A Reincarnation Love Story: Courting the Queen with the Little Fairy!

A Reincarnation Love Story: Courting the Queen with the Little Fairy!


Fantasy Romance



She wasn't used to being a noble in human form, because she was once the fairy queen of the fairies in the forests.

Therefore, when fate listened to her wish, she was thrown into the life of a dying noble named Isabella T Deloria. The toxic life after her awakening forced her to assume a new identity that allowed her to live peacefully in a new country. As a stranger to the human's emotions, everyone treated her as a cold, indifferent woman. She didn't mind them for her mission was greater than to entertain shallow insults. 

Moving forward with goals in her mind, she met him, the man who always appear wherever she was.

Once again, she was thrown into a life of envy and conspiracies. However, she was no longer alone for Rafael D Ian was more than willing to do anything for her and so was she to him.

They strive to overcome human greediness and slowly spread humbleness to the world. 

While at the same time enjoying their amusing love life!

Update: weekly
warning: smut(probably mature content), amateur writer, mediocre English, cliche romance story (you decide)...

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Status: c2 1 day ago
giving you 5 stars cause you deserve it!

It may not be perfect but it has elements and taste. Characters are alive and the world has colors. Its an unpolished gem that just needs a few retouch and bwala!

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Also, this is a review swap. dont forget to add my novel too! xD Blood Type: Dragon

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Status: c5 5 days ago
It's quite an interesting book. I've definitely seen stories with similar premise of "emotionless person wanting to understand love" but this still feels fresh.
I liked the protagonist and her "little fairy" from the get-go and that is probably the best of the story so far. I'm really curious to see how things go from here. 
Overall, this is a book I'm willing to follow as it goes on. Keep it up, author!


Status: c3 1 week ago
[This is more or less an impression review as there are only three chapters up so far. I'd probably write another review when we have a whole bunch more]

It's a good start. It kept me engaged for the whole part.
From just these chapters, I don't know much about where the story is going but it has left enough of an impression on me to keep reading it.
I would recommend people who like fantasies, especially light fantasies, to try this one out.
Keep the updates coming, Author!

Chapter 1: Isa, the cold beautiful woman

They said she was a cold woman.

"Excuse me," she said monotonously before shifting her body to the right and slipped through the small opening between the door frame and the man who was standing at the door. When she got through, her head hung low, occupied by her smartphone. The man frowned at her impatience.

"Watch out!" the man warned, however, he was too late, the woman was already on the floor with her top drenched in cold Americano. He could only shake his head before he entered the lecture hall thinking that she deserved the repercussion. That should teach her how to take things slow.

The woman who was unlucky rose from her fall, glanced at the person whom she collided with and walked away, ignoring the other party who kept apologizing.

"How rude. Who is that woman?" the person who was ignored asked her friend who was standing beside her. The other party thought for a while before shaking her head.

"Never mind. We should just ignore indifferent and arrogant people like her," she smirked as she pulled her friend's hand. So, they left the scene unaware that the woman with a wet blouse had stopped on her track and was looking at their retreating figures. She looked at the coffee stain on her blouse and once again stared at the now empty hallway. Her deep black eyes wore the usual unemotional gaze. A minute had passed when she finally resumed her steps.

True. Their opinions about her were correct. She was indeed indifferent, emotionless and cold.

But, she couldn't help it. She was yet to learn things called emotion.


A notification popped up upon the sound. She took a glance at the screen of her phone and continued to move forward without sending a reply to the sender. Then, a call came through which she reluctantly answered.

"..." she said nothing.

"Young miss, I'm already outside the university gate," a nervous voice rang.

"I've told you not to call me that," she finally spoke.

"Sorry, I forget. Isa, I've arrived," the caller quickly changed the way of addressing her.

"Coming," she; the one called Isa hang up.

Outside the gate of the main entrance of University A, a woman in mid-twenties was standing outside a midnight silver metallic Tesla car. She wore casual attire with a white top and black pencil pants. She looked nervous as every five minutes, she would stare at the university's main entrance. This time around she was looking at the gate again. However, unlike before where a sigh would follow after, her eyes grew big.

