Lu yan shu a girl who is broken by her past is now the biggest business tycoon that no one would dare to go against her. She is known for her tactics, cunningness, ruthless and heartless actions. The past which she tried to run away comes chasing her. Her past is the biggest nightmare for her. At the time, a man from her past approaches her with the name of love. Because of some incidents, she is scared of meeting people from her past. She is scared of falling in love. She is scared of men. In her opinion men are fickle. But we have to see whether she will fall in with him or not? If so how? What she will do to the people who came to find her from the past? Will she take revenge? To know the answers we have to join her journey. ___________________________________________ " Do you want to take revenge? " he asked " No," she said. " Then? Will you kill them? " he asked again. " Death is an easy punishment. I will not dirty my hands. I will just make them pay for their sins. I will make them regret their whole lives. " She answered without any emotions. He smiled at her answer. _________________________________________ For advance chapters please join discord. You can read chapters for free. __________________________________________ This novel doesn't involve any brutal scenes, rape scenes or violence It's my original work. It is not a translated one. It's my first novel. I hope everyone will encourage me by reading. The cover photo is not mine. The credit goes to the original artist. And I got this from the net. If you want me to remove just dm me in the discord. Join the Discord:https://discord.gg/SYeZEmq Instagram: ms_anonymous012 Twitter: Ms_Anonymous012 Facebook: Ms_Anonymous My other works: 1.Imperishable Intergalactic Romance 2.Chasina's Chase: Finding the Devil

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Chapter 1: It's My Brother.

Lu Yan shu arrived early at college as she still had to go through her notes on business management. A computer science undergraduate, she chose this as her additional course due to her interest in the business field. She hoped to pursue a career in it after graduating.

She entered the library, climbed the stairs to the second floor and began the arduous task of finding the book she needed.

Fengshan Library was located in the center of the university of the same name. With four extensive floors, one would be excused for thinking it to be a repurposed shopping center. Each floor had a hundred bookcases, with nearly double that in books arranged per shelf.

Without a proper electronic catalog, finding the book she needed was like looking for a needle in a haystack.

Lu Yan shu gave a silent curse after spending close to 10 minutes finding the one book she needed. She then sat down and buried herself studying.

The vibrating wristwatch brought her back to reality. Her class would start in an hour. She stood up, put the book back where it was and only then noticed her grumbling stomach. She had forgotten to eat breakfast.

There was still some time left, so she decided to make a detour by the canteen to grab something to eat. As she left the library and made her way through campus, she started thinking about how hard she had worked to get here.

Fengshan University was one of the best in the country. To get in, one had to score at least 90% in the entrance exam. Lu Yan shu lost track of how many nights she spent studying while her friends were out having fun. But when her acceptance letter arrived, she knew it had all been worth it.

There were only forty minutes left when she entered the canteen. She was about to order something when her phone started ringing in her pocket. She took it out to find the name Tan Song yun displayed on the screen and took the call.


"Hey, where are you?"

"At the canteen. I'll grab something to eat before heading to class."

"Cool, I'm close by. I'll meet you there."

"See you soon then."

Yan shu put the phone away and decided to wait for Songyun near the canteen's entrance. Fortunately, she didn't take long to arrive.

Yan shu waved at her and Song yun excitedly waved back with both hands. She chuckled at her friend's childish behavior.

They were about to enter when Yan shu's phone started ringing once again. She thought of picking it up but stopped and frowned after seeing the caller's number.

"Are you not going to answer?" Song yun asked with curiosity.

"It's my brother," Yan shu answered dryly.

"What!?" Her friend nearly shouted.

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