After being framed and raped...Fiza Yaqub, daughter of a famous lawyer Wazib Yaqub, came back from jail after 3 years. Now, She is a slut who slept with three men to the world. She was depressed. She was fighting with her mental illness, with her dark future.... When she found someone who started to fall for her eventually. Suddenly, she saw on the news that one of her rapists has been killed... She eventually thought that father hates her...But actually he was the one always by her side.

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here story begins

Chapter 1: 1. Back from JAIL...

"Watch how the royal families daughters enjoy their night with boys(with video)"

"Country's topmost lawyer's daughter got into sex scandal: Hoax or not!"

"Those three boys proved to be innocent"

"These types of girls are demolishing our society"



3 years later



(One morning)

-sis, sis...sis wake up....

Fiza opens her eyes. She was sweating very badly.

-Sis are you okay??


-You were crying a moment ago...

Fiza looks at her cousin with question marked eyes.

-Grandpa said there will be a family meeting with you.I am leaving your breakfast here, quickly come down...

Fiza gets up slowly. It's been 3 months since she came back from jail. Still, her muscles are not strong enough to walk quickly. She slowly gets up, puts on her dress and makes steps for the dining hall.

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