"Hey, let's get married" she said all of a sudden to a stranger whom she met 15 minutes ago... The stranger stared at her in disbelief as he didn't know what to say.. But she continued her 'serious' talk as she said "You see,I'm a big fish as in one in a million.You will never meet a girl like this beautiful goddess sitting in front of you.I am young,hot and ofcourse I earn a lot.So you can even quit your job and be a house husband.I'll feed you and never abandon you.Isn't it a jackpot to have this goddess?" The man was dumbstruck as he had never seen such a bold girl but he quite liked it as he said "Why me?" "Because I urgently need a husband and you look pleasing to my pretty eyes...So,let's get married?" she explained calmly and gave him her signature smile. His heart skipped a beat as he gave in to her and said "Yes,my pleasure!" Tang Li, 26 years old,the unique beauty with breathtaking black long hair and hazel eyes.Her name is mentioned in every magazine and every news channels as a legend but noone has seen her yet..They say she is hideous or maybe old..but is she?Hehe..No,but she is a mystery! Mo Yuhan,28 years old,the hot and happening CEO of Mo Empires and the most eligible bachelor in the country..Cold?No,he is an iceberg mountain... But what happens when Miss Mystery proposes Mr.Ceo...?

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here story begins

Chapter 1: Am I a pervert? No,this man is a shark!

Sometimes life takes us to that place which is our destination or shall I say to there where we belong. Isn't it magical? Yes,it is!

Slow breeze was passing by.The sky was clear but the weather was bit cozy.The tranquil sound of waves setting one's heart at ease. And there she was, sitting at seashore, all alone and lost somewhere in her own thoughts.

She was wondering about her life. Despite all her achievements, she was feeling as if her life was like a puzzle missing a piece. A piece which completes it. Is there any destination to where she can belong to? Is there a place in the whole world she can call home ?

All these questions kept running in her mind but despite all her attempts she can't answer them.

Tang Li, a business tycoon who ruled the business world from the age of 17 years and now she was 26. Yet, there was not a single person who can compete with her in business. Well, except for one ! But both their companies were not competitors anyway so she won't mind it. Both their companies have never invaded each other's kingdom. They always remained neutral with each other. As they knew it, if one were to challenge the other then both the parties will suffer losses. They were like phoenix and dragon. Each strong in their own ways. And she really looks upto that person. That person is none other than the CEO of Mo Empires. She has never seen him before but she admires such strong personalities who never waver.

Shrugging it off, she suddenly wished to have a blissful life where she will be looking forward to a home, to a place where she can attain her happiness...

Suddenly, her thoughts were interrupted when her phone started ringing.She checks it and it is her grandfather. The person whom she was ignoring. Then, suddenly she snickers and puts her phone down "Hehe, how delusional you are.There is no such bliss in this world." She laughs at herself.

Her grandfather calls her again and this time she received it.

"Hello" she said.

"Where are you, Kara? Are you still angry on me?" asked her grandfather.

"No, why should I be?" she said in a calm voice.

"See sweetheart. You know this old man loves you so much. I am not getting any younger. And before I die, I just want to rest assured that you are living a happy life." explained the old man because he knew this time his chubby little baby girl is really angry .

"I know you care about me but don't ever repeat what you did today. The thought of losing you scares me. I can't live without you," she replied.

Yes, today she fought with her grandfather.That old man asked her to get married but when she denied.He practically pointed a knife at his throat saying that he doesn't wants to live anymore. She nearly lost her mind at the thought of losing him so she agreed that when she meets the right one, she will marry him without a second thought. Only then did the old man calmed down. He actually wasn't going to kill himself but he knew his granddaughter's weakness. He knew how much she loves him and he used it as a trump card which worked.

But after that, Tang Li left the villa angrily.

"Sorry, I know it was my fault today. You know what, actually, I don't want you to get married."

Tang Li frowned hearing this but she didn't interrupt him waiting for him to continue.

"You are my precious treasure. You are one in a million. No man deserves you, my dear. You are a big catch for any man or their family. Humph! I don't want to hand you over to any damned brat. I want to dote on you like I always do. But this old man is getting older." he sighed and then continued "I want you to find your happiness before I leave this world"

"Grandpa, you are not allowed to leave me. I didn't permit you for that," Her eyes glistened as she said domineeringly and then with a soft voice she added "You know how much I love you right?"

