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Something had been missing for awhile. Doren was just unsure what it was. When his father decides to leave, he does the same in an effort to find what is missing and what he wants in life. To be the strongest warrior on the planet is what he wanted. And to do that he needs to unlock his social gift, one step at a time. To do so, he follows Meko and Katrina. Along the way, he learns different elements and techniques in battle. Losing some battles is just the beginning to becoming the strongest. Fighting for his life and to protect his new companions, he will go to great depths. Follow Doren and learn all there is to know about the Powerhart.

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Chapter 1: 1. The Beginning

Destiny is, and always has been, a touchy subject. Were we actually put here for reasons or just by coincidence. I guess that is a thing only we can decide.

He was born to a wealthy family from Bero-Op, Etern. They had been researching the Powerhart and what they could do to attain it. Never once was it an obsession, not until Sophron joined.

The age of 13, Sophron had met an old man who was born with the Powerhart. He was told of the conquering obstacles the old man was faced with. His loyalty to the king. The heartache his power had bestowed on his life. Many reasons as to why the old man ended up on the streets.

"I could have used my power to attain wealth," the old man said, "but would it allow me to live as happy as I am now? Not in a million years. I am satisfied with my life, and that's all I need."

From that day on, Sophron was obsessed with finding out how to attain this gift. Traveling far and wide, all over the planet, he never was able to truly figure out how to grasp this power.

With his own personal collection of research, he settled down in a village called Fahial on the outskirts of Xanzaba River when he was 18. Another wealthy family of aristocrats ruled over the village. Their daughter, Jeslyn Everheart, took interest in Sophron's ramblings.

"What happens when you finally get to have a Powerhart?" Jeslyn asked, watching him flip through his books.

Hearing the question, he looked at her. "Honestly," he began, "I have no idea. Maybe become a warrior." he flexed his thin arms. "Or a thief and take what I want." he covered his face with his sleeve and hid behind her. "Or, or, maybe a pirate. Sail the seas and conquer lands." he jumped on a rock and put one of his fist to the palm of his other hand. "I don't really care what I'll do with it. I just want it." he stated nervously laughing.

She didn't know the reason, but something told her to help him. From that day on, they couldn't be separated. Traveling all around Etern, the two of them grew closer together. When they returned to their little cottage in Fahial, the Everheart family took Jeslyn away from Sophron. She had a prearranged marriage with the eldest of another wealthy family out of Garanba.

Sophron wasn't about to let anything happen to her.

On the way to Garanba, the Everheart family sent three guards with Jeslyn. In the dead of the night, Sophron killed all three and took Jeslyn with him. They both fled Fahial, bypassed Garanba, and finally settled down in Theedres, on the other side of Etern. However, all of Sophron's research remained in Fahial.

Jeslyn was worried that Sophron would never be able to reach his dream. When she voiced her concerns, he simply turned to her with a smile and said, "Are you kidding? it was only five years worth. Now I get to do five hundred more years with you by my side."

The two ended up marrying two years later under the new name of Mercer. In those two years, the only new fact they learned was that the Powerhart was completely random and could not be inherited after birth.

"So," Jeslyn began, "could it be given to a baby in the womb?"

Sophron stopped what he was doing and turned to his wife. "You know," he began walking to a small stack of papers, "I could not tell you, but I also can't tell you how to give an unborn baby this gift. It is possible though."

With that being said, a year later, their first son was born. Damurah was his name. Born of fire, but not of the Powerhart, Sophron noted what had happened throughout all of Jeslyn's pregnancy.

Nine months later, their second son was born. Once again, not with a Powerhart, but the power of energy. With two babies being born this close together Jeslyn asked Sophron to wait before they tried again. She wanted his dreams to come true, but the toll it took on her body was immense.

Three years later, it finally happened. It was Triplets this time. One boy and two girls. They were all born with incredible power. The boy, Doren was the one born with the Powerhart. Damia was born with Natent abilities and Didrika was born with Hument abilities.

Doren was the prize of this pregnancy. With his power, Sophron could do whatever he wanted.

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