Encounters~ Skilled Jewel Empress x Nation's Spoiled Prince

Encounters~ Skilled Jewel Empress x Nation's Spoiled Prince


Contemporary Romance



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"Come at me with all your might. I will silence your cries at the expanse of night."

Sara James~ 23-year-old CEO, filthy rich, capable, arrogant, elegant, sharp and deadly dangerous!
Riley Brown~ 25- year-old, charismatic, wild natured, cool, carefree and the nation's prince!
She has a secret covering 7 years of her life.
He... is rather mysterious when it comes to dealing with life! They were not meant to be. But 'ENCOUNTERS' do happen!

"As a lady, have you ever chased a guy, so passionately and so romantically before?" she spoke as she twirled in front of the camera like a professional vlogger.
He amusedly tossed the camera away. It landed quietly on the velvet sofa. Then, with one swift movement, he lifted her and made her seat on the kitchen counter. 
He had his arms hooked tight around her waist. He slowly leaned closer and she closed her eyes in anticipation. But, instead of a kiss, she heard a hoarse whisper right beside her ear, "As a lady, have you been desired so much by a man before?"
Hearing his suggestive word, she blushed. Then, she prodded her forefinger and jabbed his chest in an attempt to push him away, "Mr. Brown, isn't it going out of the script?"
Saying so, she jumped down but was held back and pushed into a corner. He aimed at her lips, nibbling them gently, "Mrs. Brown, don't you like when it's out of the script?" 
"Mmm-hmm", she moaned, enjoying the kiss.

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Status: c4 1 year ago
Heya! Shameless author here! After writing more than 1 lakh words, I felt like I wasn't satisfying the readers on WN. So, this time, I'm back with something refreshing and new. An extremely strong headed FL, and a protective and encouraging (*maybe* 😜) ML.
I hope that my new novel will satisfy the maiden hearts of my readers!


Status: c9 1 year ago
Hello, I am another reader of this novel, writing a review. 

⭐ WRITING QUALITY~ Though I'm not very great with grammar, the story is understandable and super easy to read. It goes with the flow.
⭐ STABILITY OF UPDATES~ Though the updates are not stable, I gave it 5 stars, because I felt that this book has potential. And, lastly, the author has mentioned her reasons why she is not updating regularly. ✌
⭐ STORY DEVELOPMENT~ Just 9 chapters, but the story has a regular pace, neither too fast nor too slow. 👌
⭐CHARACTER DESIGN~ The characters is sketched accurately and beautifully. Imagination is great.
⭐ WORLD BACKGROUND~ The author has tried her best to bring out the background of the story, its settings and all.
I will recommend everyone to read this story.

Dear author,
Keep up your good work!


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Hey author 
It's your favourite fan here
You know I am always here to support you
The Novel is thrilling and I can only plead for 


Chapter 1: Miss Sara has a mother-in-law everywhere

Tiara Jewels

Conference room

The hall had an elegant mahogany floor where light filtered in through the picturesque windows. The tiled walls were light bluish and added brightness to the room. In the center was the long conference table, where white-skinned and brown-haired foreigners, sat along the two sides. They were occasionally smiling and nodding at the young lady who stood behind the table, explaining the projections on the screen.

She was in her early twenties, had caramel-colored skin. Her face was slender and petite, yet with a mature and elegant look. Her long, black hair flowed down in a long ponytail while her thick bangs covered her forehead completely. Her chocolate brown eyes complimented her skin color. They were unusually bright and sharp, yet calm and charming. Determination reflected in them and was capable of seeing through a person's mind. Her lips were plump with faint cherry color.

As she spoke in a fluent accent, she had a professional and calm smile on them, "The outlets we plan to open in C nation's official capital will be beneficial for both of the parties involved."

"Of course, Miss Sara", one of the foreigners spoke with a smile, "But about the premium designs..."

"Mr. Henderson", Sara smiled elegantly, "I plan to host an exhibition before announcing to the public. The premium designs are exquisite. Making one of them appear in the exhibition is enough to attract all the rich socialites and celebrities."

"Are you planning to invite the big shots on the first day", Mr. Steve spoke with an amused smile, "The idea sounds great."

"Thank you, Mr. Steve", Sara smiled, "I will be grateful if you take my plans and words into consideration."

"I heard that the gemstones you use are extremely rare. What about security?" The young girl sitting beside Mr. Henderson spoke with a hint of nervousness.

"It seems", Sara flashed an amused smirk, "Miss Leah is unfamiliar with my security facilities."

"Ah! Don't mind her", Mr. Henderson forced a smile as he saw her smirk, "My daughter doesn't understand anything. Please forgive her."

"No problem", Sara said calmly and Mr. Henderson sighed a breath of relief. On the other hand, Leah had a look of disdain.

What was so great about this girl who was just her age? Why was her father afraid of such a young girl?

Just then, a knock was heard and a clear and elegant face peeked in. Sara nodded and the girl entered, followed by an attendant pushing a trolley filled with snacks and tea.

This was Ruby. She had a bright and pale face, accompanied by clear and dark eyes. Her gaze appeared flirtatious but she had been a serious person altogether. She was the financial adviser of Tiara Jewels. With the addition, she was a personal manager, adviser, confidant and a loyal friend to Sara. Although Ruby had her shares, she was unwilling to own a company. Instead, she became the financial adviser. These two had stuck together since in diapers. When her parents died and she was low, Ruby took care of her as an elder sister. Moreover, Ruby's parents have become her parents, instead.

Sara smiled at Ruby and she smiled back, "This is Ruby. She is our company's financial adviser."

Everyone stood up to greet her and Ruby nodded in response. Then, she whispered something to Sara.

Sara nodded and spoke, "Please help yourself with some snacks and tea. I have a short business call to attend if you don't mind."

Everyone nodded unanimously, much to Leah's disdain, "Sure, sure."

Who would dare to mind? Even if they mind, they had no other choice.

When Sara and Ruby exited the room, Leah snorted, "What's so great about her?"

Mr. Henderson was wary of the attendant and immediately hushed Leah. Then, he spoke, "Tiara, her brand. You will find in every socialite's closet. Her exquisite pieces her every costume stylist's first choice. Every fashion week's high-end models yearn for her designs. What do you think?"

Seeing the look of astonishment on Leah's face, Mr. Henderson continued, "She started designing at the age of 16 and within two years, she and her best friend had established this company with their sweat and blood. In the last five years, she had managed to make herself the empress of the Jewelers business."

"Is she- she that impressive?" Leah stuttered like an innocent child.

"Yeah, impressive and..." Mr. Henderson lowered her voice into a whisper, "Deadly dangerous."


When the two beauties crossed the corridor and entered the office, the secretaries separated by glass, couldn't help but sneak glances. Once they entered, deep sighs escaped their lips.

"The sun and the moon are close but her too further to hold", one of them exclaimed.

They called Sara as 'the sun' while Ruby was 'the moon'. Ruby had always been the approachable one but she was too high to be sought. Moreover, she already had a fiancé. The other was the almighty sun, beyond their reach.

"Too bad", another sighed in exasperation, "Miss Ruby is already taken while Miss Sara has a mother-in-law everywhere."

"No wonder. She is called the nation's wife", another smiled in defeat.

"Not only the elite young men but even their mothers are also crazy to take her in as their daughter-in-law."