Hugs of Acceptance

Hugs of Acceptance

dyoysiiiii | Realistic Fiction


Sunshine parents died early when she was just 7 years old. At that time, she felt that there's no reason to continue her life in this world. Blessed enough, her grandmother stay with her side until she finally recovered on the painful tragedy she experienced. Her grandmother never gave up on her, until she grew up in a very cheerful, kind and loving woman. One day, her envious classmate revealed a secret. But it is her greatest secret that she doesn't want anyone to know. Because she thought that when the time it is expose everyone will turn their back on her.

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Chapter 1: Breakfast

"Is Sunshine awake?" Mrs. Cecilia Salvador her grandma asked the maid.

"Madam, I ... I ... didn't see Ms. Sunshine yet." said the maid.

Her grandma walk towards her room to wake her up and to eat their breakfast together. Surprisingly, when her grandma opened the door she found no one as she scan the room. She suddenly paused for a while in her motion and a smirk couldn't escaped on her face. She already knew where her granddaughter was.

Walking straight in the balcony, as she reached the edge she saw beautiful view. Her eyes was caught by a figure of a woman who still in her pajama's while humming joyfully in watering her plants. Just by staring at her in a distant she uttered this words. "My precious granddaughter. This woman never fails to brought a radiant smile on my face ever since she was a kid. Indeed, her name suits her personality."

At the mini sunflower garden, Sunshine was busy watering them and could not help but hum joyfully. She already forgot what time is it. Until Mr. Sun caught her attention and she finally looked up. In her gesture she saw her grandma waving at her in the balcony and signaled a sign for them to eat. She simply nodded. And left the sprinkler on its place and pick up the sunflowers she harvest earlier.


"Good morning grandma!" Sunshine said and planted a kiss on her cheeks. She sat beside her and eat.

"Take your time later and rest for while okay? I know you're so busy at the university recently. Darling, don't exhaust your self too much okay? And since it's Saturday make your "me time" worthy enough to regain strength for the coming week." Her grandma worriedly said in a caring and gentle manner.

Sunshine hold the hand of her grandma and said, "Grandma you know what. I'm truly very blessed to have you in my life. Thank you for the care and love you've showered me through this years. Don't worry okay? I'm fine, I'll take care of myself for you. I can't leave this planet earth yet. I ... I ... I'm still searching for my ..."

"Prince Charming?!!" They both said and suddenly laughters burst out in the air.

When they had enough. Sunshine spoke, "Grandma can we visit my parents later?"

"Of course darling. Finish breakfast first and ..."

Sunshine interrupted her, "Eat a lot? Grandma, I already told you that I'm not in a diet. This ... this kind of body? In a diet?" Shook her head and said, "No!" And they once again both burst into laughter.

On the other side, their maids who always witnessed this kind of familiar scene could not take away their smile on their faces. They also noticed that their Madam became more energetic all through this years despite of her age. Even though it is a picture of a family which is not complete. A grandma and granddaughter love towards each other filled in the gap that nothing is longer lacking.

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