Rian is a seemingly ordinary girl, with aspirations to complete her education. While everything about her looks normal on the surface, she hides a dark secret: she can see demons of a person. Every person is attached to a demon. The demons leech on their negative thoughts and take them to the extreme levels on inhumanity. Rian sees them all, whispering negative thoughts into the ears of their hosts while remaining completely invisible to everyone. Even Rian herself has her own demon, Lambark. But when Rian gets a job at TNT Corps, the leading fashion house of her country, she begins to notice a disturbance in the demonic energy. Hyuk Hyunjae, is the CEO of TNT Corps where Rian is hired. However, upon meeting the mysterious but flamboyant CEO, Rian's heart skipped a beat. He had no demon attached to him. Does that mean he was a genuinely good person? Or was he something more sinister? As Rian get entangled in Hyunjae's web, a serial killer wreaks havoc in town. What was Hyunjae's secret? And why was Rian getting so attracted to this dangerous person? Note: The cover is not my original one. I'll upload one as soon as I can! Thank you!

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Chapter 1: The Job

Oh Rian stared at the letter in her hands.

She could not believe her luck.

"I got the job..." she muttered. She stood there like a statue, too shocked to speak.

"I got the job..." she repeated.

"What are you muttering?" Rui frowned, looking at the letter in her hands. She snatched it from Rian and read it.

"Holy shit!" Rui exclaimed. "You got the job? For real?"

Rian turned to her, nodding in confirmation. Both of them stared at each other for a while before bursting into excited squeals.

"I got the job!"

"You got the job!"

Both of them danced around their dingy apartment, unable to suppress their delight.

"I'm so happy for you, Ri!" Rui hugged her.

(You're not)

Rian felt a chill down her spine. It was the cold voice again. But Rui heard nothing and continued to hug her sister.

"Mom and dad would have been proud of you, sis," Rui said, softly.

(Too bad they're dead because of you)

Rian ignored that voice and beamed at her sister. She will not let those voices ruin her happiness.

"Rui, very soon, we'll move out of this place," Rian promised her. "I'll save up a lot of money and we'll leave this hellhole. We'll live a better life."

"I know you can do it!" Rui cheered her.


"Let's celebrate tonight!" Rui went on. "We'll eat steak today! Beef steak!"

"But beef is so expensive," Rian frowned.

"Don't worry!" her sister said. "I've got some money saved up from my part time job. We'll order steak."

Rian smiled at her sister. They were fraternal twins and Rian was only five minutes younger than Rui. Rui had short, dark brown hair. Her pixie like face had the glint of an innocent charm and sharp hazel eyes which or like a half moon shape. Her tall stature was perfect for a ramp model and she attracted a lot of attention from men wherever she goes.

Rian on the other hand, was smaller in height. She had black hair which fell till her shoulder and her brown eyes always looked dull. Compared to her sister, she was more timid and introvert, shying away from any sort of attention.

(Ohhh steak *slurps*)

Rian ignored the snarky voice and continued to celebrate the good news with her sister. Their parents died when they were only ten years old in a car crash. Their guardian, a distant aunt, took them in for a while but treated them like slaves. When they turned sixteen, Rui took up modeling jobs and after saving up some money, they left their aunt's place to rent their own house.

While Rui gave up studying after graduating high school to work as a full time model, she made sure Rian continued her studies. Rian worked diligently to lessen the burden on her sister's shoulders by taking up various part time jobs to support her tuition fees. Finally, she managed to graduate the month before and now landed a job at TNT Corps, the largest fashion house in the country.

(I want some steak too)

"Rian," Rui said as she put on her shoes. "I'll be off to work. I'll return tonight with the food. You should prepare for your first day at work! Decide on your clothes, your hairdo and makeup."

"I will, sis!" Rian smiled.

"Just go and do some shopping," Rui suggested, handing her some money. "Make sure you get everything."

She winked at her sister and waved her bye. Rian also bid her goodbye.

As soon as the door shut, Rian turned on her heels.

"Stop filling up my sister's head with negative thoughts!"

Behind her stood two silhouettes; one was black and the other one was grey. They looked like human outlines but had no face or body parts except for two distinct horns on each of their heads. No one can see them except for Rian.

"We don't fill up anyone's head, little girl," one of them snickered. It sounded exactly like Rui and was tall as her. "We exist because of people's negative thoughts."

"Aye!" the shorter one agreed. This one sounded like Rian. This one was not as dark as its taller counterpart and was actually a grey hue rather than black. "Your sister has seeds of jealousy in her heart."

"Yep," the black one said proudly. "My host sure has a lot of negativity in her heart. Unlike your one. Poor you Lambark."

"Ugh," the grey figure named Lambark let out a frustrated sigh. "This one here," he pointed at Rian. "Just won't get negative thoughts in her heart. I wish I had your host Saion. She looked like easy prey."

"I'm still standing here, you know," Rian said coldly. The two beings in front of her were demons. While people usually associate them with beings from hell, actual demons were something completely different. Each demon is latched with a human host. No matter how good a person is, there is always a demon with him or her, stuck with them forever. When a human dies, the demon dies as well.

These demons feed from the negative energy which comes from a person's thoughts. The more negative thoughts a person has, the darker his or her demon becomes. She did not know how long she has been seeing these creatures but Rui's one shocked her the most. She had no idea, her sister had so much negativity in her heart.

Rian's demon, Lambark, was a neutral color. Since Rian held no grudges in her heart, it could not change its colors. It tried a lot to make Rian feel the negative energy but failed. Rian was simply too determined not to let the demon affect her. Unfortunately, she was not so successful with Rui's demon.

"I should tail my host," Saion said. It got up and vanished in thin air, undoubtedly gone off to fill Rui's mind with nonsense.

"So you got that job you wanted," Lambark commented as Rian changed into her clothes.

"I don't have to discuss all that with you," Rian rolled her eyes.

"I'll know anyway," Lambark sneered. "I am you, after all."

Rian ignored it. Lambark observed the girl as she changed into fresh clothes and walked out of the door.

"TNT Corps, huh?" Lambark mused. "Life is about to get interesting. Very interesting."

For the first time in years, it was very curious to know what will happen when Rian will come across *him*.

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