My Isekai cheat engine story

My Isekai cheat engine story

SplitEric | Fantasy


Most of the time you become a hero after you die, you acquire some sort of cheat ability how typical huh well I stumbled upon a cheat engine! weekly releases any more is just extra I hope you guys enjoy!

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here story begins

Chapter 1: the Accident

the day started out like any other day got up did my normal morning routine same as everyone else pretty much pain little extra attention to my teeth.

Woke my daughter up for school kiss my wife goodbye and headed into work for a fun day of making programs.

I pull in to MassiveHard get out of my car and walk inside.

Ann, The receptionist greets me in her usual uncaring monotone voice. "Hi Lee" yeah she looks how you would expect, Dark bobbed neck length hair, alabaster skin as if the sun doesn't exist where she lives.

She's wearing a red sweater, and a black skirt. "Hey Ann!" I reply, "You know you can call me Phil" as I walk by her desk "Have a great day Lee" She says blankly as if ignoring my earlier statement.

"I wonder who took her soul." I say under my breath and head towards the elevator where I jab the button to call it.

I step on hit 13 button and enjoy bitching elevator tunes on my way up I think sarcastically.

I step off the elevator and make a bee line towards my desk to avoid socializing. Today felt off.

So I just wanted to get work done with today and go home to my wife and kid.

Going into autopilot until the end of the day. I managed to get home without to many social interactions.

I walked up to my car, as I got close I noticed the milk delivery truck, Slowly driving by.

Haha that mustache I thought to myself.

I jumped in my car and headed home. I got home, where Sarah sat waiting patiently for me to take her to practice.

I scoop my baby up and and hug her tightly giving her way to many kisses. I know this because she told me. We headed out.

After practice, I stopped and picked up dinner letting my wife know So she wouldn't feel obligated to cook.

While eating, my wife talked about her day at work, and my daughter did the same about her upcoming recital.

My wife and daughter went to clean up dishes while I finished eating to much into a daze for the day.

As I was scooping up the last of the peas and carrots.

My kitchen wall exploded! Raining drywall and wood all over the kitchen. I was shocked I went to get up from my seat to check on my wife and kid.

That's when I noticed I couldn't move as drywall dust cleared, I felt a pain so excruciating, My whole body violently convulsed as the thing pinning me slowly released it's pressure on me.

My family screaming as I crumple to the ground.

The last thing I remember seeing is that damn mustache slowly receding from my destroyed kitchen wall.

As my vision faded to darkness I hear my wife laughing manically.

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