System Deity

System Deity





SYSTEM Deity, a new invented modern gadget that helps humans to breakthrough their limiters.

Our protagonist Yman Talisman was a young man, 17 years old and an orphan. After he finds out that he has a Hollow Cell symptom, he rejoiced. Now there was a way for him to cure his ill sister. But on the day of evaluation exams, because of an incident, he was late and only manage to get the weakest magic skill among the rest. How can he fought monster to monster when his magic was the weakest and no use for fighting. No group wanted to let him joined them. In order to cure his sister, he has no choices but to fight monsters alone.

Yman delves into adventures while uncovering the secrets about the world.

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Chapter 1: Prologue



Ack! cries of a monster.

Tsk, Tsk! This wooden sword really does a little damage. Currently, the monster health points were 99/100. My attacked can only deal 1 damage to them. Even though I did my all to kill the monster [Pale Toad], my damage wasn't enough. This monster supposed to be level 1 only. But, why so hard to kill it? While my peers can easily eliminate the damnable monsters.

If I can't even kill this level 1 monster, how am I supposed to become a strong Seekers? I needed to earn money. My sister was sick, and I needed to pay my tuition at the Academy. Right now, all my peer's already level 2 and above. While I'm stuck at level 1. What a shame. No, I don't really care about shame. The most important to me was to earn money, so I can buy medicines for my sister.

If only I have an attack skill. But too bad, I only have a self-healing magic. This magic can't even be used to aid my sister. And no one wanted me to their party because my skill can't be of help to their group.


The [Pale Toad] flung its 1meter tongue towards me. I jumped to the side on my right to avoid. After I successfully avoided the attack, I slashed the toad as many times as I could.







I repeatedly flung my wooden sword at the monster's body. Currently, I was at the pond fighting the [Pale Toad]. This pond was outside a town. Now the current toad health was [_96/100_]HP.

My brows wrinkled a bit. And I felt my breathing was out of order already. Today was weekends so we don't have classes. Many freshmen students like me were busy leveling outside the town.

About three and a half-century ago, the whole world suffers widespread destructions: rains of meteors from the sky, tsunamis on the sea and high-intensity earthquakes on land. But these three calamities were not just the reasons for world destruction. One week had passed, humanity thought that the calamities were ended. But before they could grief upon the loss of their properties and especially their loved ones, another tragedy had suddenly appeared out of thin airs.

The thick mist suddenly appeared, from these mist grotesque and vicious-looking creatures came rushing to feeds on humanity. Once again, humans have drowned on sorrows and despair. At night only cries and howls could be heard. Modern weapons were useless against them.

Many days have passed, the human population already dropped to 1/3. But, their suffering was far from ended. Even though nothing had resolved yet, with all the calamities that have happened, a new crisis begun to bud.


Humanity was pushed to the brink. A new kind of widespread disease suddenly appeared. It kills millions of human in just a month. No one comprehended the cause of the pandemic. Not even experts discovered the cause. Mostly the cause of deaths was because of Cell Deficiency.

Many years have passed since the calamity. The monsters from the mist still causing havoc to humans. The pandemic steadily spreading. When humanity was about to give up a ray of hope finally brimmed.

A Filipino specialist doctor accidentally discovered a foreign cell inside a patient's body. The doctor was known as Dr. Eman Pablo. He said, "the cell was exceedingly vague, almost invisible from microscopic equipment. This cell exudes a negative kind of energy. This energy causes damages to other cells in a person's body."

Thereafter, many experts began to search for a way to stabilize the foreign cell. Later on, they called the cell as Hollow Cell.

10years have passed, a researcher from the UN known as Prof Mana Gram also discovered positive energy from fallen meteorites. After many years of research, they finally found a way to stabilize the Hollow Cell. Through resonance with the positive energy from fallen meteorites. They later named the meteorites as Gram Metal.

With the resonance of the two opposite energies, the Hollow Cell finally stopped in destroying other cells. But before they've rejoiced, later on, they discovered that the patient still in undue harm. The two energies were too strong for the human body. Therefore, another comprehensive research was established.

Finally, after many years of research, they finally succeeded in curing the pandemic. They invented a gadget that could break the limiter of the human's bodies. Only by breaking humans limiter that the patient could handle the energy from Hollow Cells and Gram Metal.

With the help of the new gadget, everyone with the symptoms of Hallow Cells could level up their bodies and become stronger. Every level up was equated to a 1% breakthrough to their limiter. Now, the gadget was known as System Diety.

Not just humanity stopped the pandemic, they also now have the means to fight back the monsters.

Three and a half centuries have passed after world destruction. Numerous things have changed. One of the biggest changes was world geography. From big to a small country, the Philippines was one of them. If before, the Philippines looks like a granny, now it looks like an egg! No more Mindanao, Luzon or Visayas. Now it's Upper Region(Luzon), Middle Region(Visayas) and Lower Region(Mindanao).

On the outskirt of a small town from the Middle Region of the Philippines, a young man was currently fighting a monster.

This young man was known as Yman Talisman. Almost 2hours now since he fought the level 1 monster known as [Pale Toad].

As of now he rapidly flung his wooden sword in his hand to the monster toad at the front.







No matter how hard I flung my sword the damages were still 1. Since the wooden sword have a +6 attack and my base attack was 5, did it means that toad has 10 defense? Wasn't it high for a level 1 monster?