Andrea wishes for David and Gea could meet at least even once, however when they finally meet she barely hide her disappointment seeing Gea already have someone beside her. Andrea fall in love with Gea at first sight, her heart, her behaviour, the way she treats her and others... it's really a complete package for future wife. She tried everything that she could think of to make David and Gea meet. She asked nothing anymore, if only Gea could be her son wife

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here story begins

Chapter 1: 1. Weekend = Lazy Days

'Yeay! It is Saturday. I don't have any appointments, do I ?'. Her mind was wandering, while she took her phone from the right side of her bed. Gea tried to call her assistant after seeing its screen show 8 o'clock already.

Tuut... tuuut....tuuut.

"Yes...yes. You don't have an appointment till Monday, you should go back to sleep!". Saiid the voice in the other line.

Gladly, she didn't have any appointments. She pulled up her quilt, covering all her body right up to the chest and sleep.

After she finished her brunch, Gea opened the door of her house. It's 11 o'clock already when she walked through the neighborhood to get some groceries for her movie nite.

Gea enjoys food as much as she enjoys walking. Food satisfies her hunger, while walking helps her arrange all of her mind and keep her sanity after dealing with all of the stories from patients who consulted with her.

'A whole new world, a new horizon to pursue...'

Gea reached her pocket to pick up her phone as 'Beauty and the Beast' song gently rang, to let her know that there's an incoming call.

"Gea 'speaking" she's answered without looking who's calling.

" hey, whats movie you plan to watch?" her assistant called, knowing that she'll spend her day off watching movies all alone tonight.

"I do not know, maybe watch some old movies again, why you asked?".

Gea calculated her mind knowing there's something behind this question, as her assistant rather spent her day off apart from her, coz they spent almost all weekday together.

"Nothing, just received an invitation for the movie premiere this evening sent to you by S Management".

S Management it's the company that almost all its Actors consulted with her.

"Just go with your boyfriend, it's my lazy days anyway," Gea answered with a happy voice indicated she had no problems spent her time all alone.

"It's your fave actor latest movie, are you sure ?"

Gea hesitated before saying " it's ok, just go with your boyfriend, I'll watch it later when it's available online or in CD".

Gea's assistant replied instantly " Thank you!!! bos, you're the best. I love you muach... muach".

Knowing Gea's love for movies and this time her fave actor as the leading role, but still, let her attend the event with her boyfriend, she knew, she can't thank enough.

"Just don't forget to start my Monday not too early as I am home now" Gea reminded her.

"Yes its done, your first consultation start at 10 o'clock". She glad she's already tied up Gea schedule for next week on last Friday.

Gea's office and apartment are in S city because most of her patient lives there, but she usually likes to spend most of her spare time in B city that usually takes a 2-hour drive by car and 45 minutes if you use the train from S city.

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