Her grandpa's voice bloomed with laughter as he said "Such a domineering little girl I got. You don't even allow me to die. This old man loves you much more. Don't let any ugly brat take you away from me. No need to get married. No rascal deserves my grand daughter," He sighed. "Come to meet me soon okay. "

After he hung up , Tang Li smiled .She knew how much her grandpa loves her ever since she was a kid. She also new how much he wants her to get married.

Laughing at the thought of marriage,she said "There are millions of fishes in the sea, grandpa. This granddaughter of yours wants the most beautiful one." Then she added in a determined tone "Huh, don't worry grandpa .I will give what you want and the most beautiful one at that .You know what, actually this goddess will be married to one man and keep some concubines too.You know, to keep myself entertained ."

She giggled at the thought of it.One man feeding her grapes, another fanning her and one more massaging her legs.

''Ahh...That will be perfect right..." She said giggling but her dreamy thoughts were interrupted by a man's boisterous laughing.

She turned around and found a man laughing at her with one hand supporting his tummy.

'He's quite good looking. Nice eyebrows, attractive jaws. Nice fish but not my type.' she thought.

But her thoughts were interrupted when she noticed another presence.There she saw another man wearing a black shirt and grey pants.

Her eyes met with him and both their hearts skipped a beat as if there was something magical. Some strange familiar feelings stirred inside both of them.

Putting her thoughts aside, she put her focus on him. He has such good shaped eyebrows and the perfect jawlines, blue coloured deep eyes, one would just drown in it.Thin and sexy lips, how she wished to lick it, kiss it and bite it. She never felt like this. Ahh, okay only once but that was her childhood crush. She doesn't even remembers that face clearly as it has been years.

Then, she noticed his chiseled body and broad chest which was a little bit visible. She literally wanted to roam her fingers there.

'Ahh...Am I a pervert? Since when? Well, not my fault. This man is a shark!' she thought.

She was so busy that she didn't noticed how the well known iceberg was warmly smiling at her. Anyone who saw this will be shocked to the core.

Mo Yuhan...THE MO YUHAN, the CEO of Mo Empires was staring and smiling at a girl..He was here for a meeting with the investors at the beach side Ross Resort. But when the meeting was going on, something caught his attention. He turned around and from transparent huge glass window, he saw a lonely figure sitting by herself. She was wearing a sleeveless little black dress which was hugging her curves perfectly making her appear sexier than ever. Her long wavy black hair were reaching her waist. He was mesmerized by that beautiful view. He wanted more. He wanted to look more at her and to know the reason she was so attractive to him.

The investors and his secretary were utterly confused that why President Mo is appearing to be distracted.

Seeing this, Secretary Liu Jiang approached him and asked "President, the investors are waiting."

But without blinking twice, Mo Yuhan replied "Meeting dismissed."

Everyone present there were shocked but they can't question this man's decision as he was a god to them, simply unapproachable.

Huh, who dares to ask that why such an important meeting is dismissed? If President Mo dismissed this meeting, there must be a life and death situation.

They always regarded him as person who is way above their leagues. Mo Yuhan is 28 years old but his achievements are completely amazing and exceptional. Everyone admired him and regarded him as the god of business.

Without wasting time, he walked towards the girl who caused his breathe to hitch for a second followed by his secretary. He never allowed Mo Yuhan to go anywhere alone.

But when they arrived there, they heard her talking to someone and saying that she doesn't allows him to die as she loves him.

That sentence stirred something inside Mo Yuhan's heart.

'Such a domineering girl' he thought.

'The guy must be the luckiest one' he added in his mind.

But Tang Li's phone was on speaker and kept on the ground so they obviously listened how much her grandfather doted on her and Mo Yuhan released a breathe that even he didn't know that he was holding in.

Actually, there was one more thing which confused him. He found Tang Li's grandfather voice quiet familiar. But he couldn't pinpoint where has he heard the voice so he decided to avoid it.

When their conversation was over, he was going to approach her with his secretary.But suddenly they saw how she giggled to herself and Mo Yuhan paused in his tracks.

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