell the class why you felt the need to molest a dungeon spawn?" The dry voice echoed around the group putting him on the spot.

Thinking for a bit he reached over and casually slapped the toned, frozen backside of the amazon that had nearly used his head as a baseball, "What can I say instructor, it reminded me of Ashley's derriere and I couldn't help losing myself in thoughts of last night."

Ashley's face went scarlet, her glare promising swift death to the young noble who so casually blurted out that they had had a meeting last night. The little lecher was known to have bedded half the academy, Ashley was just the most recent conquest. It had taken weeks of flirting, presents and conned chance encounters but last eve she'd consented to him having two of her three virginities, the most debauched one referring to the part of the amazon he had just so casually spanked. If there was a hole nearby the poor girl was ready to throw herself in and ask the group to just bury her there.

A ruffled cough came from the disembodied voice, "Very well, team four is to disengage from the dungeon and proceed to classroom 201 for debriefing. Young Miss Ashley, your family's guardian wishes to have a word with you in Relaxation Lounge C. Young Master Thomas, you are to report to the office. Dismissed."

While Ashley was still dying of shame knowing her guardian was about to go up and down her like a pranked drill sergeant three of the other four in their group were delighting in the pair's misfortune. A rather lanky sandy haired boy who wore a religious robe sneered at Ashley, he had asked her out previously but now that she was sullied by the school whore he'd have an easy time of picking up the scraps, his rather feminine voice wafted over, "Well while I'm not one usually for sloppy seconds, if lil miss not so proper now is no longer feeling holier than thou I can see making you a position under my crotch... or several positions."

A raven haired girl frowned at the boy, reaching over to smack him across the face, she was rather sturdy built, having gone the tank role for the delve, "Bite your tongue you little shit stain, even being bedded by the school whore shes still a noble compared to your nouveau riche ass. So close those lips before I sew them shut. Pay it no mind Ashley, we've all been there, just have your guardian kick the piss out of turdly there and no one will bother you."

The third girl sneered, her coke bottle glasses and acne covered face spoke of a girl who had a harder time of life, like the sandy haired boy she likely came from a more normal bloodline, "Why coddle the little slut? Shes just another hole for turdly to stick his dick now. Why defend her Ingrid, you been the little shits sleep pillow before too?"

The raven haired girl was on the third in an instant, grabbing the nerdier girl by the throat and slamming her against a wall. "Besmirch my reputation again Mina and the least of your worries will be a hospital stay. I'll tie you down and let turdly **** you till he's satisfied, but considering your low born trash self I doubt even he'd get a hard on for you, you little worthless bitch."

Mina was kicking and grabbing at Ingrids arm, it was an odd sight. Outside of the dungeons Ingrid was your average loli, barely cresting four foot, Thomas recalled her slight build but volcanic temper. Mina on the other hand was taller but more of a class mouse, she hung to the fringes trying to not make waves, what possessed her to try and insult three nobles truly made Thomas wonder about her background.

The last of the group, Ridley, was the school's heartthrob. The number one ice prince. He never spoke except in class, he didn't date anyone and treated everyone equally. While Thomas had bedded three quarters of the schools female population, one hundred percent want to ride Ridley like a bike in an endless marathon. Even Thomas could see why, the guy had the looks, the cool attitude and a strict indifference that likely made a few of the women instructors want to risk their employment to take down this idol.

Ashley had fled as the fight escalated, the sandy haired boy whose name escaped Thomas was slinking after her. Ridley was leaving as well so Thomas decided to leave Ingrid and Mina to their woman to woman discussion. As he left the sounds of fist meeting flesh could be heard behind him. While dungeons were mostly virtual, the people inside were real, the differing avatars could bulk you up, thin you down or make you look like a supreme deity but in the end virtual muscles still hurt when they were liberally applied to the body.

