Quick Transmigration: Counterattack Begins!

Quick Transmigration: Counterattack Begins!

YueYe | Fantasy Romance


After dying in an accident to save her twin little brother, Qin Yue makes a deal with a counterattack system and gets bound to it to complete tasks to save her brother who was in a coma. Traveling through different time and space, going through many life and death situations, meeting different types of people, learning new things, experiencing all sorts of thrilling plots. She still looked forward and trod on the path filled with many obstacles just to save her dear brother. "Even if I have to go through the 18th levels of hell, I will make the god of hell bow down to me just to save my Ah Xin!" **** Disclaimer: The cover isn't mine. The full credit goes to the original artist.

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here story begins

Chapter 1: Important notification

Hello everyone, it's YueYe. It's been a while. I hope you all are safe and sound. Today I would like to notify you that I will be deleting this novel and rewriting it into another story of quick transmigration. I will do my best to finish the novel and not let it dropped in the middle. Many might be discontent of this but I hope you can understand me and still support me. Thank you!

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