Destined to be the Emperor's Concubine

Destined to be the Emperor's Concubine

Littlepunnie | Historical Romance


Xiciu Kingdom had taken the highest reign of Huxia Continent, the other brother kingdoms of Xiciu have compromised to be supressed by Emperor Gu Xixi, who was a prodigy at birth. In order to maintain the balance of the Huxia Continent, the officials had come to commence about having a contest. But instead of maintaining the balance of the continent, it was set to chaos.Miao Loufeng as a spy from Koi Kingdom, have joined the contest herself. Will her journey be as steady as a lake? Or as turbulent as the sea? -----

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here story begins


It was a gloomy freezing night in the Xiciu Kingdom. The place looked black and white like a celluloid strip. 

White snowflakes were falling slowly from the dark blue sky. Every corner had big stack masses of snow, the pathways were covered with frozen water which made the ground slippery to behold. 

"Heiyahh!" The loud rumbling sound of the horse's hooves was heard. 

It was from a carriage with blue faded paint, it had holes on its upper part and was carried by two dark horses.  The rider was covered with a black shawl but his cheeks were exposed, warm foggy air came out to his mouth as he breathed. He had a deep scar on left his lower cheek , red dew on both of his cheeks indicates that the surrounding was freezing. 

"Misterr!! Please let us out!"

" My father will behead you if he sees you!" 

The ladies blurted with a panicked voice! The ladies' hands and feet were tied up with a rough rope , their dresses were soiled with dirt and drenched in sweat.

Heavy gasps and irregular breathing are loudly heard due to the cold temperature . They were grouped in the centre, while there was a lady who was sitting opposite to them. Her mouth was covered with a thick strip of cloth. 

The girl opposite to them had a teary almond-shaped green deep eyes, too deep that anybody could fall for it if they stared at it for a while. Having her long silky jet black colored hair enhanced her porcelain skin and small defined face. 


The carriage stopped in an instance, there were stomping heard outside the carriage that made the ladies inside it trembled in fear.  

'God please help me... Wong You, save me,' the girl in the opposite corner prayed in her heart shaking with fear while her tears were slowly falling on her chin to her sweat-drenched dress. 


The tilted door opened.

The man pulled a girl near the door! It was the girl with green eyes. He dragged her in his sturdy arms harshly that made all girls panic, the shouted for help immediately with lungs out. 

"What is he going to do with us?" Many started to cry.


The man with a scar dragged her inside a room with her eyes covered with black cloth and her hands tied. 

" Your majesty, I brought you a young lady this time..." The man with scar offered the girl to a man, nervously making a 90-degree bow while staring at the exquisite tiles of the floor, he didn't dare to look at the man's eyes.

" Go..." The man told the scared man with a husky voice.

He took off the cloth covering the girl's eyes. She slowly opened her eyes and a tall muscular man fed her green deep eyes, the man with black colored fox eyes were staring at her with a lustful gaze! His shoulder was wide and a part of his collar bone was shown, he was just wearing his inner white garments. It was not thick enough to cover his eight pack abs.

That truly was a magnificent view to feed a girl's eyes.  

While she was sitting on the floor fear chickened, the man with fox eyes bent down, she subconsciously stared at him from fear with an upward head. Their faces were too close to each other that made her speechless. His nose was tall and she could clearly see his long eyelashes!

She lowered her gaze to his seductive lips. It was as red as rose. She made a big gulped that even the man in front of her heard it!

He smiled flirtatiously and reached her face with his big slender hands. In this state, the girl felt a shock that made her back perked up to her senses.

"You hooligan...!"  She uttered abruptly and slapped the man in front of her. However, he blocked it with his right hand and locked his red lips to hers.

He aggressively kissed her left and right, he priped the girl's mouth open and searched for her sweet tongue.

He closed his fox eyes but she bit his lips..

Red sticky liquid drooled over his lips and his lustful gaze turned into a cold one. 

He wiped his mouth with his bare hands but some blood dirtied his white inner robes then looked at the lady in front of her. 

"How dare you...! A lowly lass bit the lips of an emperor?" A cold kingly aura echoed throughout the room that caused her spine to shiver.  

'What emperor?... Who's the emperor? Don't tell me this hooligan is the emperor!?' She said to her inner self and her eyeballs even popped out for what she had heard!  