Slipping into a haze of white, Thomas sat up in a pod. Glancing around he noted the other boys pods were also empty. Stretching he looked at the clock, letting memories flit through his mind. Seems his presence in this academy wasn't well received, the only reason the local bully boys left him alone was due to his father and their family, in any other case as a lecherous little bastard the boyfriends he had stolen girls from alone would have kept him in hospital indefinitely. Thinking on recent history Thomas blinked, the year was 324 ADD, a few centuries after the deep dive wars, a costly corporate war fought sometime in the mid second millennium, virtual reality had scoured life on the planet so much so ninety percent of earth was now virtual, or at least connected to the virtual net in some fashion.

Nobles, a faction he, Ashley, Ingrid and Ridley belonged to, were the puppet masters. Generally the families were like old style mafia families controlling various interests in the city. Ashley's father for example, was an entertainment mogul. If there was a concert going down or an event to be put off, that family handled it like kings. Ingrids family were bankers, the wealth of nations had their grubby fingerprints all over, Ingrid herself was a titled princess both virtually and in the real. Ridleys folks handled transportation, a small industry but had a strangle hold on imports and exports. As virtually as the world was, goods still had to go from point A to point B. As for Thomas, his great great grandfather pioneered the deep dive dungeon system, to the transmigrated Thomas it seemed an odd system that used deep diving adventurers to power real life machines that harvested deep earth or ocean resources.

Probably why the old bodies owner felt he could screw any student, his father was in essence the godfather of the various families, his family had fingers in every pie and simply relied on shared ownership to suck in money. The old Thomas felt entitled to anything he wanted cause his family sat on high above all. Oddly enough, as long as Ashley had held out, she was actually Thomas' original target, her being his fiancee after all, but despite family intentions she had refused over and over to unclench her legs for the lecherous young Master. What changed her mind, Thomas couldn't guess.

Now as he strode through the halls to the office he tuned out the information in his mind and focused on the hum of pods. In the distance he could hear other pods opening and arguements erupt. The academy trained nobles and commoners in one unified practice: dungeoneering. His family controlled the monopoly on the technology but it was a system open to anyone to further their own goals. The better a character did in a dungeon the better their earnings, but it wasn't easy, it took a certain mindset to traverse a death maze for profit and a death maze they were, unlike the simulation he just exited the real thing had high mortality rates, yes as his bodies prior inhabitant had learned, even a classroom dungeon could prove fatal to the unready and old Thomas was a playboy not the swordsman he had as a role, so go figure he tried flirting with a monster instead of fighting it.

Not that flirting would never work mind you, the AI was amazing and could simulate attractions well, a group could even gain a trump card npc by parlaying a monster into serving the group. It just depended on the monster, the person and their luck. In old Thomas' case, Amazon's hated men, old Thomas could only use his background to bully women and combined, his luck was shit. Little wonder a training monster killed his ass.

Turning the corner Thomas pulled up short, just beyond the door was the office but first he had to admire the secretary, ink black hair that hung to her waist, ivory skin that shone softly under the lights, her almond shaped eyes of the palest blue seemed to drown you and those small red lips that she now and then nibbled in thought. Thomas's eyes trailed lower to her thin, fit frame. She sat prim and proper at the desk but it was easy to see the blouse hugged her frame like a second skin and the tight skirt that hugged her hips fell just below her knees. In truth if Ingrid was the academy's princess, Ms. Li, was the schools undenied goddess.

Flashing a smile as he leaned on the edge of her desk, she looked at him and shook her head, "Thomas, Mr. Han is not happy, you've kept him waiting."

"Ah Ms. Li, I cannot help but make the principal wait, with such beauty before his door, who cannot stop to admire the scenery for a time or ten?"

Ms. Li gave a soft blush and shook her head, "Off with you, shameless, silly boy."

Chuckled he walked past and knocked on Mr. Han's door before entering, glancing to the fuming man Thomas smiled, "Ah no PTA rep today? Pity, that last one was stacked."

Mr. Han turned all new shades of angry red, the old Thomas had barged in once with one of the association reps vigorously riding the principle. For a woman in her thirties the old Thomas figured she had work done since her peaks flopped up and down like a pair of beach balls. He'd earned a week of toilet cleaning for cockblocking the man, especially when old Thomas had whipped out his own dragon and tempted the woman to go down on him after class.

Good times.

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