'She's here! She's here!' she thought fearfully. Broadcasted into her pupils was a young woman walking towards her. Her tall slender body swayed like the way a model walk and with every step, her high ponytail dance along. She was a pretty lady with an oval face shape. Her almond-shaped eyes and her dainty nose matched perfectly with her natural pink shade lips. Her hourglass figure would be envied by most women.

She was a beautiful woman that made people looked twice. However, no one would dare to take a third look because of the uninviting and aloof gaze she possessed. People were afraid to stare into her eyes which were as cold as the coldest uninhabited place on Earth.

This woman was Isa. Isabella Tan.

"I-Isa, you're here," the woman stammered. She didn't dare to look into her eyes. Well, even if she wanted too, it would only tire her for the gap in their height was massive. Still, she stole a quick glance at her body and was shaken when she saw the big brown stain on her peach-colored blouse.

"Isa, your cloth!" she exclaimed. "Please use my shirt to cover it!" she said as she began to unbutton the top button of her shirt.

Isabella stared at the panicky woman in front of her and a small crease appeared on her forehead. "No need. We're going home," she said as she opened the door to the backseat of the car. When the woman saw her action, once again she cried out while taking over the car handle.

"I'm sorry! I'm sorry! I should have open the door for you," she bowed repeatedly which irritated Isabella.

"Dorota!" Isa called loudly. The woman who stood outside froze when she heard her name being called.

'Did I anger her? I must've done so. What to do? What to do!'' she screamed inside her head. She realized the slow head-turning of the woman who now sat at the backseat of the car. When she met her icy eyes, she felt that a death sentence was waiting for her.

"Drive!" her instruction was firm yet to Dorota it sounded like thunder. Her ears almost went deaf because of the deadly threat entailed in the one-word order. However, she knew that if she spoke another word or display another incompetence, her life would truly end. Either she abandoned her or she sent her back to her old hellish life. No matter how bad she treated her, it was still better compared to the two options. Furthermore, she believed that she could only be safe if she was near her. Even though it would mean to become her slave.

Dorota closed the rear passenger door and ran to the driver seat. She put on the seatbelt and turned the engine on. "I-Isa, how about we stop at a clothing store nearby?" she suggested after calming down. She recalled the reason she came to pick Isabella Tan earlier than she normally did. This evening, she had to meet a new client.

Isabella Tan closed her eyes, ignoring Dorota's suggestion.

Dorota swallowed a mouthful of saliva and gathered her strength to speak again.

"The meeting will be at 2 PM. The time we have is barely enough to reach the Serenity Valley Manor. If we return to the apartment, it would take an extra hour," she explained. She looked at the rearview mirror and swallowed anxiously when the eyes of Isabella was also staring at the mirror. Her stare was distant and disapproving.

Trembling, Dorota immediately said, "S-sorry. I'll drive home," she mustn't say anything else or it would only stir wrath from Isabella. So what if they come late to the meeting? She could come up with many excuses to cover for their lateness. After pacifying her chaotic mind, Dorota finally calmed down.

Exactly one hour on the road, they finally reached the most isolated apartment in the city. It was isolated for it was surrounded by the forest. However, the price wasn't cheap. This apartment was built to cater for people who loved nature and valued privacy more than anything else.

Once Dorota parked the car at the designated parking lot, Isabella stepped out of it and walked toward the elevator. Dorota ran past her so that she could take care of the hassle to press the buttons to reach their apartment.

She stood beside Isabella who was standing like a soldier yet still looked elegant. The stain on her blouse wasn't capable of taking away a bit of her beauty. If only she was approachable, Dorota was certain that her task as her servant would be easy. But, since the day she awakened a year ago, the cheerful Young Miss of the noblest family in Country Y was replaced by a cold beauty.

So cold that even the devils who planned to use her as a pawn fell on their knees begging for their life.

However, one day she suddenly wanted to disappear. So she disappeared, leaving her noble life and the country that was full of maddening conspiracies.

Since then, Isabella T Deloria dropped the single letter T which signified her noble identity, as well as her other name 'Deloria', assuming a new identity as Isabella Tan in Country A. Following her, was a famous surgeon who willingly became her servant.