She cast her eyes left and right, she noticed that the room was not ordinary! Such luxurious furniture embedded the room with sun-like colored light.

There were expensive paintings hung on the wall, jade vases full of purple tulip flowers that gave off a radiant fresh feeling. Till her little look around was disturb by a deep husky voice beside her left ear.

'Stupid!!! I am so stupid to wander off while I'm in a serious situation!' She told to her inner self while gritting her teeth. 

"Wondering around little lass?..." That deep husky voice lingered to her ears that it made her flush in red like a ripe tomato! 

She did not notice that the man came nearer than ever! He was about to glue his lips to hers, till...


Somebody knocked the door so hard that it appeared to be in a hurry , as the door open , a young fair eunuch was behind the door all this time. He was about 10 to 12 years old , with good build . His hair was tied up with a hand carved pin. He was wearing a green outer robe and white inner one. His shoes are a bit funny to look at , it was just like a dwarf's shoes.

She pushed the man in front of her away as hard as she can . He stumbled due to the force exerted by the little lass in front of him but he used his qing qong to avoid his body from falling.

" Sorry for the intrusion your highness Emperor Gu Xixi , but Empress Reng Chu has arrived " he announced as he kowtowed , kneeling on the floor while his drops of sweat are dripping tardily on his forehead.

Emperor Gu Xixi's perfect face contorted when his ears digested those words given by the eunuch.

He snapped his slender fingers and the eunuch scram out the room , three servants are now inside his room holding a new set of light purple coloured clothing with an exquisite embroidery and a set of dragon hair ornaments.

" By the way what is your name little lass?"

He asked the little girl whose hair is a mess. Some hair strips are now all over her face and her hair pin got slanted to the left. Her green deep eyes are surrounded with black circles.

" Loufeng..." Loufeng meekly responded while her head was facing the floor.

Her body was swaying when she wanted to stand up , her world seems spinning around and its making her naseous. She slowly closed her green deep eyes while holding her forehead by her right hand and while supporting her body weight by leaning on the wall. After a few seconds . She fainted..

In a blink of an eye Emperor Gu Xixi reached towards the girl and did not mind about her dirty clothes and filthy smell. He carried her like a princess.

' She's so light ..'

His seductive red lips formed an arch and think again. ' Right , she is a lady..' He asked the servants to prepare a bath for her when she wake up.

He change his clothes behind the foldable wooden platform while his servants are helping him with his long hair. His hair was braided in an intricate pattern from flowing fishes and buns.

He is now wearing a set of new clothes in light purple shades .


" This servant greets Empress Reng Chu " a servant who brought some rice tea and porridge greeted the Empress as she saw her in the hall walking gracefully and taking her time walking and watching the white snowflakes slowly falling from the sky.

Empress Reng Chu nodded and did not even gave back a smile towards the servant. She is wearing a red coloured robes with Phoenix imprints , her slender body matches the color of her robes.

Her jade-like skin reflects the moon light whenever it reaches her creating an ethereal image. She have this brown-black hair with curls at its very end.

" What time is it?" Her soothing voice embedded the servants ears. Her voice was soft like a cello yet as cold as the freezing temperature of the Kingdom.

" This servant answers her highness , it is already two in the morning your highness..." The servant stopped talking when she heard the heavy footsteps from the corridor. The servant's eyes and hers are now fixed on one direction.

" Xiao'ai.." Emperor Gu Xixi aforesaid with a husky voice.

" Do not call me Xiao'ai..." Empress Reng Chu's gentle facade faded when she spoke these words emotionlessly. She swayed her sleeves and turned her back against him. She is still looking at the falling small dots of snow.

The servant started walking when Emperor Gu Xixi gave his approval.

Emperor Gu Xixi toke off his outer robe and directed towards Empress Reng Chu. He placed his light coloured purple robe towards the shoulder of Empress Reng Chu. She did not make any unusual face when he gave his robe to her , but instead she started walking back to her courtyard.

The corridors were lighten up with lanterns , though she was brighten with these lanterns , in his eyes she is slowly disappearing and making her way out of the embrace of his heart.

He was left unheard , alone in the cold . His head looked up in the sky and muttered..

" When will my dear Reng Chu , love me the way she does in past?"

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