La Serpiente, Foxy cursed bride in CEO Ghost's lair

La Serpiente, Foxy cursed bride in CEO Ghost's lair

Aysel_Inara | Fantasy Romance


[ Previous life ] A marriage that was originally meant to end the long war but the happily married couple fell in the hands of tragic death, lead by misunderstandings that FL killed the ML, herself. [ Present, Modern Time ] Sinclair MacLaverty - A mysterious multimillionaire TYCOON, residing in human world is waiting for his BRIDE to be reincarnated. NO! Definitely not for LOVE. The Lord wants a revenge but to his DAZE only a marriage again can secure his own life. Battling with him Syna Rhys- A Journalist is on a mission to expose the rumoured 'womanizer' boss, the young CEO of MacLaverty conglomerate. To fulfil the VOW of love, taken decades ago the duo is reborn to REWRITE their fate this time, they have to bind each other in THREAD OF TRUST. BUT What about the REVENGE plan? Or the Lord will again get bitten by the SNAKE of love? How will Syna get to know that she mistook her MATE for her BROTHER-IN-LAW ! Will Syna again become his ACHILLES HEEL? What if ANOTHER MAN has taken a LIKING towards Lord Sinclair!? ~~~~~~~~ Cover credits to the original artist. Poetry credits to Instagram poet Thy.Young.Shakespeare ■Before you begin || read my review■ ~~~~~~~~ • Check out my other edited works: >• Calla Lily: The Eunuch King's Goblin Bride >• Femme Fatale, The Queen Of Chess

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Chapter 1: >●Before You Proceed●<

I'm writing this note on 02-04-2020, and if you're reading this in the month of April and May then I apologise beforehand. 

I'm fully aware that the work needs the spice of heavy editing but as this work is my first try, I hope you can understand, I assure you that I will begin editing soon. The narration is READABLE indeed but at places needs more character insight and editing stuff, which I'll begin soon. 

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Plus, they are edited. 

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