Ezlyn: The Vengeful Consort of Emperor Noah

Ezlyn: The Vengeful Consort of Emperor Noah

Renna_Amaris | Historical Romance


The story takes place in ancient kingdom and tribe system. Harika Dynesty is a kingdom made up of hundreds of tribe and more than cities, people here live in the form of tribes. Harika Dynesty's old emperor is killed by his personal guard and best friend who later admits in the court that the he committed the murder on crown prince, now the emperor, Noah's order. Ezlyn is a bold and independent girl. Raised by her righteous parents who're tribe head, she's the next tribe leader to be. When the old emperor suddenly dies and his son takes over the throne, rumours quickly spread that the crown prince killed his own father. She plans to investigate the matter but before that, their neighbouring tribe, which openly announced rebellion against the new king, completely disappears. No one but Ezlyn knows that the whole tribe was killed, burned and buried in the dark of night by royal soldiers. She was too late to save them. In her hatred she swore on her tribal blood to avenge the innocent people especially women and kids. She gets the chance when emperor Noah looks out for a lot of concubines to strengthen his power and being from one of the strongest tribes, she enters his harem. There's a handsome man who secretly tries to locate the emperor and saves two of his royal guests in return doing a favor to the emperor. No one but Ezlyn's father knows that the handsome youth is his daughter Ezlyn herself.

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here story begins

Chapter 1: Emperor's Murder

Around few minutes before twelve at night, the imperial palace was submerged in silence. Everyone had gone to sleep and imperial guards were moving around the palace in high alert. In the most dazzling quarters of the palace, emperor Dian was drinking with his royal guard as usual. It was a routine from years. Every night, his highness would have some drinks with the royal guard aka his best friend, in an attempt to loosen up a little and do some chit chat. Today was no different.

Royal guard, Adam, poured his highness another drink with a respectful bow as the emperor talked about palace conspiracies.

"It'ssss getting more and more difficult to survivvve in my own palace.... If not for you, my friend, I can't even sleep comfortably, dreading that someone will barge in to take over the throne."

While talking, he stretched his hand with glass towards Adam to be refilled which Adam did respectfully.

"I'm worried about Noah. That poor child has a lot to learn and I'm afraid he'll have to take over the throne sooner. I'm getting tired now. And he's unn...lucky too, he is born a crown prince.. a kind hearted one at..... that."

The emperor's voice very slightly slurred at few words. He was starting to get drunk and instead of drowning himself in alcohol, he chose to go to bed.

"I should go to bed now." the emperor spoke clearly and then smiled at Adam in a childish manner as if he was happy.

"You've been so good today... you didn't tell me to stop after two drinks... go good work" he gestured with both his thumbs up to appreciate him. That's how he would behave around his childhood friend, just a childish one, fulfilling his childhood wishes secretly. "Remind me to award you tomorrow... okkay?"

he smiled before going up to bed when Adam softly murmured.

"I don't need a separate reward your highness. The one you're giving is already precious enough." Emperor halted his steps and turned back in confusion, he was more drunk now as his body swayed left and right.

"which precious reward?" he asked in confusion.

Adam smirked as he devilishly stated.

"Your death, Your Highness, is the biggest award for me."

Running footsteps echoed in the hall as emperor Dian unbelievably stared at his best friend. His statement just now hit him like a thunder and he asked again in a slurred tone,

"Wha..tt did y..ou ss...saayy?"

Adam didn't reply as he kept looking at him with cold eyes. His expressions suddenly changed from an obedient, respectful guard to a hater's. His eyes were soo cold and he emitted such a dangerous aura that the emperor felt a shiver run down his spine. Suddenly he felt an immense pain in the left side of his body. Starting from a little below his chest, the electric pain moved up his shoulder and spread towards his neck, left arm and backbone. He suddenly clutched his left side in bewilderment and looked at Adam in shock.

Outside in the hall, the running footsteps reached his chamber and someone knocked on the heavy wooden door with both hands.

"Father... are you in there? Please open the door. Hurry up father please open the door your life is in danger."

The said person shouted at his lungs while continuously beating the door with both hands. His voice was filled with desperation and panic. While knocking he turned around to shout at his guards tailing behind.

"Hurry up you rascals.. open the damn door."

He then turned towards the door again and shouted

"Father, please hold in there, we're coming. Father please be okay.... I told you uncl.... that damned Adam is cooking up some conspiracy. Please father.... hang in there."

He was continuously shouting while guards were attacking at the door with a wood log to break it. Outside in the garden, many guards were trying to climb up the balcony to enter the room and open the door as well.

Despite all this nuisance, Adam stood tall at his place while shooting daggers at the emperor with his eyes and a satisfied smirk adorned his lips. The emperor was no longer able to speak or see as blood oozed from his eyes, mouth and nose. He fell on the ground convulsing when Adam walked to him in slow steps and sat down near him. He then reached out his hand to grasp the emperor's half silvery hair and brought his mouth near his ears.

Whatever he said, it seemed that the emperor wanted to oppose strongly but his left side went completely numb. Soon, blood sprang out from his ears as well and just when the emperor's head hit the ground, the chamber's door broke and fell on the ground as well. A lot of guards and people entered the room at once and pointed their swords at him.

Adam stood up unfazed with a smile as he walked a little forward to sit in the middle of the room on floor with his knees folded and bowed while placing his arms on the floor ahead. He then greeted the crown prince standing there with his sword.

"Hail to the new emperor of Harika Empire."

All this while, the devilish smirk never left his lips as everyone stood there dazed.

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